299+ Amazing Mexican Cholo Name

Cholo Culture acknowledges that Mexican American street gangs are a part of this urban subculture. And I have been obsessed with them since yesterday when I visited my cousin who just came back from completing her studies.

She had totally changed her basic style to the cholo one and told me about how she discovered this style and started her own cholo gang there.

I was so impressed with their fashion, history, and other facts that it urged me to start my own cholo gang now! My cousin told me that her secret of attracting so many people into her gang was a good cholo name, which indicated that cholo was worth something.

Hence, the next task for me was to think of a fantastic cholo name! I made many lists for me to compare which I will share with you guys through this good read, so that, other cholo lovers about to start their gang can get a really good name!

Cool Nicknames For Cholo

The relaxed cholo style, a bandana tied over the head and pulled down just above the eyes, reverse baseball hats, dark sunglasses, long chains, white tennis shoes, and stylized tattoos are some elements of cholo style that are frequently worn together, something that attracted me the most to adapt to this culture, As a result, I reasoned that it was only right to give my group a cool name that was representative of how cool it can be to be a cholo.

I really liked names like Chavo, Rico, Gangsta, and Primo.

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If you like these names, you should also consider the below list that contains many more cool nicknames for cholo:


Unique And Funny Names For Cholo

I found a bunch of cholo groups with cool nicknames when I looked up my rivals online. I realized that I wouldn\’t stand out with a cool nickname.

So, I now looked for something unique. Cholos have a very indigenous history and many interesting facts associated with them like lowrider automobiles and unusual writing and lettering styles have always been favorites of theirs.

So, I tried connecting their history and facts to some kind of pun and humor and made a unique and funny nickname for my gang!

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Also, it\’s always good to have an amusing name that gives a good laugh and lightens your mood every time you think of it.

Here are some of the names I made up which could also prove a help to you:



How To Come Up With A Nickname?

After this, I went to my cousin for feedback on some shortlisted names. While she liked the names but thought that they weren’t good enough.

Hence, I searched for some good tips on how I should come up with a good nickname. Have a look at some of the tips I found out that could help in finding a good cholo name: 

  • Firstly, you must first choose your cholo nickname genre. Cholo nicknames can be highly unanticipated because they can all be cool, humorous, and badass, while also being emotional, inspiring, and serious. Following this decision, you can brainstorm ideas in the appropriate manner.
  • Second, if you find yourself at a loss for words, consider thinking back on the people and events that have influenced your decision to become a Cholo. Additionally, look to popular culture for inspiration; there are many fascinating and ferocious Cholo personas available to serve as an example.
  • Thirdly, remember that a nickname is designed to be a reflection of a person\’s identity and personality. So, select one with which you are comfortable. It must be a name that, in your opinion, sufficiently expresses who you are and the values you hold dear.
JeseniaLucasYahirJoeyGoofy Gangster
SevillaCatalynBradenRandyLittle Churro Man
CeronReinetteKelvinJaxxSeñora Nariz Roja

Best & Amazing Cholo Names

After reading all these tips, I was full of ideas to think of the amazing and best types of Cholo names! If you don’t know, In the past, the name \”Cholo\” was used in a disparaging manner toward people of mixed race in order to unfavorably stereotype people of indigenous heritage.

This practice is no longer common. They have a reputation for being a negative influence, particularly with regard to violence and drug abuse. But they are all myths, and it\’s just a group promoting different and less society-approved fashion.

Hence, I thought, any name that bursts all these myths would be the best for my Cholo gangs, like Phoenix, Trinity, Scarlett, or Nova! There were a lot more that I found, which are listed below list.


Check it out!

BlancoCarnalPrimorosoBig Daddy Tuna
PatrónPapacitosMonchisDon Muchacho
2CompaNiñaGallitoSenor Locura
ViejoBetoHuevitoBurrito Grande
ChaparraPericoSanchezPachuco Kid
CaballoPrimorosoRanaGringo Loco
CharritoMonchisDonnyAdolfito Chapulin
PlayboyGallitoEnmascaradoCharro Negro
PericoHuevitoPerlaGallo Gordo

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