949+Marvelous Bulb Company Names

So you have decided to lighten up the world a little bit more. What we mean is you are opening up a brand new led bulb company. Great! But anything new takes good effort to begin a task and great effort to complete it. Business is no other exception. You will have to go through many hurdles to substantialize your dream.

One of these hard procedures is naming your business. If you are wondering what should be a perfect suitable Bulb Company Names for your new bulb company, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article we are going to assemble 50 marvelous Bulb Company Names exclusively for you. Explore the names and they will inspire you to brainstorm a catchy business name of your own.

Lighting Company Names: Light up your Brand’s Future

As we have already said, a brand name is really important for a business. It can make or mar your business just at the beginning. So choosing a good name is really important.

But do you know What are the characteristics of a good Bulb Company Names? It must be short sweet and memorable. Look at our list below. You may get the name you were looking for just here.

Lighting Company Names
Solaris BulbsLightning SparkSapphire Power bulbsPower Bulbs PlusCompany Native
Green Power BulbsThe Lumen-SearsSuper Bulbs StorePhenix Energy ledCompany Genesis
Power On BulbsBright And TinyThe Spark ServiceSandy Bright EnergyBulb Backbone
Light Bulbs PlusLightspeed BulbsThe Energy ChangeEnergiumBengal Energy Bulbs
Sun Bright BulbsHigh Power BulbsAvalon BlueNirvana SolarPower Glow Bulbs
South Hills ElectricCavalier EnergyLaveen EnergyCEC BulbsSunlight Bright
Strymon B BulbsThe Purple LotusSpark LightingLighten Up BulbsAireneLight Bulbs
Phoenix Energy BulbsAmplify BatteriesDrip Stop BulbsAvalon EnergyBlink Bulbs
Central ElectricityEnergies BulbsBunbury SparkArchie’s BulbsAll City Electricity
Pure Energy BulbsSunshine State PowerMannin EnergyLampshades Of VegasPeak City Industries
Symphony LightingBulbs Plus BulbsHonest Lamps LLCEnso ElectricThe Power Cell
Zinc Smart ServicePremiere BoltsEurasia EnergyL’Epicerie ElectricSwitch light Bulbs
Kolley EnergyEmpire IlluminatingLampropedia BulbsDixie IndustriesElectricity Energy
The Battery BouncerSolar EnsnareFlux Power LLCR&D SouthMy Bright Lamps
Eco Plus BulbsPrice Savvy BulbsTetra SupplyLeaside Solar EnergyCost Power
Bolton’s BulbsIdeal LightbulbsEgco BiodieselBundaberg BulbsBright Electricity

LED Company Names: Make the Market Stare at You

The competition is already super high. So if you want to make your mark in this already busy market, you need to make your entry really awes trucking. And do you name what the entry point is?

It’s your brand name, something that will create the first impression on your behalf. So try to pick up a name that makes all your customers and competitors to sneak a peek at you.  The names in the list below can help you.

Symphony LightingRockshaft PowerPower Bulbs UpB&S Energy BulbsLaser Bulbs Online
Zinc Smart ServiceGoodyear LightingThe Spark StoreAll Power BulbsInfinity’s End
Kolley EnergyLightBright BulbsGone Wild BulbsCentaur BolsaSunshine Coast Bulbs
The Battery BouncerArizona PowerPowerskills SupplyLifestone BulbsA.W.S. Bulbs
Eco Plus BulbsReplay the PastOxygen-X IncAbsolute BrightnessSparks In Vegas
Bolton’s BulbsFlashlight VoltagesBollard’s BatteriesPower FactorieEnergy of the World
Everener EnergyO-Shared ResourcesBubble Tech BulbsSun City LightsEnergy Utopia
Indigo BulbsLighting ItThe Spark BulbsCabramatta BulbsTekkie Bolsa
The Joy of LightingThe Reliable SourceSunny Energy BulbsMatterhorn LithiumGenetec Bulbs
Big Smoke ElectricU-Power-SourceLumagen Tech.EZ SparksPacific Hydro.com
LumenvisionNew Earth EnergySCE InternationalWires Plus BulbsBeverlydale Electric
Lightpower BulbsThe Power To YouBoltz PowerPowerline LightingCummins Bulbs
UniCredit OneBright Sun BulbsThe Battery CompanyBuckley LightHarlap Lighting
Peek Pro BulbsBright Now! LightingPowerColorPower Bulbs 4 UVegas Energy
Sun StoppersPower Bulbs by MJColmar ElectricAmp Power BulbJuhlman Co. Bulbs
Sunbabylon LightingTNT BULBSS.B. BulbsEcopower BulbsP.R. Electrical
Light Bulb Names

Light Bulb Names: All about Trend and Fashion

Do you like trending things? A fashionable and trendy thing always attracts a lot of attention. So if you are thinking to make your name sound trendy, you have made a good choice. But what about creating your own style?

