Anti Drug Slogans To Save Lives From Drug Abuse

Drug-Free Slogans today needs to get more popular, especially due to the rising deaths caused because of Drug Abuse and the increasing number of children at the age of 12 or even below getting affected by drug abuse. 

Drug-Free Slogans

If you notice, you will find at least 1 out of every 7 people affected by drugs. That\’s all the more reason to wear and show drug-free slogans to save as many lives as possible from drug abuse. Attractive White tooth fairy names

Drug-free slogans are made to create awareness and encourage people mostly teens to choose a drug-free life inspired by the drug-free slogans and the person who is fighting for the cause. 

Drug-Free Slogans
Choose not to be a loser, choose to be Drug-Free.
Be the best you can be,  without the use of cocaine and ecstasy, because unlike what it seems, your life\’s better when it\’s drug-free. 
ABCD… I stay drug-free. 
From lonely to happy. Drug-free is the key. 
Be alert, drugs hurt. The way to drug-free. 
Stay strong,  stay drug-free. 
Be in control, be drug-free. 
We are happy. We are drug-free. 
Our smiles are real, for drug-free is our deal. 
Take a stand for a drug-free land. 
I may have problems but Drug isn\’t one. I can solve them myself as drug-free is the way to be. 
I am free to be me because I am drug-free. 
If Beiber can, then even you can-Be, Drug-free!
Kick away the weak in you and join the drug-free land. 
Choose drug-free and let your brains be.

Saying No To Drugs Slogans

You will find your friends or family members under drug abuse fight with all their might just to prove that drug isn\’t as harmful as other normal things are like our highly carbonated environment and just Small & catchy dwarf names like everyone else is surviving they too will. You may also come across arguments like these drugs are used in medicines for they are healthy and important for health. 

Anti Drug Slogans To Save Lives From Drug Abuse

If so many good qualities are there then why are we looking for saying no to drug slogans?  The reason being first, the state of high means losing sanity, in other words losing mind.

It might initially feel amazing but slowly due to losing mind and changing habits,  most people become extremely lonely. Also, very small amounts of these drugs are used in medications and treatments and that\’s why there are so many restrictions at the medical store. 

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Also, ask them if having medicines for no reason okay for everyone. The point is it\’s never a good idea to argue with a is drug abuse. Because drug-addicted people doesn\’t make sense that much. Under the effects of dopamine, they are transported into a happy zone which is far from reality and that\’s the reason why drugs can also kill. 

Saying No To Drugs Slogans
A user in life is a loser in life. 
Choose cake over coke,  choose to say no to smoke. 
No huff, no puff, just staying away from the stuff. 
The choice is between drugs and everything.
Drugs make you ugly, wobbly and kill you slowly. 
Get rid of drugs or yourself? 
Rather eat bugs than do drugs.
It\’s not a lie,  drugs make your closed ones cry. 
Say No To Drugs or Say Goodbye to yourself. 
Don\’t lose your mind, choose to be drug-free. 

No Drugs Quotes

Every 1 out of 9 Americans die due to drug abuse. Drug addiction has been the cause of death for more number of deaths in the world than any other health disease, which is an alarming fact to awaken you enough so that you start sharing no drugs quotes and help millions of teens understand the reality of it before things happen to the. funny kickball names That Make You Laugh

No Drugs Quotes
Your FRIEND will never ask you to smoke up weed! 
Emotional Stress gets relieved by Hugs not Drugs. 
Choose to be high on grades and not drugs. 
Don\’t let your life go up in smoke. 
Say no to drugs, yes to ice-cream.
Life is too adventurous to waste it on drugs. 
Be high on life not on drugs. 
Say no to drugs to save up and say yes to pizza. 
Say drugs no more.
The more you use,  the less you live. 

Good, Funny Anti Drug Slogans


Drug abuse may give you a lot of happiness at least that\’s what it seems like. But in reality ends up ruining your life by affecting your emotional, cultural and social balance. The age that\’s most affected by Drug Abuse is the teens. 

Kids are easy to influence and especially when they hit their teens. Every teenager goes through problems and insecurities which drugs seem to cure but instead of curing what drug abuse does is, it leads to immunity issues, brain and nervous system damage, liver damage, heart blockage, blood vessel infections, hallucinations, and even death. 

To attract this section of people or drug abused, good, funny anti-drug slogans are created.  So, the slogans are more easily worn by people and more and more people know about this, spread awareness and save lives eventually. Some funny usernames For You

Good, Funny Anti Drug Slogans
Drugs make you retarded, so don\’t get it started. 
Twinkle twinkle little star, smoking that weed won\’t get you far. 
Up with hope or down with dope? +
What\’s your anti-drug
The herb is for use not for abuse. 
Do a good deed and kill the weed. 
Life is short, don\’t make it shorter with drugs. 
The drug cannot ever be the answer to anything.
Drugs – Temporary fun with permanent consequences. 
Life is too precious to be wasted on links. 

Anti Drug Quotes

More than 90 Americans die due to drug overdose daily. Also,  the rise of self-harming, unintentional injuries, violence increase with Drug Addiction and once which started from feeling happy then takes a turn towards substance dependency. Drug abuse is a concern that has hit not just America but the whole world irrespective of age, sex and culture. 

If the awareness does not spread soon and the parents don\’t become careful at the prior stage then very soon the day will arrive when the world will witness mass deaths. But in all of the negativity, there is hope!

The hope is because of the treatment available for drug abuse. The process is long and a lot of persistence and determination are required. Also, some effects of drugs may stay with the person forever, but what\’s the happiest thing is that it\’s still possible to come back to normal life.

The process might prove difficult but with encouragement from loved ones may change the lives of the drug addict forever. Along with Anti Drug Quotes,  what helps is motivation from treated people. Before and after the experience of people who have been under the influence of heavy drugs taken in the form of inhaling, ingesting, injecting.

Testimonials from drug abused people have proven to be a real encouragement for a lot of people along with anti-drug quotes and that\’s one of the biggest reasons why so much money is invested in the marketing of just say no to drugs, year after year.

So that, people realize and learn that Marijuana, Heroin, Tobacco, Cocaine, Caffeine are all forms of drugs. Anything that makes you lose control of yourself is a thing that you should strictly stay away from. 

Anti Drug Quotes
Drugs aren\’t cool,  they make you look like a fool.
Live your dreams or live in dreams.
Life can take you higher than drugs. 
No to drugs, yes to pugs. 
Don\’t just stop at No but say No, Thank You! 
Trash the Stash, or become trash. 
Say no to drugs and yes to life. 
Saying nope to dope. 
I choose to be me instead of being high. 
Be the hero without the heroin. 

Two things that always help: 

  1. Always Trust Your Instincts
  2. Communicate when in trouble


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