Choosing between different kitchen scale brands

Everyone likes to eat delicious and nutritious food, however the taste of food depends on the multiple factors. In addition to choosing the right ingredients for cooking food, it is also necessary to use the correct amount of each ingredient. If too much or too little of the ingredient is used, the taste of the food will change significantly and it may not be edible. Hence most people who enjoy cooking food, would like to purchase a kitchen scale for measuring the right weight of food. They would like to find out the brands of digital kitchen scale in Singapore, price and features so that they can make the right choice. Some tips for choosing a kitchen scale are described below.


One of the factors which should be considered while choosing a kitchen scale is the capacity of the scale. This is the maximum amount which the scale can measure accurately. It is one of the main specifications of the kitchen scale. Usually the kitchen scale will have a capacity of at least eight kilos, so that the user can measure a large amount of food ingredients, especially food grains accurately. It is also useful for measuring the groceries purchased from the local store, to find out if the weight is correct. Scales of smaller capacity may also be available at a lower price.


The resolution of the weighing scale is the smallest amount which it can measure accurately. Ideally the scale should have a resolution of one gram or less, though some digital scales will have a resolution of two or five grams. For some dishes, only a very small amount of a particular ingredient has to be used, so depending on the food which is being cooked, the weighing scale should be selected. The resolution is often related to the capacity of the scale, if the capacity of the weighing scale is more, the resolution will be higher, and smaller scales will have a better resolution.


Another factor which should be considered while choosing the kitchen scale is the design, since it will be used in the kitchen where water, liquids and other material will spill on it. Hence it is better to purchase a scale which has a glass top surface, which is chemically inert and will not get corroded, stained or dirty easily. It is also easy to clean the glass top of the scale, wiping it with a cloth. Ideally the scale should be darker in color, preferably black or brown so that stains are not easily visible. Most of the better brands are offering a warranty of at least one year.


Display and interface

Most of the digital weighing scales have a LED or LCD display which will show the weight of the item being measured. One or more batteries are required in the weighing scale, depending on the design and brand of the scale. To prevent wastage of power, the weighing scale will automatically switch off, when it is not used for some time. There is a button provided on the scale to switch it on whenever it is required.