Doesn’t it sound more cool? Do not just be blindly trendy. Rather be yourself and create a trend of yours own and let the world follow it. Roll your eyes on the following list.

Solar Power BulbsUniversal BulbsSunlite PowerArepa LightingThe Bulbs Express
Cobalt Electric CoZhejiang FengergyAble Reliable BulbsEnergy Bulbs AzNuFusion Power
Indigo BulbsAffordable bulbsO. SparkVincent JarmontL. Weiser
The Joy of LightingBright House EnergyElectric Bulbs Co.Lighting World, Inc.Wimpy’s Bulbs
Big Smoke ElectricElectro Electric CoShure LightDolce EmpanadaH2S Power Bulbs
LumenvisionBark Busters BulbsTwin SparkJBS GlowR. Coombs
Shall We Light It UpKolpak Power BulbsSpark Enterprises CoPower Pro BulbsElectricity Blasts
Trans Energy BulbsLightning & CCSHollyBell Co.Bolton Light BulbsBuckeye Lights
Renew GlowGloria LivingMt Barker LampsDream Genie EnergyAnaconda Bulbs
RUAHEN EnergyTetramatic SuppliesVegas Power BulbsOem Oil MarketA.K.S. Lighting
Buzz On BulbsCox Hill InsulationLeafpowerG.W. BulbsFederated Energy
Sun City LightingInfinity BulbsThe Bulbs DepotSugar Loaf ElectricLumenPower
Lapoints BulbsAurana’s BulbsIntellipourRenew Life ElectricHats Off Bulbs
Redline PowerAmerin Power BulbsElectricity StrataSci-SparkNuShine Batteries
Red Mountain PowerNew Light & DirectSun City LightBud’s BabcockLight Shine Bulbs
Sun StoppersTesla Power SupplySpiritextureBULK POOL CHINAMastle Lighting

Light Bulb Brand Names: Beat the Time

Creating sensation is easy but being sensation for a long time is way harder. Your business will have to go on a long way. So you will need a name that is classy and makes an impeccable impact on your customers.

You have something for you. The Bulb Company Names in the list below are ideal names that ideal for a light bulb company.

Shall We Light It UpDavison PumpsThe Energy BoltIntellifoodSunPower Bulbs
Trans Energy BulbsLas Vegas NeonSunset City BulbsSparconSmartSmart Sunlights
Renew GlowEverener EnergyPeak star BulbsCost Power BulbsLight Bulbs By Tim
RUAHENGenesis BatteriesCost Cutters BulbsMy Dream BulbEneloachs
Buzz On BulbsStarburst EnergySeville LightsThe Bulbs WorldCity One Light
Sun CityEnergy Savings BulbsAz Power BulbsLowe’s BulbsEvergreen Lighting
Lapoints BulbsSunbabylon LightingThe Bulbs BrothersGlint Light BulbsTitan Industries
South Hills ElectricSolar Power BulbsSpark bulbThe Brightness StoreThe Spark Lamp Shop
Strymon B BulbsCobalt Electric CoTrue Energy CompanyTsunami EnergyEnergy Bulbs Direct
The Bulbs OutletSpandel LightingBulwark SystemsPower ZebraSunshaft Power
Exist EnergyG & N BulbsThe Smart BulbsScottsdale BulbsMy Bally
All Valley ElectricSouth Side SparkPremium BulbsShinePro BulbsDannstienst
Solaris BulbsBolt ElectricThe Power SupplyC1 Energy CoWorldly Lighting
Green Power BulbsS & S BulbsCalifornia PowerBoscon LightingCPR Electricity
Power On BulbsA-One BulbsAmped SolarWestwood Power BulbsBolster Bulbs
The Spark ElectricThe Light Bulb Co.Electric BulbsIdolizing GloveJubilee Light Bulbs
Canal Lighting & Parts

Canal Lighting & Parts: Ideal Names

An ideal business name must catchy and memorable. Your customers must remember you when they need a new bulb. So do not  pick up tough words that give them hard time to think back.

These names follows the trend and maintains the class at the same time. Consider them to be the benchmark of an ideal name and try brainstorm your own brand name.

