Bitcoin was invented in 2009 and is the first digital currency that is surely hyping up the market. When it was invented, more and more people wanted to invest in it because it’s easy to handle as it is digitally stored and hence it is free from the effects of the monetary changes as it is not connected with the central bank.

There are a lot of apps and software like  which allows the traders to have a better understanding about bitcoin trading and allow them to buy and sell bitcoins even during high volatility.

Before bitcoin came in, people invested in gold. They still do. But what if we add these two up?

  • So let’s first know what is bitcoin gold?

 Bitcoin Gold was invented on October 24, 2017, and it is the hard fork of the original cryptocurrency and it was invented to decentralize bitcoin as a cryptocurrency again. Bitcoin mining is a rewarding but asset escalated measure. The most productive mining adventures are frequently those which pool together an enormous number of mining rigs, every one of which requires costly, unique gear.

  • So are Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold different, or the same?

Bitcoin is decentralized cryptographic money dependent on open source code. Anybody can take the code, adjust it, and deliver their variant. That is actually how these different coins were created. 

But, Bitcoin Gold is called the \”hard fork\” since it makes a lasting split in the square chain, rather than \”delicate forks\” that just make an impermanent split. Where bitcoin utilizes the SHA-256 calculation to mine new squares and exchanges, Bitcoin Gold uses Equihash. Both are confirmation of work calculations, which means they require the digger to settle a hard cryptographic riddle to mine a square. Nonetheless, while bitcoin diggers acquire an unmistakable benefit when utilizing costly, mining-explicit gear called ASIC, there is no such benefit with Bitcoin Gold. 

With Bitcoin Gold, anybody utilizing generally fabricated hardware can mine, giving an equivalent chance to following bitcoin innovator Satoshi Nakamoto\’s vision of \”one CPU, one vote\”.

  • Now that we know about Bitcoin Gold, let’s know about its various purposes:

The following are three purposes fulfilled by the Bitcoin Gold:

  • As settlement for labour and products 
  • As a venture opens on advanced resources\’ commercial centres.
  • As an empowering influence of free instalment instruments like other digital currencies.

Bitcoin Gold was presented when Bitcoin previously existed. Be that as it may, the significant objective was to use the current blockchain while presenting full secrecy and facilitating exchange time by diminishing square size. The advertisers felt that Bitcoin was too skewed to even consider preferring significant excavators.

It was more much the same as passing out only the worst part of the deal to little, everyday excavators without costly mining gear. This was viewed as an injury to the popularity based admittance that the blockchain theory was established on.

  • How does Bitcoin Gold work?

The Bitcoin Gold environment is driven by the Equihash evidence of work calculation, which connections block yield to the memory accessible for capacity. Smallholder equipment diggers are projected to be the large champions, implying that the blockchain and its award framework will stay vote based and decentralized.

With the Bitcoin blockchain being essentially open-source and innovation-driven, space for straightforwardness and decentralization is given, making it a local area project. Contrasted to other digital forms of money, it\’s anything but a similarity to Monero as far as secrecy. This is a take-off point for Bitcoin Gold, which doesn\’t uncover real wallet addresses.

  • Benefits of Bitcoin gold:

The following are some of the benefits of using Bitcoin Gold:

  • Fungibility – 1 BTG is equivalent to 1 BTG whenever. As fungible computerized money, BTG is indistinguishable, replaceable, and convertible. 
  • Decentralization – It works an agreement calculation, and this makes it decentralized, and local area has driven. 
  • Quicker Transactions – It makes for quicker exchanges because of its upgraded plan.
  • Namelessness – Like Monero, it utilizes full exchange secrecy, protecting the wallet locations of senders and recipients in the organization.


Thus, we can conclude by saying that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold are similar with some differences. Bitcoin Gold was made when Bitcoin was already invented.