Best Games For Studying English

Since time immemorial, games have been a way to facilitate learning through fun. Even before the internet era, teachers used board games and card games to teach various concepts of language, grammar, and syntax to students. Today, with the advancement of technology, learning English has never been easier. There are many platforms on the internet that students and teachers can use to their advantage to learn English. Teachers can also use a combination of online and offline games to create a unique learning experience for their students. In this article, we shall look at some of the most popular games teachers can rely on to teach English. 

Popular Games to Learn English

Education through gamification is not a new concept. If teachers find a way to make learning more exciting and can motivate students to partake in various educational activities that are also fun, learners can acquire knowledge a lot faster and more efficiently. Here are some educational games students would appreciate.

  • Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic game that has been around for many years. A minimum of 2 players and up to 4 players can play it. Generations of people have played this game to improve their spelling and learn new words. Scrabble is a game that requires focus and concentration. The game encourages players to think of words they can make from a limited set of alphabets. It also enables strategic thinking, as players must use their letters well to score the highest points and win. 

  • Human Brain Cloud

This game focuses on building word clouds. It is a multiplayer game; friends or strangers can come together online to form a virtual room and play this game. The game begins with a stem word. Players take turns entering words or phrases that they think are related to the stem word. As the game continues, the word cloud becomes more complex. The game allows players to think about the meanings and usage of different words in the English vocabulary and connect them to a central idea. This will aid them when they have to write assignments for college. Students who play this game regularly would find it easier to connect different ideas and then seek help from professional writers at TopEssayWriting to write them down effectively.

  • 7 words

Advanced English speakers usually enjoy playing this game. The online game gives its users seven definitions. Based on the definitions displayed on the screen, users must guess the words. Moreover, the game allows players to access only limited alphabets to guess the word. When a player guesses a word correctly, he earns points. The game aims to use all the allocated alphabets to create a word that matches the meaning displayed on the screen. That will earn the player the most points and help him move up the leaderboard and on to the next level. As a player progresses through different levels, the difficulty of meanings and words also increases. In this way, the game is designed to improve english of both native and non-native speakers of the language. 

  • Proof It

Proof It is a fun and innovative way to teach English grammar. It is a single-player game. In the game, each level will pose a new challenge to players. All the challenges are related to rules of grammar. The most common challenges that a player would encounter are related to grammar, incorrect punctuation, or spelling mistakes. A player must identify the grammatical errors in the text and correct them to proceed to the next level. Each level is tougher than the last. As such exercises are common in English language exams, many aspirants preparing for exams play this game to practice. 

  • Bubbles

Bubbles is a game that allows players to practice descriptive writing. The game begins by displaying a picture on the screen. Players must use simple and complex sentences in English to describe the things they see in the picture. The faster a player can make sentences, the higher their final score is. If players make any grammatical errors, they lose some health. However, if a player writes correct sentences continuously, they gain health. The game also allows players to choose from different vocabulary categories and speeds. Hence, it is popular among various levels of learners who are learning English. 

Some games listed above are available only on online platforms. However, a few of them are played as board games as well. There are many more games teachers can use to make learning English fun. Teachers can also create picture cards and other collateral to bring these online games to their physical classrooms.

A Few Concluding Words

Teachers and educators can use all the games mentioned in this article to teach English. Students learn grammar, practice spelling, and improve their writing through these games. A few of these games also allow students to prepare for entrance exams and improve their listening, speaking, reading, and comprehension skills. Overall, incorporating these games within the lesson plans while teaching English ensures students feel engaged and excited to learn the language. It also improves their ability to use the language in their daily life to communicate more effectively.  

About the Author – Ruby Butz

Ruby Butz is an English teacher. She loves working with children and takes a personal interest in the well-being and overall growth and development of the children she teaches. Along with teaching, Ruby works extensively with the education board to develop a curriculum that meets English learning program outcomes for different grade levels. She also likes to write and publish her work on an online blog. 


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