Lion’s PrideSolar Bulbs by Pj DrLighting & LampsBULB-xOmnizerion
 Powerhouse BulbsTaste-powerBright and LushAnchor HeatingIndomool
 Bulb ExpertsEssential ElectricityEnergy Source BulbsLight-OneCorsair Bulbs
Billion DollarSunSmart Bulbs.caThe Spark Bulb ShopEdwin PangConal Holdings
Redline PowerEmpower LightingLight Out The CityE-Z-PowerSunset Sky Buses
RedMountain PowerUnited IlluminatingTriton EnergyHonest Lamp CompanyH2 Batteries
Circa LightingMackenzie EnergyRed Spark BulbsThe Bulbs N BulbsThe Energy Bulb
Aces BulbsTazzyLight BulbsBulwark PowerKangaroo LightingKL Lighting
Glenny’s ElectricityTop Cost PowerThe Electricity BulbElite Energy BulbsBig Green Bolsa
KleinbahnBig Shot’s BulbsNational LampanCox Light BulbsStool and Beyond
New Sun EnergyThe Battery FactoryComplete Lighting and SupplySuperlight BulbsFountains of spark
Enel Electric CoPowerhouse BulbsNew LED USABulb BrillantNames Vista
Light Bulbs PlusAdvance LED LightsZ-light LedBulb EcoCompany Estate
Sun Bright BulbsAG Electrical SupplySunLED CompanyNames BrightBulb Outlook
Platinum AmixAll BumbsYescoNames PlanNames Post
Peak star BulbsAmsterdam Lighting FixtureLEDtronicsCompany AssociationNames Globe

Light Bulb Companies: Market Research

Proper market research is important for any start up. Light Bulb company is no exception. So if you have decided to own one LED company, you must have a look at the light bulb companies that are ruling the local market and the global market as well.

In fact when you are naming your business, try following their footsteps. But remember you can lose yourself in the way. Nor can you just copy the Bulb Company Names and paste it on your business banner. The names in the list following can help you.

Cost Cutters BulbsAvailable LightOcean LED USANames MelodicBulb Syndicate
Seville LightsBarbizon ElectricNet Zero USABulb ActBulb Wild
Az Power BulbsBrite LED LightingAxo Light USABulb SparkBulb Vista
The Bulbs BrothersBulb AmericaStouch LightingCompany AtlanticBulb Life
Spark bulbBulb ConceptsTitan LEDNames OmegaCompany Mainstay
True Energy CompanyBulbtronicsLigman Lighting USACompany DevelopCompany Waves
Glenny’s ElectricityCalifornia LightworksMean Well USANames GardenBulb Anchor
Icelion ElectricCanal Lighting and PartsVanguard LED DisplaysNames SocietyNames Awe
TEMCO EnergyCentennial Light BulbEdison Opto USA CorporationBulb RawNames Lake
Sun Power BulbsLight All CorporationPatriot Led TubesNames GreenCompanyopedia
Electro LightingContinential LightingCree Inc.Bulb MotherCompanysy
Flawless LightsDeco LightingBulbaraCompany SunriseNames Morals
LED WavesDeepsea Power & LightCompany FriendlyNames EngineeredCompany Cells
LEDtronicsEclipse Lighting CorporationNames GenesisNames FriendNames Nurture
Lexington Hardware & Electric Co.Emergency Lights Co.CompanyscapeBulb WarmBulbtastic
Havells India LtdEnergy Management TechnologiesNames AllyCompany BranchNames Eco
Light Bulb Companies

LED Light Bulb Manufacturer: Some Consumer Favorite Brands

As we already said, market research is an important part of your business blueprint. But do you know how a good research is done? We can help you doing it. Here in the following list we are putting together the Bulb Company Names of successful light bulb manufacturers. Try to know about their business hacks and apply it in a proper way.

BajajEnVision LED LightingBulb OceanNames VarietyCompany Altitude
OsramExpert LightingBulb LightCompany VarietyCompany Reclaim
Moser BaerFlushing LightingNames NectarBulb GlacierBulbbia
.Wipro LtdFrontier LightingNames AtlanticCompanybesNames Zone
Rich BrilliantGelb LightingCompany BastionBulb LivingNames Form
Riverdale LED Lighting Corp.GL LEDCompanyhutNames PureNames Arctic
Spark Lighting CorporationGrandlite International CorporationBulbaroNameCompany Acquire
Specialty BulbGreat Eagle Lighting CorporationBulbfluentNames PrincipalNames Natural
Sunlite Bulbs & FixturesGreen Energy Lighting CorporationNamzoidBulbioCompany Fauna
Sylvania LampHortons Home LightingNamyaNames AcknowledgedNames Allied
The Exit Light CompanyHyperikonNamverseNames PacificNames Synergist
The Lighting GroupIlluminationsBulb StormBulb EcoCompany Thunder
The Lighting SpotInternational Lighting Co.Company VentureNames GridCompany Amplify
To LED LightsJust BulbsNames FireNames SunshineCompany Reactor
Top BulbLane Technical SalesCompany SnowNames ProfessionalNames Qualified
Samsung LED.LED CentsNames LandCompany NatureNames Endeavor

What company makes light bulbs?

