375+ Animal Group Names: Create A Wild Identity For Your Team

A World of Whimsy Awaits! Prepare to be dazzled as we journey into a realm where nature showcases its whimsical wonders! Ever pondered over the poetic and playful names that animals enjoy when they\’re together? It\’s not just about a \’group\’ or a \’bunch\’; it\’s an enchanting escapade!

Nature, in all its boundless beauty, has concocted a cocktail of charming names that not only define but also celebrate the very essence of these creatures. 

From frolicking flocks to merry mammals, there\’s a quirky tag for everyone! So, grab your explorer\’s hat and hop onto this delightful rollercoaster, as we unravel the magic behind the names, diving deep into nature\’s jubilant jigsaw of jovial group names. Let the festivities begin! 🌟🐾🎉

Animal Group Names: A Colorful Carnival!


Welcome to the grand gala of animal gatherings, where each name is a festive flare of fun! As the curtain rises, you\’ll be introduced to nature\’s very own ensemble of enigmatic names.

From the furry fields to the feathery skies, every clique has its unique title, designed to delight and dance on your tongue. Ready to revel in the rollicking roster?

Table of Animal Group Names

Pod of DolphinsFlock of BirdsSchool of FishLounge of LizardsSwarm of Bees
Troop of MonkeysParliament of OwlsShoal of FishBask of CrocodilesColony of Ants
Pack of WolvesMurder of CrowsStream of MinnowsBed of SnakesArmy of Grasshoppers
Crash of RhinosBrood of HensQuiver of CobrasKnot of ToadsCloud of Butterflies
Pride of LionsFlight of SwallowsBattery of BarracudasNest of VipersHorde of Locusts
Clowder of CatsExaltation of LarksSchool of AnchoviesDen of SnakesLegion of Crickets
Herd of ElephantsConvocation of EaglesDraft of FishBale of TurtlesCluster of Spiders
Band of GorillasGaggle of GeesePod of WhalesScute of TurtlesMob of Kangaroos
Coalition of CheetahsDescent of WoodpeckersShoal of BassArmy of FrogsArray of Hedgehogs
Mob of MeerkatsHost of SparrowsTroop of DogfishLeap of LeopardsGrumble of Pugs

Prepare to be amazed as you journey deeper into this carnival, unveiling the wonder behind each whimsical name. 🎉🐾🎈

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Merry Mammals: Dance Of The Dynamos

  • Wolf Packs: Imagine a forest rave with wolves howling harmoniously under the moon! Wolves move together, live together, and throw moonlit parties together in what we call a \”pack\”.
  • Monkey Troops/Bands: Swinging from branch to branch, these playful primates sure know how to rock. Whether it\’s the jungles of the Amazon or the savannahs of Africa, when monkeys gather, it\’s always a hit show!
  • Tip: Use playful mnemonics to remember them! For instance, think of \”Wolfpack Warblers\” or \”Monkey Band Beats\”.

Did You Know?: Dolphins, with their giggles and games, gather in a \”pod\”. Quite like the peas, they\’re tight-knit and terrifically together!

CarnivoresPrimatesMarine MammalsHerbivoresSmall Mammals
Pack of WolvesTroop of MonkeysPod of DolphinsHerd of ElephantsColony of Rabbits
Coalition of CheetahsBand of GorillasBloat of HipposParade of GiraffesNest of Mice
Pride of LionsCongress of BaboonsCrash of RhinosDrove of PigsClutter of Spiders
Sleuth of BearsHorde of KangaroosGam of WhalesTeam of HorsesScamper of Squirrels
Clan of HyenasMob of LemursSchool of PorpoisesFlock of CamelsBusiness of Ferrets
Leash of FoxesParty of GibbonsHerd of ManateesObstinacy of BuffaloesSounder of Pigs
Lounge of LizardsWhoop of GorillasGrind of BlackfishBevy of RoebuckDray of Squirrels
Skulk of JackalsFamily of OrangutansPod of OrcasArray of HedgehogsKaleidoscope of Kittens
Streak of TigersGroup of ChimpanzeesClan of CodCrew of GoatsBurrow of Moles
Ambush of TigersTroop of LangursRaft of OttersTribe of GoatsHorde of Hamsters

As you stroll down the table, one can\’t help but imagine these animals in their natural habitats, bustling and prancing around in groups, each with its own peculiar, delightful group name.

