Best Game That You Can Play On Your Android Smartphones Right Now

On Android smartphones, there is virtually no dearth of sports. No matter what your favorite type is, there\’s always something you\’ll find to suit your taste. However, quantity doesn\’t necessarily equate to consistency, as you might have learned by now.

There are plenty of bad games out there and we at Digit are trying to make it easy for you to distinguish the chaff from the wheat. Here are 10 of the best games released on Android at the moment. Do remember that whilst there are so many excellent games on the web that are available. So here are the 3 best games you can play on your android smartphone right now.

1.Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a roguelike premium RTS that features striking art and excellent strategic gameplay. This gameplay centers around physics in real-time, where survival is always the only situation you can hope for victory.

This suggests that the 6-hour campaign provides a unique setup where each stage is built procedurally, and so each replay can have a unique experience, offering some durability to the minimum RTS. Amazingly, considering the simple style, the title\’s gameplay is really broad, so don\’t let its basic visuals fool you.


2.PUBG Mobile

For Android smartphones, Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a free survival shooter that allows you to learn just what it\’s like to be dumped on an island with 99 other players to see who can actually survive.

But what\’s amazing about this immensely popular game\’s mobile edition on PCs is that it seems to be running much smoother on a smartphone. This is one hell of a terminal, in other words. You will parachute in, loot buildings to gear up, and do your best to live all the way to the finish, much like the original.

3.Hitman Go

Hitman Go takes everybody\’s favorite bald video game killer and replaces his usually concrete murders with a sleek, abstract take. Levels mimic tabletop board games, and you turn around to snuff out your goals by flipping an Agent 47 game piece around.

Fortunately, the darkly comedic technique persists, and anyone who earns a living by dispassionate professional killing seems perfect for the crisp, stylish aesthetic.