There are many internationally well known LED companies that are throbbing the market. Here are a few examples: Eveready, Philips, Havells, Glitz., Syska LED.

What is the best brand of light bulbs?

It depends upon the choice of the customers. However Surya and Mosar Baer are two famous ones.

Who are the top lighting manufacturers?

Below are the names of the top successful global LED light companies. However the market is expected to have a notable growth by 2022.

Acuity Brands, Inc.LED Lights UnlimitedNames HailBulb GridNames Leaf
Cree. …LED SourceCompany HabitatCompanyvioBulb Tree
Nichia.LED SupplyCompany AltitudeBulb VulnerableNames Aware
OSRAMLight All ConceptsBulb OmegaNames NatureNames Living
Viribright LightingLight Bulb CityNames OriginalBulbexCompany Uproot
Voss LightingLight Bulb DepotNames WatchtowerCompanynBulb Executive
Xpress LightingLight Bulbs UnlimitedNames BrillantBulbbesCompany Reclaim
Company UpLighting & BeyondBulb CloudNames CloudBulb Reliance
Company EclipseLighting ComponentsCompany BrightNames SustainedBulb Storm
Company RecycleLightitechNames WillowCompany AltitudeNames Genesis
Company MindsetLightologyNames LiveNames CrusaderBulb Splendid
Company SpireLukas Lighting Inc.Company GravityNames RidgeNames Altitude
Bulb ResourceManor Electric SuppliesBulb AdaptCompany PlanCompany Operate
Company ReviewMidwest LightingNames OmegaCompany MotionCompany Guider
Company AdvocateModern Lighting Co.Names HabitNames ThunderCompany Visible
The Power SupplyNation Light LEDBulb EarthNames WireBulb Sprout
Light Bulb Manufacture

What is the name of the first person who invented bulb?

The invention of light bulb has a really long history. After Humphrey Davie invented electric lamp in 1802, many scientists had tried their hands in developing this invention. However in 1879 Thomas Alva Edison did a notable job in this field. And he is credited for the invention of the first light bulb.

Bulb Name List: Creativity and Uniqueness

Creativity is always rewarded. And it is the best tool undoubtedly to have a unique Bulb Company Names for your Bulb company. Let your artistic soul gather inspiration from many resources.

And when it is done, let it take its own time and create an astonishing name for your baby company. The names in the following list can prove to be great inspiration for you. Hence you must have a look at them.

California PowerOnly Wholesale LightingCompany GreenBulb VirtuosoNames Advocate
Amped SolarOS DirectNames SignatureNames CreekBulb Support
Electric BulbsPure Lion LightingBulb PostNames InternationalCompany Administrate
Lighting & LampsCompany FloodBulb DeterminedNames NurtureBulb System
Bright and LushNames PinnacleBulb AcquireCompany ResourceNames Syndicate
Energy Source BulbsNames FriendlyNames CornerstoneCompany BonsaiNames Wild
Names HabitNames ForestCompany MotherBulb AgentCompany Eclipse
Bulb OriginalCompany HabitatCompany PlanetBulb AnchorCompany Professional
Names GrassNames AlliedNames StriveBulb VaporBulb Mind
Names CardinalNames AltitudeCompany WorldBulb InternationalCompany Salt
Names FlowerCompany VolcanoCompany ResourceNames RiverNames Decide
Names SummitBulb InvestNames HabitatBulb SolarCompany Ability
Sylvania LampNames ImmenseNames MelodicNames CouncilNames Reclaim
LEDtronicsBulb GlobeBulb PacificBulb UprootBulb Allied
MeuvoNames AllyCompany LakeBulb MelodicBulb Central
Titan IndustriesCompany EndeavorCompany RawNames ConcordBulb Bloom

LED Bulb New Brand Names Suggestions: Make your Consumers S M I L E

Do you know what S M I L E  stand for when you are naming a company? It is Short, Memorable, Inventive, Loveable and Entertaining. An ideal Bulb Company Names must have all these qualities within.