The vibrant vernacular of nature sure has a playful side, doesn\’t it? 🐯🐒

Birds: From Sky-High Parties To Ground Gatherings

  • General Flock: Birds of a feather flock together! Be it sparrows, pigeons, or parrots, when these avian artists gather, it\’s always a feathery fest.
  • Parliament of Owls: Why the fancy name, you ask? These wise-winged wonders gather in a fashion that resembles old-time gatherings or \”parliaments\”. Every hoot counts!
  • Tip: Next time you\’re out bird-watching, make it a fun group-name-spotting game! \”I spy with my little eye, a murmuration of starlings!\”
RaptorsSongbirdsWaterbirdsGamebirdsExotic Birds
Parliament of OwlsChoir of CanariesFleet of DucksCovey of QuailFlamboyance of Flamingos
Cast of HawksMurmuration of StarlingsRaft of DucksBevy of PartridgesBouquet of Pheasants
Convocation of EaglesChorus of RobinsSquadron of PelicansGaggle of GeesePandemonium of Parrots
Kettle of VulturesParty of JaysTeam of SwansCackle of ChickensOstentation of Peacocks
Brood of HawksBand of JaysPod of CormorantsPack of GrousePrattle of Parakeets
Flight of FalconsExaltation of LarksBask of CormorantsClutch of ChicksParade of Pigeons
Watch of NightingalesCharm of FinchesStand of FlamingosBrood of HensConspiracy of Ravens
Wake of VulturesDescent of WoodpeckersFlight of GullsMuster of PeacocksSiege of Herons
Boil of HawksGroup of TanagersPlump of WaterfowlFlock of PloversAssembly of Storks
Committee of VulturesCompany of ParrotsTroop of WadersBevy of SwansAerie of Eagles

From the skies to our backyards, these feathery flocks add vibrance to our world. Each gathering is a visual treat and an embodiment of nature\’s penchant for poetic groupings.

So, the next time you gaze up, remember the lively lingo that describes these delightful gatherings. 🦅🎵🦉🦢🦜

Fishy Schools And Colleges


  • Schools of Fish: Dive deep into the oceans and you\’ll find fish in their colossal classrooms. Whether it\’s shimmering sardines or colorful clownfish, they believe in synchronized swimming.

Fact: Fish in a school can change direction in a snap! Talk about coordination goals.

Saltwater FishFreshwater FishPredatory FishReef DwellersDeep Sea Fish
Shoal of AnchoviesSchool of CatfishBattery of BarracudasCluster of ClownfishAbyss of Anglerfish
Pod of PorpoisesDrift of SalmonFrenzy of SharksCollection of Coral fishDescent of Dragonfish
Troop of TunaCompany of CarpTorrent of TunaParty of ParrotfishConstellation of Starfish
Army of SquidBunch of BluegillPack of PiranhasGroup of GroupersGalaxy of Gulper Eels
Host of JackfishShoal of MinnowsSchool of SwordfishCluster of ClamsMystery of Gulper Eels
Platoon of PufferfishStream of TroutShoal of StingraysBazaar of ButterflyfishOrchestra of Octopus
Navy of NeedlefishTeam of TetrasFlight of Flying fishCongregation of CrabsEnsemble of Eels
Swarm of SardinesAssembly of ArapaimaFormation of FishesMuster of MollusksSchool of Squid
Gaze of SeahorsesHorde of HerringLeague of LionfishTrove of TurtlesBand of Blobfish
Crowd of CrayfishPosse of PerchFlight of FishArray of AnemonesBunch of Bioluminescents

This table makes it clear: the underwater world is a bustling place, with every species enjoying its own special soiree.

Whether they\’re in the depths of the abyss or dancing around the reefs, these aquatic assemblies surely know how to put on a show! 🐟🌊🦈

Reptiles And Amusing Amphibians: Sliding And Hopping Hilarities

  • Army of Frogs: Ready, set, leap! When frogs gather, it\’s not just a simple sit-down. They are an army, always alert and agile.
  • Lounge of Lizards: Ever seen lizards lazing around, catching some sun? They\’re not just chilling; they\’re lounging like pros!

Did You Know?: Slow and steady might win the race, but a group of tortoises is amusingly called a \”creep\”. Irony at its best!

Lizards & GeckosSnakesTurtles & TortoisesFrogs & ToadsOther Reptiles & Amphibians
Lounge of LizardsPit of PythonsBale of TurtlesArmy of FrogsBask of Crocodiles
Leap of LeopardsDen of SnakesCreep of TortoisesKnot of ToadsCongregation of Alligators
Scamper of SkinksBed of SnakesNest of TurtlesColony of FrogsFloat of Crocodiles
Horde of GeckosSlither of SnakesDazzle of TortoisesMob of ToadsQuiver of Cobras
Cluster of ChameleonsCoil of RattlesnakesSun of TurtlesClump of FrogsGaze of Iguanas
Group of Gila MonstersNest of VipersGroup of TerrapinsRally of FrogsPile of Pythons
Crowd of ChameleonsPop of CobrasHerd of TurtlesMass of ToadsKnot of Newts
Company of KomodosTwist of AddersBevy of TerrapinsAssembly of FrogsPack of Geckos
Bunch of BasilisksKnot of SnakesPod of TurtlesCluster of FrogsClutter of Chameleons
Lounge of LizardsBundle of BoasArray of TortoisesTroop of ToadsBed of Skinks

This table sheds light on the dynamic and playful world of reptiles and amphibians. Each gathering, whether it\’s a \”Lounge of Lizards\” or an \”Army of Frogs,\” speaks to the character and charm of these creatures.

