Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer tips

If you love the game of Call of Duty, there is the possibility that your favorite game mode, among many others, will be the Black Ops Cold War League.

In a very short period, this game has managed to become famous among gamers. This has helped it to be one of the most played games.  

Are you also thinking of starting to play the Black Ops Cold War League? There are a few pro tips that will help you become a skilled player in this game.

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Below are some of the beneficial tips for players: 

  • Be cautious of what surrounds you

The most crucial thing that you should be careful about is to keep a check on the points of the players near you. 

When the opponent reaches the initial place, they might feel like continuing their game, increasing the gap between them and the other player. This might not be the right step to take, especially if you have to play with grubby teammates in a match.

The most significant disadvantage is when a single team has fewer players in a few matches, and other teams have more. In such a situation, even if you lose one squad member, it will become a big problem. Also, no player can come in the middle of the game and join the match since it is very competitive in nature. 

  • Loadouts

Another crucial point that every gamer has to keep in mind is the loadout. When you choose to get a custom loadout, you have to ensure to get it before you begin your initial placement match. 

  • Don\’t be in a hurry

The maps in this game are comparatively small, which increases your chance to move around. However, that should be avoided. You will have to control this tendency of yours. This is a prevalent mistake that most players commit. 

  • Know the map

Learning the layout of the map is the right approach to move ahead in the battle. The best part about the map here is that the layout is relatively smaller. Thus, it is easier for gamers to remember the map. Also, make sure to be away from spots where your enemies can take a view of you.

  • Upgrade your guns

As you keep on utilizing the weapons in this game, they will get into another level and get fancy skins and additional attachments. Although the skins can benefit fast bragging rights, the attachments hold more importance than the skins. Each of them will make your guns better in particular ways. This is the best way to customize your gear to match the playstyle.

  • Utilize sound as your advantage

Sound can turn out to be very beneficial for your game. Thus, make sure to keep your ears wide open as sound can provide you with a massive chunk of essential details. 

When players move around, their footsteps make loud noises which help in tracking movement. You can even hear the suppressed enemy shots, although they are not visible on the minimap. 

If your ears are open, you can even expect enemy numbers as they move towards your position. It is also possible for you to catch people going behind you. You should know whether the footsteps belong to a friend or enemy whenever you hear those loud footsteps. 

  • Play the objective

If you wish to increase the number of kills, play the objective. The objective locations are mostly convergence pointers for gamers, so staying involved with the mission goal will make sure that you are in between the action. Simply skirting the edges of the objective will also enable you to increase your kills by picking off your contenders as they rush in themselves. 


Gaming can be full of fun and, at the same time, be very competitive. Hence, if you want to excel in this game, keeping the above-given tips in mind will help every beginner begin their journey with Black Ops Cold War League. Even pro players can use these techniques to enhance their gaming skills. For more such content, stay tuned. If you have any doubt, comment below.