Keep these things in mind when you are sorting your names list. Well, we can some more names to your collection if you allow us!

the first person who invented bulb
The Spark Lamp ShopNames ClimateBulb AcuityBulb OperateNames Administrate
Energy Bulbs DirectCompany ViceBulb VertexCompany ObeliskCompany Cornerstone
Sunshaft PowerNames VaporNames OriginBulb BrightCompany Worldwide
My BallyNames PerformanceNames ProfessionalBulb IntellectCompany Review
DannstienstCompany AcknowledgedNames HailNames SolarBulb Snow
Worldly LightingNames WarmCompany SanctuaryCompany GlobeCompany Mind
CPR ElectricityNames VolcanoBulb LifeBulb EcoNames Syndicate
Bolster BulbsNames ManagedBulb IntelCompany SafeguardCompany Sprout
LightologyNames RainNames OperateNames PursueNames Synergist
Midwest LightingNames BoulderNames OutlookNames ProtectNames Vital
Rich Brilliant.Bulb NurtureCompany CompleteBulb HailNames Stack
kWingAstre LightNames OmegaBulb FriendlyNames Mind
LuminaResple LightCompany ReclaimCompany AmbientBulb Guider
GlowUplxtreCompany AltitudeCompany CardinalCompany Guider
VimioLumiNames GravityCompany OasisCompany Determined
ElumxTrueBOltCompany DirectionBulb RockCompany Terrain

Sound and Lighting Company Names: A Suitable Name

If you want to stand out the huge crowd of the market, the one and only way available to you is being yourself. Hence think about your company a little bit more.

And pick up a Bulb Company Names that fits the nature of your brand perfectly and the rest is assured. It will definitely help you shine out everyone!

Sunset Sky BusesDuolightBulb ShoreCompany GrassBulb Adapt
H2 BatteriesSaphhireBulb MeadowCompany EnergyNames Pure
The Energy BulbCubboNames CrusadeCompany HailNames Form
KL LightingLeyfNames MajorCompany NectarNames Habitat
Big Green BolsaTop BulbBulb WavesBulb PinnacleCompany Council
Stool and BeyondLightitechBulb StructureBulb SproutBulb Sprout
Fountains of sparkLukasCompany GenesisCompany ThunderBulb Vital
The Battery FactoryOS DirectCompany IndicatorCompany BrightCompany Nature
Electro LightingSpecialty BulbBulb ConcordNames RawBulb Mother
Flawless LightsLED WavesCompany CellsCompany WatchtowerCompany Corporation
Aces BulbsGL LEDBulb AweBulb BeaconNames Passage
Deepsea Power & LightBluMoonBulb ProgressBulb CitadelCompany Eclipse
Emergency Lights Co.AlluriaNames AltitudeCompany FootprintCompany Nectar
Light Bulb DepotLEDsBulb CombineNames ObeliskCompany Climate
Vivid LEDTrimNames SocietyNames EcoBulb Decide
QYISTLexNames EndeavorNames GlacierNames Quake
LED Bulb New Brand Names Suggestions

LED Light Bulb Brand Names: Enjoy Your Journey

They say the journey is more interesting than the destination itself. So why don’t you make your ‘name the company\’ journey a bit more enjoyable?

You can take help from your friends give this process an appearance of an enthralling game. These names below can help them to have an idea what kind of names they should think about.

United IlluminatingTwinkCompany UpNames FriendNames Preserve
MackenzieLazzoBulb HydroCompany DisrupterCompany Detect
TazzyLightLit’briteBulb StreamNames CycloneBulb Pursue
Top Cost PowerCanal Lighting and PartsBulb UprootNames ShoreBulb Altitude
Big ShotSunlite Bulbs & FixturesBulb VisibleCompany AbilityBulb View
PowerhouseLighting & BeyondBulb ProfessionalNames DirectionNames Pure
Spandel LightingComplete Lighting and SupplyCompany ValleyCompany LivingNames Consumer
G & N BulbsFluoraCompany RenewBulb PeakNames Wind
GlizzMood LightingAmbiViewBulb ConsultingNames Arrowhead
Brytex LightBlay BulbGlizzNames PassionNames Sprout
CorvellBreggoBrytexCompany SanctuaryGlow Life
TigroFrezzoWell RayNames FormFluora
IgnitoIgnoxElvin LightCompany AcquireMood
IkonLightstallZydo LightCompany MeadowBlay Bulb
ZenckoLighteronSparkleLumiWhite Bright


A brand name is the key of a power house for any kind of business. A great name can smoothen the path that your brand will take its baby steps through. And on the other hand, a bad name can ruin all your efforts just within a blink of your eye. We know it is never an easy task to name a company perfectly.

But with your honest efforts it is not impossible either. So pull your socks up and start brainstorming light bulb names right away. We hope that the bulb company names of our collection will be of great help. Thank you for visiting us!

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