151+ Weird Breton Names

Peeking for a name from northern France? A name with a distinct culture? Or Searching a Breton Name for an Identity?

If a \’Yes\’ for all these questions pops up and your monkey mind can’t sit tight.

Well, here is the news,  your eyes rolling on the correct read.

So, let\’s find out the facts, to begin with!

Do You know, A Breton is a name given to a stint of people and mostly the ones having the language of Brittany? Brittany a name region in northern France and the most amazing part of this region has a distinct lineage.

Faolnstien Bierre Frocieleier Caroud Juilhuag Tynert Neplest Gestine
Crenrdand Gantav Reyaldald Tusus Drynrion Milkeley Edunneond Nytiene
Phinricwin Rirnelle Alernneond Magiocque Thormonley Fralnce Ogitonann Ervihans
Ististian Morya Degionthel Galedrelle Tristrbert Adrodwulf Lazaulmas Wickele
Gernric Brigor Cortntax Denmine Rahasien Manedee Arnaellen Selenick

Interesting, right?

But if you are unaware of these names, we are here for you, we will distinguish these names according to your need, with some famous and well-known Breton names.

So, uncage your curious mind because we are here to help with the best tool available online that you can use to figure out the unique name.

Breton Name Generator

Name Generators can be used to get your half-work done. A name generator can give you a large number of options.

But here is a trick!

 Choosing the perfect keyword!

We know, it is indeed a difficult task!

So here we are to help, we will help you out with some good Breton names that you can use as a keyword to fall into the massive ocean of Breton names.

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crony Gabaesl Jolvtinius Cynrellen Selonick Rerlnerto Fraile
Creenne Reteles Syltienzkav Earena Ylbetienzkav Pollard Baurinacourt Gernsmith
Georistrard Buckingya Pernedhnain Milnand Salgonav Moniielle Simred Brand
Rodertick Phiefort Cynrcoisyd Madnick Cedrcoisenne Cienique Glonare Mercnck
Dethelagon Deseanne Neponteich Phielle Thetannel Laulmax Willncois Sinorard

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If you are thinking your job is now done, then you might be choosing the shortcut way to your destination. Choosing the perfect name as a perfect should be done with a completely open mind.

You will also find many name options like elder scrolls Breton names as well.

Look at the table below, we have completed the table with some famous Breton names. What to wait now? Check it!

Drysent Loclla Kastccer Fanintor Morcourtaine Bincrd Brured Hasascel
Therastyr Admrine Berynak Nermarc Simiinccen Travchad Uracenr Travre
Mananrick Viraufort Belccders Marecque Edueveos Velahe Malkelis Paliinie
Lewibleroise Otttecou Braiendal Metlus Corrnund Jurna Traenis Herory
Rononard Biennis Malkardlan Geoone Salohston Riserre Jeahelagon Ariin

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Female Breton Name


Are you confused and curious to know if Breton is the name of a boy from Brittany? And if yes, then is it possible to get a female Breton name?\”.

Well, your question is no doubt a snooping mind can only think of, Breton names are particularly given to a term of individual from northern France.

Fariistyr Afranick Elbenieve Stedencel Davrier Mariud Weyfreben Artlie
Varoryan Ashvieve Mordnean Erelans Meraoc Limaditte Phanstien Lencell
Uracciusine Philyne Renanven Carnc Baurnund Littrien Orranndish Lemich
Hameelis Raraire Mauuel Maullas Ambane Dalhe Geranndish Nyttone
Chrstiencel Gald Mornteich Lylvin Varnciusine Morald Philyval Ganet

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These people have a distinct culture and irrespective of their gender they are given Breton names as an identity.

Now give a halt to your eyes on the table below with some very famous and well-known Female Breton names. This name will surely give you a bunch of options to select the best out of it.

Elisayne Guevconis Chaane Lusrard Bovlyssa Gesiel Cienche Beluuche
Amael Amelrienele Claende Gulimax Babende Dalotrose Dareguerite Jenaine
Lucile Kirick Malissa Tynelulanie Marlinie Velagine Jolinne Gaerll
Michina Hearthfield Hente Maulard Roxrice Buckinglie Martlene Vieelred
Babeiene Ernarc Darbeau Belllulanie Vyctne Retigine Carohelle Ganlamont

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Male Breton Names

Looking for some good options in male Breton names?Great! If this is the exact question in your mind. With a distinct lineage, we have some very famous Breton names for you.

Euganean Galeierre Cosnkavncois Kirhe Rodelon Braal Tuttheerley Mannd
Gasrdeditte Eardnette Noleaniselius Locieve Danricnald Jasrelle Claunstien Pieion
Beleaniselius Ildane Birnieve Pielerd Vicmonley Jastien Ernencois Aethfort
Madisth Penecou Jersedt Yeomsoric Benlius Georiane Paudishig Sineve
Timstian Ephilory Jeaneyand Freolia Rondnean Rarert Farndre Seleve

Not from Northern France, still in search of Breton names? This might make your task a bit tough of choosing the perfect name with a particular chasm meaning.

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No need to worry about it, we are here for what you are actually looking for. A complete table with some very famous Breton names is embedded in the boxes below. Check It Now!

Garvulmas Laromaulese Franoranin Blaush Jounven Frasrienele Agrnteich Adrauche
Cliemlin Morrve Kasthnainluin Panette Damnneond Freyanne Meraoisex Bielone
Cossg Ninius Standre Lochoin Perienian Blaph Gaspanndish Arimine
Socuertthias Leorlus Esmnean Mallonis Adebyctor Lircques Geracourtaine Endlory
Uthrtick Fanioud Socuciusine Fralecou Ruratonann Metrvieve Irbdrum Limhelred

Breton Last Names


The last name is added to continue the race you have decided to choose. Breton\’s last names act the same as other surnames. You will follow the race of the distinct culture of northern France if you choose Breton\’s last name or surname.

Odvcoisenne Bontrind Baucenan Bienditte Geoane Kingmax Banron Maleles
Reyncois Juraonds Gryxeon Admic Achieus Diecel Jouaar Noruche
Noletonian Yvieie Ambreus Afroriane Janvier Velarick Jakistyr Letert
Rondan Bientor Detingiel Bracnds Vinnven Valtont Elbeus Setmarc
Coseus Seloerk Juiluel Noreric Mattnare Dractya Cielus Fanirose

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It wouldn\’t be surprising if your eyes are now rolling for some famous Breton surnames. Looking at your curiosity to find some good and well-known last names, we have created a table with such great name choices for the mind to get halt.

 Check it out! And get into the perfect race that suits your way of living.

Buckinghouse Gaersly Moorham Moorcroft
Buckingsley Gaerston Gaerton Greenham
Buckinging Buckingsly Greencroft Masterston
Masterwing Gaerwing Gaersmith Moorfield
Greenford Greenfield Moorhouse Greenhart

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Looks like your curious mind is now filled up with some very famous and well-known Breton names. Having numerous options and choosing the exact from this is not the same.

Keeping a few things in your mind you should step forward to choose the odd one out from the bunch of names your mind is full with.

We are sure that you must have got options for Skyrim Breton\’s names to be the unique Skyrim from the crowd.Breton naming conventions are now used in a wider range of fields, thus choosing a name with the most perfect meaning is to do with an open mind.

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