Can I Start Dating Before My Divorce Is Final?

Creating a new relationship before your failed one is not completely over is treated as a bad idea by divorce specialists and experienced divorcees. Still, many find dating before divorce is final the desired option for their personal wellness. So, before you take such a risky step, it is necessary to review all possible outcomes and evaluate your chances for success.

The Legal Impact on the Case

Whether you opt for online divorce in Arizona or bring your case to court, dating before time may lead to severe legal consequences. Check out some of the effects you should expect once you decide to move on in your private life:

  • A negative reaction from your soon-to-be-ex – as long as you hope for the amicable termination of your marriage, it is necessary to maintain friendly relationships with your former soulmate. Contrastly, deciding to set on an amorous adventure with a new partner before your divorce is finalized may ruin a friendly atmosphere. Your soon-to-be-ex may feel betrayed and offended by the fact that you decided to move on so quickly, and refuse to cooperate at all. Or even choose to take revenge by worsening the divorce results for you.
  • An accusation of adultery – sexual relationships with a different partner during the divorce may be treated as adultery in many states. This will worsen your position in the case outcomes severely. Every affair you decide to have before all the procedures are over may show you in a negative light.
  • Lost parental agreement benefits – dating during divorce may also impact your reputation in the parental agreement process. You may be viewed as an inappropriate candidate for custody since you care about your personal wellness more than about your kids.
  • Financial loss – if you have any pre or postnuptial agreement, your relationships during the marriage termination process are considered cheating. So you may lose your privileges in the aftermath.

Prior to dating someone in the course of a divorce, consult your lawyer about possible legal threats. If you are prepared to deal with them, go on. But it is better to wait for a little until your divorce is final and over so that you can create new relationships without any restrictions.

Personal Benefits

The divorce process often brings divorcees down, lowers their self-esteem, and makes them lose trust in true love and personal happiness. In this case, falling in love before divorce is final may have a positive effect and cause a range of personal advantages:

  • Adding to self-esteem – you have a chance to feel loved and cared about, attractive and sexual if you start dating again. This will add to your self-esteem, increase personal confidence, and make you feel better in general.
  • Switch off the focus – divorce takes away much of your personal time and soon you start feeling overwhelmed with divorce-related things only. But when you create new relationships, you have to commit at least some time and attention to them, so you get a positive switch of focus and can relax a little.
  • A possibility to socialize – self-isolation is one of the negative effects of divorce and one of the top frequent ones. It can lead to depression and serious personal disorders eventually. That’s why it is highly recommended to keep on socializing even if you don’t want to. Dating is a great chance to have regular pleasant communication and make new friends with pleasure.
  • A chance to go out – similar to a previous benefit, dating is good because it will take you out of your house at least once a week. You will only get satisfaction and positive emotions dining out, walking around the city, and having qualitative time with pleasant people.

Although it may cost you a prevailing position in your divorce process, dating during divorce can make you feel happier. So, decide what is more important for you, and make the top beneficial choice.

Negative Effect on You and Your Family

Still, many experts and experienced divorcees claim that when combining divorcing and dating you will lose in both. Your personal and family life may suffer in the following ways:

  • Another heartbreak – no one can guarantee that your new relationships will be successful. Suppose they will end in heartbreak. It will only add to your series of mischief after divorce and make you feel even worse in the end.
  • Ruined relationships with kids – divorce is a serious shock and stress for your kids. If you decide to introduce your new partner to them or they find out you decide to date again, it will only increase their stress level. In addition, they may accuse you of betrayal and ruining your family. Anyway, your relationships with children will be significantly spoiled.
  • Change of priorities – being involved in creating new relationships you may lose interest in your divorce outcomes. While your romance may be a short-term one, the divorce results will impact your life for a long time afterward. This means that your lack of commitment to your divorce case may prevent your happiness and comfortable life eventually.

Dating during divorce requires your time and energy involved. So that you may change your priorities, lose connection with your children, fail to handle your divorce case as a result.

It is necessary to discover all the benefits and challenges new relationships before divorce is final may bring you, and assess whether you are ready to cope with the process and face the results. Opt for what is the best for you and your family in the end.


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