Bavarian Final: Bayern Munich Title Recap In Lisbon, Portugal

Quick Pickup:

 Champions League final, Bayern Munich defeated PSG at the Da Luz stadium in Lisbon, Portugal.

Bayern Munich returned to stay with the Champions League, the sixth in its history.

The team led by Hans-Dieter Flick defeated PSG 1-0 with a goal from Kingsley Coman in the 14th minute of the second half

After seven years, they became, once again, the King of Europe.

The Bavarian team writes its name in the most important competition of the \’Old Continent\’. The 2020 title will accompany his other conquests for eternity: those of the tri-championship of 1974, 1975, and 1976, that of 2001 and that of 2013. Also, it is accommodated in the gallery of the most winners together with Real Madrid, Milan, and Liverpool.

Forceful, decisive, and effective. Winning the 11 games he played, scoring 43 goals, making a fool of Barcelona with a historic win and without leaving any doubts about the game. This Sunday, he showed, once again in the Lisbon bubble, that he cannot be forgiven. The goals that the Parisian team missed – Neymar and Mbappe – were the motivation to open the scoring in the first situation they had in the first minutes of the second half.


At the start of the match, Bayern Munich took control and the limelight, while PSG waited with all its men behind the midfield. Then it was the French team that took over. The teams were studied in the first moments, but the development of the match did not take long to catch up with a final, and the dangerous plays came in both arches.

More Insights

The clearest plays in the first minutes were played by PSG. First, Mbappe finished off twice on goal, but his shots bounced off Bayern Munich\’s defense, and at 17 came the most dangerous chance of the match, and it was at Neymar\’s feet. The Brazilian footballer received in the vertex of the area, he was hand in hand with Neuer, but the German goalkeeper stopped the strong shot. When the ball went to the corner, Neymar returned to put it in the field, but again the figure of Neuer appeared to remove it.

In the second half, the start presented different energy than the first 45 minutes, much slower on both sides. Bayern owned the ball but acted nervously in the moments when they lost it. Infringements on Neymar, including tumult and Di María, left two reprimands in the Teutonic team.

The opening of the scoring of a match full of situations came, and it was for Bayern Munich. Perhaps the play at the end of the first half in which Mbappe forgave was also a warning that the German team did not miss.

Kingsley Coman, the Frenchman who started for Perisic, received a great center punctured at the far post by Joshua Kimmich, headed unmarked, plummeted to the ground, and put the 1-0 at 14 minutes. The 24-year-old striker had his stint at PSG between 2012 and 2014.

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