CBD Guide: Oil, Edibles, and Strains

Commonly referred to as cannabidiol as well, this compound is one of the most present cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, being only second to the most commonly known cannabinoid known as THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Although both compounds have gained a lot of fame as methods to deal with different physical and mental conditions related to stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and insomnia, they have their differences. Surely, both are capable of helping people that suffer from these conditions, but cannabidiol works differently from THC in a way that makes it much more reliable, being this the reason people switched from medicinal cannabis to CBD-related products.

But is this difference that big of a deal, for people to rely on cannabidiol instead of regular drugs? Well, it certainly is, at least for a lot of people. Even more considering that it can also be used in pets, making it an even more reliable option for pet owners.

Regular Drugs vs CBD

Now, as mentioned earlier, CBD is often used to deal with pain-inducing conditions that can also cause inflammation. This, as well, tends to reduce the mobility of the one suffering, whether it is a person or an animal. 

Other conditions include epileptic seizures, anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia, and other sleeping conditions that can be dealt with by inducing a state of relaxation. Overall, cannabidiol can be a replacement for pain relievers, sleeping pills, and pills that are meant to help people with panic attacks.

Still, the reason why CBD is such a good alternative is because of the benefits compared to the side-effects of the already mentioned medications. If you, for example, check the side-effects of sleeping pills, you’ll notice that they can cause extreme dizziness, constipation, weight gain, depression, loss of focus, and liver damage, as mentioned in this article https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/insomnia/in-depth/sleeping-pills/art-20043959, and most side-effects are pretty similar to other traditional drug alternatives.

On the other hand, CBD-based products cause harmless side-effects that can be easily dealt with by reducing the dosage consumed, since they are often the result of consuming a higher dosage than the body can handle. The same is for pets, so it is highly advised to start with small dosages then go up since each body and person works differently.

Some of the side-effects cannabidiol can cause include diarrhea, dry mouth, vomiting, drowsiness, and nausea. Still, in a study performed on more than 120 people, only around 28% of the patients suffered from side-effects.

Source: healthline

Oil, Edibles, and CBD Strains

With all of that into consideration, we can discuss the different forms of CBD you can find in today’s market, with the most commonly used being oil. Oil has its advantages: it can be taken anywhere, it is easily measurable for specific dosages, it can last for a really long time, and it also tends to be the cheapest option of them all.

However, not everything is perfect, with the main reason people preferring other options being its taste and texture. Not a lot of people are used to drinking oil, and some pets (if you decide to try it out for them) might dislike this choice. It also takes longer in comparison to smokeable cannabidiol, because of the digestive system.

Edibles work similarly to oil, but they tend to be more expensive. Still, for some people, creating a routine thanks to edibles can be much easier, since they are easier to intake, considering that some of them come in the form of cookies, gummies, and candies. 

They are also very discreet since you can take them anywhere and consume them as quick snacks during the day. You must make sure to consume them before they spoil, though, and they can also take longer to act, just as oil.

Smokeable cannabidiol, which tends to come in the form of CBD strains or flowers, cannot be consumed whenever you want, since there will be occasions where smoking won’t be an option. Still, they are known for causing the fastest effect of all three choices, which for some people, is necessary. This last option is the best one for those who suffer from strong pain-inducing conditions or heavy panic attacks and need the quick effect of cannabidiol.

If you are interested in knowing more about all the alternatives, you can visit this canna page for more detailed information about it. 

Pet Owners and CBD Products


I mentioned earlier that some pet owners started to use cannabidiol as a way to help their pets deal with the same conditions humans suffer. Dogs and cats, for example, are very likely to suffer from inflammatory diseases and joint complications when they reach a certain age, around 9 to 10 years old.

They also become prompt to suffering from cancer and kidney problems, which can cause a lot of pain if untreated. Thanks to CBD being THC free, a compound is known for being toxic for animals, it can be used to treat pet companions.

Normally, people go for oils, but nowadays you can find more reasonable alternatives for pets, such as food and snacks. This makes the whole process much easier, and managing the right dosage becomes less of a hassle, as long as you pay attention to your pet’s condition after consuming the product. 

CBD can also be used to help pets that suffer from conditions like separation anxiety, or stress-related anxiety during trips or visits to unknown places. 


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