Beauty Buzz: Buzzworthy Beauty Blog Names to Get You Noticed

Hey there! Planning to start your own Beauty and Makeup Blog? Congratulations! Indeed, it is a fantastic idea. From time immemorial, women have been very concerned about their looks and followed beauty trends religiously.

In recent times, with men joining the wagon, you have every individual as your targeted reader. Surely you must have planned everything.

A catchy name for a makeup business is what you need the most. Have you shortlisted some good beauty blog names?

Remember, the first impression is the last impression, and makeup blog names that ‘first impression’. Here is your first trip to go ahead with the best name! While selecting a name for your blog, do remember that it is going to be your and your business’s identity forever.

So be focused and choose carefully. Readers should relate to it and it should be easy to remember. A creative name for a makeup business keeps your brand name working for you even in those hours when you are not.

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Getting GlamourSecret MakeoverBlog StrideBlog Style
Cosmetic loversBeauty HubNameBeatable
The GorgeousEstablishing beautyNameisticBlog Cohort
Eye Catching stuffOrganic put on-sBlogzoidName Clue
Out of box beautyBeautician cornerBlog SymmetryNameopedia
Beauty StylingSensational UpliftBeauty CohortNamibia
Sparking WalletCurly StylingBeauty GorgeousBeauty Honor
Amazingly made upThe glamorousName PandaAllure Slab
Obsessed with beautyBeautiful InsightBeauty WickCharm Visual
Mascara HandlingDamn beautifulAllure RepairBlog Swanky

Unique Makeup Names


Think it through! Tomorrow people will talk about your blog. Is the name easy to remember and pronounce? Is it a good makeup name for Instagram too? Does the name convey the nature of your blog? You would agree if the beauty blog name and content do not sync then your blog may not reach all the targeted readers.

The name is going to be the soul of your business. Keep it short and simple yet stylish and creative.

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Name FoxyBeauty CurvaceousCharm DawnBeauty Enthralling
NotifyBeauty ClueBlog PhenomAllure Loop
BeautadoBautzenBeauty ColorBeauty Candy
Blog OverwriteAllure GoryName AnalyticsBlogopedia
Allure InfoBeauty SheenyAllure CyberCharm Den
Allure RisingBlogoramaAllure NinjaBlog Deep
Blog BewitchBlogfluentBeautladaBeauty Kissable
BlogsterBlog EnliveningName LilyBlog Plush
Name PursueBlog KnockoutCharm SharanamAllure Metro
Name RaveBeauty MeasuredName SyntheticAllure Press

William Shakespeare said that ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’; true but a name doesn’t keep changing every now and then so, it would be wise to make a smart decision and choose a clever makeup name for your brand.

To help you decide we have listed down some more unique makeup names for you:

Glow SecretsRocking makeoverPlushLounge
The Sparking stateBeauty ornamentsThe beautyHeaven
Beauty ConsciousGlowing GoalsSimply youInfinity
Girly StuffAesthetic cutsThe divineIt’s perfect
Pure beauty analystsCutie wondersDeskWonder lap
Healthy beauty tipsBeautiful inside outReviveBliss
Pretty DepictionGlamour AttackOne pointPrada
Max MakeupEveryday ShineEmbraceElement
Restoration StoriesAlluring WardrobeBlushSurprise yourself
Smart MakeupSensational GlowElsewhereModern

Beauty Blog Name Ideas

Recall all the businesses that you know. Their names are unique and the identity of their business is. As your blog is all about beauty, it is imperative that your brand name should have words that go hand in hand with the makeup industry. You may choose from the cute makeup names mentioned here.

A couple of more beauty blog name ideas are listed below:

Eyes QueenVariety BlogRebalance IdeasMach Blog
Charismatic finishNexus IdeasTaking IdeasInfo Name
Makeup Transformation guidesLink NameEclipse IdeasPixel Ideas
Natural BeautyUltimate IdeasNameluxPanda Name
Modest AttractionObsession BeautyCurrent BlogIdol Ideas
Set GlowConvert BlogIdeas doAttractor Blog
Eyeliner QueenFX IdeasHera NameEnigma Blog
Slashing QueenSage NamePassional NameBeckon Name
Grooming beyond ordinaryTruth BeautyMaster NameFinesse Beauty
Magma bright toneDramatic BlogBugzillaBridal Blog

Beauty Page Name Ideas


Readers decide to read the blog only if the name holds that kind of magic that makes them give their precious time to your blog. So, go ahead and choose a name that creates that magic for your readers. A name that makes every reader keep coming back for more.

The catchy makeup names would do the trick. Additionally, you may choose from beauty page name ideas mentioned below for your blog:

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Makeup driveRecurring GlowTease NameNameocity
Exposing Beauty secretsMagical HandsGlamor PageBeautella
Organic Self LoveOne-stop beautyVenue NameDarling Beauty
Makeup contentTransformation spotBeaumontLineage Ideas
Your makeup solutionMiss GorgeousConventional BeautyCave Name
Magical brushBright lightWonders BeautySpellbound Name
Skin Care ArenaGlamorous touchPagesSecret Page
Face ThemeStrict looksRadiance PageGorgeous Beauty
Forever beautifulFacelift cornerLabel PageVictoria Beauty
Shinning LifePositive beauty vibesAmple BeautyEnchanting Page

Beauty is a language that everyone speaks irrespective of the country they hail from, race, religion, skin color, etc. Starting from 2-year-old toddlers to old age people, everyone wants to look beautiful and be complimented for it.

What better way to help them than writing meaningful blogs on beauty and makeup? Regular readers help acquire a creative name for a makeup artist. Go ahead choose a rocking name and make it your own.


The beauty industry is ever-evolving and becoming bigger with every passing minute. Your blog would help your readers to stay updated with what’s new in the fashion industry. Your blog is going to have the power that would transform the way one looks at beauty products and fashion trends. So, the beauty blog name ideas should mirror all of these and much more.

At the same time, a makeup blog name should not restrict your creativity in you nor should it tie your blog to only one arm of the beauty and makeup industry. It should give your creative wing the sky to fly high in the makeup and beauty industry.

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