Guide To Explosive Gel In Arkham Origins Blackgate Level 2 (2023)

Batman: Origins A video game called Blackgate is set in the Batman: Arkham universe. The 2.5D action-adventure game is set after Batman: Arkham Origins\’ events. As Batman explores the Blackgate Prison and faces perils inside, the game tracks his trip. Combat, puzzle-solving, and side-scrolling area exploration are all part of the gameplay. It is accessible on a number of gaming platforms.

The explosive gel serves as a tool as well as a weapon. Batman may spray the gel on vulnerable areas and have it explode. In battle, Batman may use the Quickfire Explosive Gel, which he can quickly spray on the ground. When used, any enemy inside the blast radius gets knocked to the ground. Arkham origins black gate level 2 gel.

What Is Arkham Origins Blackgate?

Arkham Asylum (Batman) Blackgate is a side-scrolling video game created by Armature Studio and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2013. It\’s a follow-up to Batman: Arkham Origins, part of the Batman: Arkham series, and is based on the DC Comics character Batman.


The game features Batman as he attempts to put an end to a prison rebellion at Blackgate Penitentiary, which has been taken over by the Joker, Penguin, and Black Mask. The narrative also depicts Batman\’s first encounter with Cat Woman, a character who supports Batman but conceals a secret from him throughout the game.

How To Find The Gel Launcher: Arkham Origins Blackgate Level 2?

Let’s get started and find the weapon: Gel Launcher.

Step 1. Open The Door

Run to the loading garage in the industrial sector on the right and grapple onto the truck\’s top. Drop down and eliminate the three men.

After you\’ve defeated all three, head to the right and hack the device using the Crypto Sequencer to open the door. While hacking, find the ideal combination by highlighting the various numerals on the screen. The box will contain the right code if a number is highlighted in green.

Step 2. Open The Next Right Door

After grappling to the ledge above, enter the next level and shimmy over to the right. Turn right to the next chamber after dropping to the ground.

If you turn right, you\’ll be interrupted by a cutscene. Black Mask forces a worker to use a handgun to power all of the generators. The worker is shot and his body is thrown to the ground. A green card key is supplied to the employee.

As you make your way to the right, roll over the spikes on the floor by pressing the Run button twice. Decipher the code to open the right-hand door.

Step 3. Reach The Bottom Floor & Kill The Thugs

In the next chamber, climb through the vent on the right side of the room. Crawl through the corridor to the other side of the one you just came through.


The next chamber has four thugs, one on the upper floor and three on the lower floor. Take out the person on the top floor softly to avoid being spotted.

Drop down and assassinate the lone thug on the left, then proceed to the right and assassinate one of the men while the other is distracted. It will just warn the other thug, so go ahead and beat up the remaining thug. On the lowest floor, turn right and into the next chamber. A bandit with knives will charge in from the right. Use your extraordinary abilities to buy time for conventional assaults.

Step 4. Use Your Batarang

Look above the right-hand door at the power box. Take out your Batarang and hit the box to unlock the door.

Turn right, then look up at the apparatus above you. Use your Batarang to activate the machine\’s switch when it appears in the little hole within the bars.

Step 5. Find The Gel Launcher

After grappling to where the machine stopped, drop down into the chamber on the left. Open the WayneTech container to find the Gel Launcher! It may be used to simultaneously set up three explosives.

Examine the room\’s floor for a vulnerable spot that you may use the Gel Launcher to attack. By bursting through the floor, you may get to the sewage area below.

Obtaining The Glue Gel

Find the Glue Gel to update your launcher after you have the Gel Launcher:

Step 1- Find the Vent Above

After entering the vent in the Entering the Cell Blocks Zone phase, look to your right for the pump on the wall. When the twisted portion of the pump points to the right, detonate the explosive. A vent will open above you as a result.

To go to the next chamber, crawl through the vent. Use an explosive to rip a hole in the right wall. Many Thugs may be found if you go below.

Once all of the thugs have been eliminated, run and enter the vent on the left. To leave the vent and blowhole, blow through the wall behind you.

Step 2- Grapple, Grapple, Grapple

Grapple to the ledge via the hole you just excavated. Take out the guy that is loitering on this ledge. Turn left after reaching the summit. Below you may observe two thugs. While fending off one of them, glide and kick the other.


Climb to the left side\’s highest point. By jumping to the right, glide over the two spaces and straight into another thug. After you\’ve taken him out, grapple your way up to the platform above you and across the room.

Step 3- Finish Off the Lower Platform

When you grapple across the region, drop down from your perch and land on a lower perch. A little crate with the item inside is in the corner.

As soon as you grapple across the room as a Detective Case, climb up and to the left. Jump and grapple to the next ledge when you get close. Descend to the lowest platform to find the proof.

After grappling across the floor, drop down to the lowest platform and rush to the left. Look around for a ledge after you\’ve reached the enormous chasm. Climb up and leap off. Make a hole in the ceiling over your head.

Step 4- Back To The Same Level

After jumping up through the hole, turn left. Runoff onto a fresh one that has a terminal. To get access to the platforms surrounding you, hack it.

Glide through the flames by running to the right. Unlock the doors and go to the next room. After climbing through the floors, hack the terminal that leads back to the chamber with the pump.

Step 5- Return To The Terminal

Return to the location where all of the doors were opened. Scramble up to a higher ledge after dashing past the terminal. To avoid falling into the flames, jump, and glide between the platforms, moving left and right.

Turn left at the bottom and grasp the ledge in the background. Take out a gangster who has withdrawn himself from the gang by performing a Ledge Takedown.

Step 6- Beware Of The Penguin Cages

Look for any flaws in the left wall. To break through and leap through, use an explosive. Keep a lookout for the Penguin Cage at the end of the corridor as you stroll down it! Penguin Cages may be found directly before the vault core door, which is difficult to miss.

After entering the door, blast through the next wall on the left. The vault core is in the following chamber. Examine the three bolts found around the vault core for explosives, then connect one to each.

Detonate them all at once to open the vault core. You\’ll need to use your Batarang to align the vault parts. After they\’ve all lined up, the core line will become green, and the platform you\’re standing on will turn yellow.

Step 7- Find The Glue Gel Upgrade

Go to the vault core to find a weapon supply. Interact with the table to find a Glue Gel upgrade for your Gel Launcher. Shortly after, the location of the Black Mask will be updated on your map.

Guidelines For Playing Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Like A Pro

All weapons have quickfire enabled. The button combinations, on the other hand, may be perplexing. Start practicing the Explosive Gel & Glue Grenade quickfire using the shortcuts in your Core Controls Reference. Here\’s another option:

Quickfire Explosive Gel

  • 360 – LT + X
  • PS3 – L2 + Square
  • Wii U – LT + Y

Quickfire Glue Grenade

  • 360 – Double-tap RT
  • PS3 – Double-tap R2

Quickfire allows these weapons to be used in melee combat, where they may be fatal.

Frequently Answer Questions

Q1. How do you use explosive gel in Batman Arkham Origins?

  • Xbox 360: LT + X
  • PS3: L2 + Square
  • Wii U: LT + Y

Q2. How to get the line Launcher in Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate?

The Line Launcher can be found in the Administration zone, while the Tightrope upgrade can be found in the hidden access section of the Industrial zone. arkham origins black gate level 2 gel


So, we hope that by now you have got an idea about locating the explosive in Batman Arkham Origins. The steps mentioned above will help you complete the task successfully.

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