Apex Legends Season 6: How The New Crafting System Works

The new crafting system introduced in Season 6 of Apex Legends makes significant changes to the gameplay of EA\’s battle royale and Respawn Entertainment. Let\’s see how it works.

Apex Legends has seen Rampart\’s arrival, its new playable legend, but season six has also brought an essential crafting system if what we want is to get good loot. This new implementation promises to level the game even more within the Canyon of Kings and End of the World.

How the new crafting system works in Apex Legends in Season 6:

Well, this system is based on collecting a series of materials scattered around different stations or stops. Throughout the map, you will find a series of large capsules that you can open and collect.


Once collected, we will have to access a series of crafting points that are also scattered around the map. In them, we can access new loot in exchange for the materials collected. Available loot and weapons are updated every day, and their content can be viewed on the game\’s home screen.

You can get accessories, grenades, weapons, shields, and more, and you can also improve the Evo-shield, something very useful to progress in the game without having to be looking for confrontation all the time. And this is what Respawn has sought to achieve with this system, favoring that players who do not play excessively aggressively, also have the opportunity to access a better loot during each game.

On the other hand, Apex Legends and its crossover play on consoles will not pair them with those on PC, Respawn claims. In the coming months, we will have Apex\’s release on Nintendo Switch and on Android and iOS devices.

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