Blade and soul class tier list combat was a unique start since its launch back in 2012 and keeps both traits since 2019 and every class has a unique playstyle and it makes it impossible to not fall in love with the different classes of the game as it offers great replayability and it is contentless.

No gender lock is present in the different races but the blade and soul class tier list does not allow every race to be made available to the classes.

Even though this happens there is no restriction that the people face because some of the races look alike and the child races make it more fun and also offer some unique classes. 

The Blade and soul revolution is a mobile MMORPG in which it shares plenty of different features with the other games of the same genre.

The class system revolves around the five unique classes in the game and it may be difficult to figure out the most suitable classes among the various available options.

This article will let the readers walk through the various classes right from the blade master to the summoner to the kung fu master and the destroyer. Each class has its pros and cons and there is no bad choice but all of that depends on the requirement of the player.

Blade And Soul Classes

The various blade and soul classes that the player can choose from are-

  1. Assasin
  2. Blade master
  3. Blade dancer
  4. Force master
  5. Destroyer
  6. Soul Fighter
  7. Summoner
  8. Gunslinger
  9. Kung Fu master
  10. Warden
  11. Warlock
  12. Zen Archer

Many people ask about blade and soul what class to play and this depends entirely on the choice and requirements of the player. No choice is a bad choice and the user has to choose from the available alternatives.

The player can also try out the different roles and classes and this makes it confusing but at the same time gives the player experience and helps them in forming an opinion as to which class and role suit them the best.


A great sword-wielding is capable of absorbing both the punishment and unleashing it as per the requirement on the foes and this resilient tank decimates all those who stand in its way and it spills blood even to do so.

The mastery of warden involves a balance in which the player can choose to control the enemy and neutralize the attacks and unleash all their filled-up fury to slay the enemy.

It is also very mobile and can maneuver around the battlefield as and when they want because of their mobility to deflect the opponent and his attacks while intercepting the targets.

The warden can choose their path either of lightning or frost and the lightning path is an embodiment of the chaos of the storm and helps the player to furiously slash the enemies without caring about his own life.

The frost warden path embraces the power of the sun, moon and enters the state of Sentry stance and overwhelm the opponent with devastating strikes.

They are resilient fighters and are capable of building themselves in a frenzied rage and they can shake off both the attacks and debuffs. They also cut down all those who stand in their way.

The eligible races within warden are Jin, Gon, and Lyn and the role is the tank. They use various stances to absorb the punishment and deal with the devastating attacks and in combination with the resilience to resist the status and damage effects. The pros of the role include-

  1. Having offensive party buffs
  2. Possessing great positioning capabilities
  3. Remaining immune to the CC

One Of The Cons Of The Class That Is Identified Is-

  1. It requires great leading skills which are not possessed by any player.

Blade and soul lyn

The class lines have large ears along with dainty tails and are the descendants of the Kirin which is a legendary animal and was able to survive both the mischievous and unpredictable attacks.

The Lynx haven’t been able to survive the world by chance but have developed acute senses which help them to steer clear from any danger and they can see deception and treachery in some impossible places.

They use the senses to have a conversation with the beings from the spirit world with the ability to communicate with the Familiars and harnessing the power of the earth.

They are also known for their unpredictable nature and they can convey a multitude of emotions like fear, jealousy, respect, and love.

Kungfu master blade and soul

This is a close combat quarter class and it relies completely on the reflexes of the player to fight with the invincibility with the required respect. The players belonging to this class are armed with the gauntlets and have their bodies and are known to be the most difficult class in the entire game of blade and soul.

It is because they have a very unforgiving nature and have time-based attack conditions. They can dodge and counter effortlessly anything that is thrown in their way and it makes them an ideal tank class.

The gameplay of this class revolves around how the player handles the controls of the class and how all of this is put together in one fluid style.

They have a high skill capacity and have a high capability to attack; They are above-average fighters even when every feature is controlled correctly. All the new players in the game are advised to go for this class and use their tank-DPSer and not the raw power.


The specializations of this class include the way of dragon fist, way of the flying kick, and way of the iron claw. Each of the specifications allows the player to access the features of the specifications that can further be customized using the talent tree.

