Blooket Bot Spammer (Updated 2023)

In this post, we shall study the topic of Blooket bot spammer and flooders in 2023. These phrases are used interchangeably and relate to tools used to flood Blooket gaming sessions. If you\’re interested in locating this year\’s greatest Blooket bot flooders, you\’ve arrived at the correct spot.

To flood a Blooket game session, players may leverage numerous technologies such as GitHub, GrantStahr, Blooket-Flooder, or third-party websites. These technologies may change the result of the game by automatically answering questions on behalf of the player, improving their chances of winning and earning high token scores.

If you\’re new to the words \”blooket flooder 2023\” and \”blooket bot flooder,\” this post will explain and instruct you on how to utilize them efficiently. Applying these techniques may improve your gaming experience and boost your chances of success.

To discover more about blooket bots spamming and flooders, read on for a full review of the issue. Let\’s read!

How To Flood Blooket Game Session With Bots?

Players may swarm Blooket gaming sessions with bots in a variety of ways. Conversely, several professional teams have tried similar strategies for the Blooket bot spammer. You may believe in these techniques. Conversely, you won\’t have any problems using these techniques. Additionally, they will enable users to transmit a million bots and access different game features. 

Gamers should not be concerned that Blooket would disable their accounts. Conversely, instructors can\’t catch them when they attempt to spam the game. 

Therefore, the techniques below may help you saturate Blooket gaming sessions with bots.


Step 1: Use GitHub

GitHub is now one of the top sites that offer javascript so that users may hack gaming features. Additionally, participants may use a javascript from GitHub to swarm their Blooket gaming sessions with bots. 

The GitHub-provided javascript is relatively easy to utilize. It is also secure. Players may use simple techniques to send bots to the Blooket gaming session. 

Here is the latest Javascript for flooding the Blooket gaming session, as released by GitHub.

  • Open the website first. 
  • Visit a gaming session to participate.
  • Copy the javascript mentioned above. 
  • Make your way to the Blooket Play Lobby.
  • Make the address bar blank.
  • Type \’javascript:\’ in the text box.
  • Put the code in. Don\’t occupy space.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • When you complete it successfully, a pop-up box will appear. It will request the game pin, name, and number of bots from you. 
  • Press the enter key after entering them. 
  • Go to the Blooket host\’s page.
  • You can use this to overwhelm the gaming session with bots. 

Step 2: Using Booklet-Folder Or Grant-Stahr

  • Open the website first.
  • Pick a quiz. 
  • You will now host the quiz. It will create a pin for the game.
  • Steal the game\’s pin.
  • Go to the Blooket bot folder V4 of Replit.
  • Select the Green Run button or the arrow after the folder has loaded successfully, and you are on it. 
  • Stick the pin. 
  • Enter the bot\’s name here. You must also specify how many bots you want to deploy to the gaming session.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • You can use this to overwhelm the gaming session with bots. 

Step 3: Use Third Party Website


Utilize the Schoolcheats website if you wish to use a third-party website. You may get the most excellent Blooket bot flooders software from our page. These are the instructions for using the Schoolcheats website.

  • Open the website first.
  • A game pin or game code should then be produced.
  • Then open a different browser.
  • In that tab, open
  • You must enter the game pin or game code in the room code box when you see it.
  • Enter the name of the bot.
  • Enter how many bots you want to flood.
  • Finally, choose the Continue option. 
  • You will once again need to go to Blooket\’s host page
  • You can now see the number of bots added to your gaming session. 
  • You may finish this hack in this manner


You can see that the techniques I described above are the best for dealing with Blooket bot spammer, and flooders are relatively simple to attempt. But if you run into problems when trying these techniques, you may always ask a friend, an expert, or a professional for assistance. blooket bots spam So, best of luck! While playing, have fun!

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