Call of Duty mobile is all ready to excite game lovers once again with its next season find out all details here.
Since we all are living in a society where all people love playing and watching games. As we all have grown to play different games on our PC but now the time has changed as now people can play PC games in mobile.
The games have now improved so much in terms of graphics and storyline, One of these game is COD Mobile which is a shooting game developed by TiMi studios, Tencent Games. The COD mobile is published by Activision and Garena.
Call Of Duty mobile is available on the Play Store for Android and App Store on IOS. The COD mobile was officially announced by the tiMi studios in March 2019 but the game was released on the mobile on 1 October. The game was loved for its content of action and strategy by teenagers.

\"\"The game turned out to be the largest mobile game in the history of mobile giving a tough competition to PUBG mobile which is its biggest rival. Call of Duty mobile earned over $325 million with over 250 million downloads worldwide by June. The COD mobile also has received The Game Awards 2019 for Best Mobile Game Category and16 British Academy Games Awards for Mobile Game of the Year category.


Call of Duty mobile is one the most loved shooting game worldwide the game has two options one is playing with a battle pass which will give a lot of new skins of guns and rank and other is playing a normal game in which you will have to new skin by yourself.
The game includes different modes like Battle royal in which there are 100 players which can be played solo, duo, and squad in a plane go in a straight path and players assigns a leader who lands the whole squad to the ground.
The battle royal includes various places in which the fight of these 100 people is carried with guns, grenade, and many more things and in the end, one who survives with squad wins the game. Call of Duty mobile also has different modes like TDM (Team deathmatch) which is 5 Vs 5 matches with shorter duration.


Call of Duty mobile is set for one another season which is season 9 after a fantastic performance of season 8 the expectation from the next season is quite high.
COD mobile has officially confirmed that the next season will have new features related to making your customization of your favorite weapon taking the game to a whole new level. It seems like the COD mobile will also Gunsmith Feature just Like PUBG mobile.
The makers have also confirmed that there will be a new map in COD mobile which will be based on the shipment transit which is based on Call of Duty:4 modern welfare which has shipping containers as a barrier between players. The Game will also try to fix some lags and bugs in the game as well.


Season 9 of COD mobile is all set for August 6, 2020. The expectation from the next season is quite high just like the previous season. The COD mobile has over 3 million active users which will also lead to an increase in the tally of the number of users worldwide.
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