Blade and soul force master

The Force Master is a class that excels in strong, continuous and offers a moderate amount of control and utility. It uses bangles to case the project\’s alities and functions as mobile gunners by relying on movement and positioning in order to kite around the enemies.

The force masters within the blade and soul epitomize the nature of the duality and have different fire and ice stances that can be used for damage and defense.

One must be wary of the two stances together to walk on the path as a force master. One must be aware of the versatility and the damage potential which makes him an excellent party member and a solo player. 

They have a modest learning curve and their fire attacks follow a simple and straightforward pattern and the ice abilities come into play only when the situation demands it.

They can render themselves immune to the ranged attacks and lack the counter at lower levels. The enemies keep freezing them in one place and use a dodge to frequently reposition themselves.

They are immediately difficult to deal with in the case of gameplay. The three races in which the classes can be played are Yun, Gon, and Lyn. The Jins are unable to choose from the force master as a class.

The two different stances depending on the skills that are fire mode or frost mode.

Blade and soul summoner

The summoners belong to a very versatile class in the game Blade and soul and are described as the jack-of-all-trades. They call upon familiar trade damage to assist in close-ranged combat and the primary attack is to cast spells at a distance.

This makes them excellent ranged combats and with a mix of support and defense, they are very easy for the new players to use and control.

They are exclusive to the Lyn race. The introductory quest for the summoners is unlike any other race and at the end; the player is prompted to choose among the five available options. 

They use cats as a tank which helps in attracting different sorts of damage all across from the mobs and bosses and they stay safe in a distance from afar. They also boast about self-healing and a large amount of CC or double CC skills possessed by them when the situation becomes dire.

They can access the diverse utilities to offer to their group exclusively. It is one of the very few classes that have a Snare skill and using the Weed whack or the Grasping root they can keep the mobs in place.

They offer focus recognition and the first is preferred in cross-server dungeons. They are renowned in the game as Party savers and can send the cat to aid the revival of the deal or to protect a recovering member from being killed in an upcoming attack.

It is considered a very strong class against inexperienced players and often the player might have to go into the lower gold metal rating.

Blade master or kung fu master

The concept of both the classes is almost equally appealing and helpful and the server of the game and device also plays the same role in both cases as in the PvE tank.

Both of the classes have a spammable skill like a block and some of the players have suggested that Kung fu master does more DPS and will be better if the main aim is tanking and is not difficult to handle in case of close timings.

In the PVP, the Kung fu master is considered stronger and though both of them have almost similar features, the Kung fu master has a slight edge over the blade master according to the player\’s review.

Blade and soul power level

If the player wants to level up the power fast and get the items in the revolution and there are many tricks to power leveling in the game and it could be a video itself and compressed all of it.

This leveling will be important as it gives the power to unlock the dungeons, the field bosses, and the honeymoon arts and the first part is to focus on the leveling.

The stamina needs to be kept very high which will give a 300 percent bonus from defeating the enemies and it reduces as the enemies are being killed but do not reset by itself.

Many people share incense burners daily and all the access beyond the limits set in the game can be achieved from there.

Blade and soul best solo class

The blade master is the sole class that most of the players choose and it has the ability to have strong sword gust, blood gust, and AOE skills, For the players who are new to the game blade master is not recommended because the counter-attack is not that strong and the assassins do not have powerful AOE skills in such cases.

They have the invisibility option which makes them able to bypass all the small monsters and go to the boss to fight directly. This saves a lot of time in soloing and Assasin is the best choice though dangerous. Though all the classes can be played solo some are more dangerous than others.


A lot of people say that no class can be put up as the best class and it all depends on the learning skills of the players and their interests.

Some of the people recommend summoner for the new players as they beat up on the bronzes and silvers and are easy to learn. The blade dancers are also good all around.


 Many people ask whether “Is Blade and Soul worth playing in 2020?” and it can be said that the game is worth leveling and playing for its story as it is fun but once the player reaches towards the end of the game the performance starts degrading and some of the players also start quitting. Overall, the game is very popular and deserves attention.