Bigger And Better: The Life-sized Mario Collection By Bricker Builds Worth Collecting

Hop! Hop and hop we go to the virtual realm. If you think we are lying, you are wrong. Mario has taken the initiative to jump from the digital world to the virtual one, which is more fitting. Collaborating with Bricker Builds, Mario lets the players build their own life-sized Super Mario.

The spin that the organization has tried to spin is more spontaneous and unique enough to give lego enthusiasts a run for their money. The amalgamation of the classic Mario and lego formulas provides the one to give life to their lifelong fascination.

Much-Needed Further Ado On Bricker Build\’s Life-sized Mario Lego:

The Mario lego sets are very different as it is a software integrated toy that is a breath of fresh air compared to the smartphone or video game console-enabled products. The focus of the lego is to enhance the quality of pieces by making them LARGER and BiGGER. Another point of their emphasis is how they have chosen to focus on physically maintaining the digital image. 

With Super Mario reaching new heights, literally, with the sculptured design presented by Bricker Builds, it has given something new to the fans. All you need is just 5000 lego bricks to create the 2 feet tall build. It will cost those who are willing to invest in such a classic piece only $899.

One is sure to feel lost in the mountain of 5,000 pieces. Nonetheless, with the purchase of an instruction booklet that costs around $65 one can easily sieve through the Mario-colored lego bricks with ease. Although these builds are not officially endorsed by Nintendo itself, Bricker Builds have outdone themselves this time.

Mario has been added to the large area of famous life-sized lego characters, starting from Pikachu, to Darth Vader. Moreover, through them, you can also get a Power-Up Mushroom build for $175. What is best about this piece is that it only comprises 783 bricks, comparatively lower than 5,000.

What Makes It Unique Compared To Its Counterparts?

If the size and build weren\’t a bigger giveaway, let us tell you that there is much that Bricker Builds is offering through this collaboration. Each build that is created by Bricker Builds starts with a modernist and futuristic approach.

With the 3D model to boost the positive points, their goal is to design a piece that can be transformed into an accurate life-sized brick model. Moreover, they utilize their Bricker Software to make their imagination come to a concrete realization.

After that, they include specialty pieces and building techniques to assure that the model looks as resembling as the characters. Before the pieces are rolled out to be sold, a thorough step-by-step building instruction is developed using their personal Bricklink Studio.

Although it was Nintendo who has been working with Lego to launch the official line of Mario playset, Bricker Builds has become one of the outsiders that have taken the thunder. Their collaboration with Canada First Bricks, which is known to the citizens of America as “the largest and most trusted 3rd party brick supplier in North America\”, has instilled trust among the party.

This build was specifically designed and then supplied by Lego Royalty. Yes, we are talking about Dave Holder who has had his lego models shown off in Legoland Melbourne and Lego Masters TV show. In other words, the world created by Builder Bricks has expanded through and through.

Bottom line:

Lego is one of how one can get closer to their imagination and fascination into a physical form of realization. Thanks to Bricker Builds, now it is only $899 away to get a life-sized classic character to life. Get yourself to Bricker Builds and increase your library of lego proudly.