Bdo Fairy Tiers: Basics To Advance

Are you a BDO player just like the other 3.4 million people? If you are one of those then we got you every detail related to BDO Fairy Tiers in the aspects of fairy rebirth, fairy skill and a lot more Bdo Fairy Tiers.

So, my dear readers get ready as we are coming up with a huge lot of answers related to BDO Fairy.

We will be sharing all the insights that you need in the following sequence

  • BDO FAIRY LEVELS AND STRATERGY                                            
  • BDO FAIRY SKILLS                                               
  • BDO FAIRY TYPES                                               
  • BDO FAIRY REBIRTH                                               
  • BDO FAIRY SPROUTING                                                
  • BDO UNSTABLE CREVICE                                               
  • BDO FAIRY QUEEN THEIAH                                               
  • BDO FAIRY\’S BLESSING                                               
  • HONEY WINE RECIPE BDO                                               

Let us start from the basics to advanced things about the BDO fairy. So, what are you guys waiting for, just dive in?

Bdo Fairy Tiers Introduction

Have you ever watched Pokémon? If yes then you would have noticed that Pikachu evolves into Raichu. In a similar way, there are tiers in Bdo Fairy Tiers.

Bdo Fairy Tiers

A particular character evolves from one form to another and the same is the case with tiers.

There are 4 types of tiers:

  • Tier 1: this is the most basic tier for beginners.
  • Tier 2: this is for amateurs.
  • Tier 3: this tier is for semi pros.
  • Tier 4: this for the pros.

Next up we will be briefing you peeps on the basics of this game.

Bdo Levels, And Strategy


Bdo Fairy Leveling

So, depending upon the tier your fairy is in you will have x10 levels. This means that your tier 1 fairy will have 10 levels; your tier 2 fairy will have 20 levels and the same ways for tier 3 and tier 4.

Level Increasing Strategy

You can increase your player level and fairy tiers by completing missions, quests, daily challenges and by buying gems from the store and upgrading your fairy through gems.We are sharing with you a trick to speed things up in the game and you can accomplish this by playing special missions.

Moving on, we have

Bdo Fairy Skills

Under this particular piece of information, we will be telling you about all the skills your fairy can perform. The skills are as follow:

Bdo Fairy Tiers
  • Tingling breath (5 levels)
  • Feathery steps (5 levels)
  • Fairy’s tear (4 levels)
  • Inexhaustible well (5 levels)
  • Miraculous cheers (5 levels)
  • Morning star (1 levels)

So now you guys must have got a hint to enrich your skills, to do so you need to go through all these skill levels. So, to keep you get going we also bring to you the types of BDO fairy.

Bdo Fairy Types

So, in BDO you will have a choice of typically 5 fairies. These fairies do not have a particular name assigned to them but they only have different personalities. The 5 personality types are given below:

  • Serene
  • Joyful
  • Prim
  • Aloof
  • Meticulous

These fairy personalities are coupled with four fairy shine types. They are:

  • Saint
  • Glimmering
  • Brilliant
  • Radiant

So, your fairy at one time can be shinning faintly and be joyful. You can try different combinations and see which one suits you the best.

Get a hold of this article, we have not finished yet as we got you something more that is related to your fairy’s rebirth and sprouting.

How To Reset And Upgrade Your Fairies

It might be possible that after you have upgraded your fairy and you might not like the skill sets that you may have chosen for her. So, you can reset her by either rebirth or sprouting.

Let’s just first see what rebirth is like in BDO.

Bdo Fairy Rebirth
Fairy rebirths are the first way in which you can reset your fairy. For rebirth to work, your fairy should at least be of level 10. Fairies lower in level than that cannot be reset.

You know even rebirths have types. The first type is Growth rebirth. To do a growth rebirth you need a fairy queen’s might. Once you have the might, you can do the reset from the fairy’s menu. The growth rebirth will reset your fairy’s skills and levels back to one.

Next, you have the persona rebirth. This rebirth will allow you to choose your fairy’s personality again. Again, you need a fairy queen’s might to do the rebirth and you can do the rebirth from the fairy’s menu. 

Now that you know the rebirth process, let’s tell you about the sprouting process as well.

