Aragami 2: Here’s What Known So Far

Today a new edition of the Gamescom fair started, the most famous video game event on the European continent, and beyond the release of large productions, a Spanish study has captured the attention of thousands of users with the presentation of a sequel long-awaited: Aragami 2.

The Barcelona-based developer Lince Works has announced the return of this title in which we will play the last member of a group of elite warriors, the Aragami.

One hundred years after what happened in the first installment, the objective of this survivor will be to protect the Rashomon Valley, rescue his captive companions and destroy his enemies through the use of stealth and special powers based on the use of shadows.

The great novelty of this installment lies in the implementation of an online cooperative mode that will allow you to play the main story in the company of up to two friends, although it can also be enjoyed entirely alone.


In terms of gameplay, the intention of the studio is to create a new experience and add several new features, while maintaining the essence of its predecessor.

In the gameplaythe combat system of Aragami 2 will have a greater presence of action in melee combat. Of course, we are facing a title in which stealth rules, but in case the protagonist is discovered, the only option will be to fight against several enemies at the same time to survive.

In addition, the controllable character can be improved through three skill trees and up to 42 different powers, and it will be possible to make armor and weaponry with the various materials obtained along the way.

Aragami 2 will be released in 2021 for PlayStation 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC (via Steam).

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