Can Playing Street Dice Improve Your Console Gameplay?

To avid fans of the latest console releases, equating the fast gameplay and vibrant graphics of the Nintendo Switch with the plodding pace and almost primal simplicity of dice might seem worlds apart. After all, the former depends on the most sophisticated technology, while the latter revolves around a couple of patterned cubes.

Nonetheless, it may surprise you to know that going back to basics and playing street dice can actually have a beneficial effect on other aspects of your life, including your console performance. Not convinced? Here are a few concrete ways in which rolling the dice can boost your outcomes when it comes to console gameplay, too.

Understanding your environment

It might sound overly obvious, but the first step towards winning any game is fully comprehending its rules of engagement. Thankfully, Street Dice rules are so straightforward that you can pick them up within minutes, expediting your enjoyment of the game. On the other hand, most console releases these days have expansive universes to explore and sophisticated controls to get your head around. But taking the time to do so pays valuable dividends in the long run.

Calculating the percentages

All dice games carry a mathematical angle with them. Indeed, they have been regarded as a valuable teaching aid in primary and secondary schools for many years now, educating youngsters on not only the fundamentals of addition and subtraction, but introducing them to probabilities, too. Street dice revolves around percentages; a successful player is one who can calculate which outcome is likely to occur most often and backing it. The same is true in the world of console gaming to an extent, since you’ll need to be aware of all possibilities and choose the path of least danger and resistance.

Seizing the moment

As well as staying abreast of risks and rewards, both Street dice and console games are all about opportunism. In the former, it often pays to reserve your bigger stakes until you’re the one holding the dice, since you literally have your fate in your own hands at this point. A good player will not become nervous or indecisive under pressure, but seize the opportunity to beat his opponents with a well-placed wager. Equally, console players can benefit from recognizing when the iron is hot enough to strike a winning blow.

Recalibrating your mind

There is another reason why street dice can have a positive impact on your console performance – the opportunity to relax, recover and refresh that it affords. By putting down the controller and stepping away for the screen for a prolonged period, you can shake off console fatigue and give your tired mind a chance to recalibrate. If you can do so while unwinding with an activity that relieves stress but still engages your brain (like street dice), all the better. The time you spend away from your console can be just as important as that on it.

Just because street dice seems primitive in comparison to the latest console releases, that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in keeping your hand in.