Bdo Fairy Sprouting

In BDO, your fairy will not level up automatically after she reaches the highest level in a tier. You will have to do so by sprouting her.

Bdo Fairy

The sprouting of your fairy can be done with sweet honey wine or Ornette\’s dark honey wine. You will have to give your fairy one of these and then she will sprout.

Sprouting can fail as well if you do not give your fairy enough of the sweet honey wine or Ornette\’s dark honey wine. Note that sprouting is only required to upgrade between tiers and game missions, daily challenges, etc., are the only way to level up within a tier

Well peeps, so far you have come to know a lot about the BDO fairy. Just hang around for some more time as ahead we have a few more important details on fairies.

Important Things You Should Know

In this subsection, we will tell you about the unstable crevice, fairy queen Theiah, fairy’s blessings, honey wine recipe and about Celyn. So, let’s start with the unstable crevice.

Bdo Unstable Crevice

The unstable crevice is a red shining object in the game that works in combination with the special honey jar. If you can locate a crevice and place a honey jar on top of it, you can receive Laila’s petals.

If you are a really lucky person, then chances are there that you may also get a fairy out of this. So, keep a lookout for these unstable crevices and when you find them, try your luck by placing a special honey jar over them.

Moving on we have the fairy queen Theia.

Bdo Fairy Queen Theiah

So far, we have been discussing what a fairy is and how to reset and upgrade her. But the million-dollar question is how do you get a fairy?

Bdo Fairy teirs

To answer that we will tell you about the fairy queen Theia. Basically, to obtain a fairy you will have to complete the fairy queen Theiah’s quest. You can get this quest from the Black Spirit and then meet Theiah at the Kamasylve temple.

She will direct you to do certain tasks. Do as directed by her and in the end, you will receive your reward, a brand-new fairy!

That was easy, right? Right. Next up is the fairy’s blessing.

BDO Fairy’S Blessing

In BDO, when you let go of your fairy for a new one, the departing fairy will give you a parting gift.

Bdo Fairy tiers

The gift is a valks enchantment chance. This enchantment will increase your other enchantments, stock counts.

You can obtain a maximum of 10 walks enchantment chances from a fairy. Fairies are just so nice. They give a parting gift as well!   

Moving on we have the honey wine recipe.

Honey Wine Recipe Bdo

In BDO, it is not enough to know just about your fairy’s skills and other stuff. To keep her going you need to feed her as well.

And what does she eat? Honey wine!

Don’t know how to make it? Here is the recipe.


To make honey wine, you will need to add:

  • 3 honeys,
  • 2 essences of liquor,
  • 2 sugars, and
  • 6 mineral waters

into your cooking utensil and start the cooking job. Once the cooking is complete you will get honey wine.

Now last but not least, let’s talk about Celyn.

Bdo Ceilyn

Now we won’t blame you if you are hearing the name for the first time in BDO.

Bdo Fairy tiers

Celyn is a non-playing character (NPC) in the game. She is a priestess and very hard to find out. You need to scan the whole of the game map thoroughly to find her out.

Once you find her, you can trade faint fairy wings for honey wine with her.

We are almost done now, only the FAQs to go through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where is the fairy queen in BDO?

Ans. You can find the fairy queen at the Kamasylve temple.

Q2. How do you become a fairy in BDO?

Ans. You cannot become a fairy in BDO but can get one by either completing the fairy queen Theiah’s quest or by placing a special honey jar over a crevice.

Q3. What do you do with BDO fairy powder?

Ans. As of now, no function for the fairy powder is known. If you happen to have some, you can sell them to NPCs.

Q4. How to obtain Ornetta’s dark honey wine?

Ans. You can obtain Ornetta’s dark honey wine from the pearl shop.

Q5. Can I have multiple fairies at a time?

Ans. No, you cannot have multiple fairies at a time.

Let’s sum up everything.


Hope it will help you in making your fairy the best of the rest! If you haven’t got your fairy yet then get one and start making your dream BDO fairy!

Finally, we are done with our crash course on fairies. Hope you enjoyed reading this compilation on BDO fairy tiers and related stuff.

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