As we jump, slither, and slide through this list, it\’s a reminder that even cold-blooded critters have their quirks! 🦎🐍

Insects: The Small Squads With Big Names!


  • A swarm of Bees: A buzzing concert in the garden! From the queen bee to the worker bees, when they\’re together, it\’s a symphony of hustle and hum.
  • Colony of Ants: The ultimate team players of the insect world. Always busy, always bustling, ants in a colony are the epitome of teamwork.
Flying InsectsCrawling InsectsSocial InsectsAquatic InsectsOthers
Swarm of BeesArmy of AntsColony of TermitesSwarm of MayfliesGrumble of Grasshoppers
Flight of ButterfliesBed of BedbugsNest of WaspsHorde of Water BeetlesCloud of Gnats
Cluster of MothsTroop of AphidsHive of HoneybeesGroup of Water StridersMob of Mosquitoes
Gaggle of GnatsInfestation of CockroachesSociety of Social SpidersTeam of Water BugsPack of Ladybugs
Horde of HoverfliesRoute of ButterfliesCluster of SpidersStream of StonefliesFlight of Dragonflies
Murmuration of MosquitoesCompany of CaterpillarsGroup of GrasshoppersCrowd of CaddisfliesArray of Aphids
Cloud of MidgesParade of BeetlesUnit of UloboridsSchool of SilverfishCollection of Crickets
Plague of LocustsBand of BugsGuild of Gall MidgesBunch of BackswimmersFlight of Fleas
Squadron of SawfliesPack of Potato BugsCommunity of CockroachesCluster of Water FleasMass of Midges
Congregation of CaddisfliesLine of LiceAssembly of ArmywormsPuddle of PondskatersBatch of Beetles

This table is a testament to the incredible diversity and teamwork exhibited by the insect kingdom.

From the harmonious hum of a \”Swarm of Bees\” to the synchronized movements of a \”Colony of Ants,\” insects prove that even the smallest creatures can have the grandest of gatherings! 🐜🐞🦋

The Whimsical Corner: Lesser-Known Group Names

Dive deeper into the playful pond of peculiar names:

  • Crash of Rhinos: No, they aren\’t always crashing around, but their sheer size and might make them the talk of the savannah!
  • Business of Ferrets: Picture ferrets in tiny suits, carrying mini briefcases. That\’s right when they huddle, it\’s serious…ly cute business!

Fact Table: A delightful table showcasing group names like \”Gaggle of geese\”, \”murder of Crows\”, and \”Kaleidoscope of butterflies\” with fun doodles!

  • Crash of Rhinos
  • Business of Ferrets
  • Gaggle of Geese
  • Murder of Crows
  • Kaleidoscope of Butterflies
  • Unkindness of Ravens
  • Conspiracy of Lemurs
  • Parliament of Owls
  • Cackle of Hyenas
  • Obstinacy of Buffalo
  • Confusion of Guinea Fowl
  • Troop of Kangaroos
  • Pandemonium of Parrots
  • Pod of Whales
  • Mob of Emus
  • Lounge of Lizards
  • Army of Caterpillars
  • Puddle of Platypus
  • Bloat of Hippos
  • Prickle of Porcupines
  • Leash of Greyhounds
  • Grumble of Pugs
  • Clowder of Cats
  • Dazzle of Zebras
  • Glare of Tigers
  • Ambush of Tigers
  • Skulk of Foxes
  • Bevy of Quails
  • Exaltation of Larks
  • Descent of Woodpeckers
  • Murder of Crows
  • Parliament of Owls
  • Convocation of Eagles
  • Charm of Hummingbirds
  • Crash of Hippopotamuses
  • Team of Horses
  • School of Sharks
  • Pod of Dolphins
  • Coalition of Cheetahs
  • Array of Hedge

Group Name Origins: Every Name Has A Tale


Venture into a fairy-tale time where names were born out of tales, myths, and observations:

  • Murder of Crows: Sounds dark? Historically, the collective noun \’murder\’ was used for crows due to the dark tales and myths associated with them. But fret not; they\’re more about cawing than causing chaos!

Bust Those Myths: Laughter, Logic, and Lightbulb Moments!

Time For Some Fun Facts And Reality Checks:

  • \”Murder of Crows\” isn\’t as ominous as it sounds; it\’s just a play on old-world tales.

Did You Know?: Flamingos in a group are called \”flamboyance\”. Aptly named, given their flashy pink feathers and graceful dance!

In Pop Culture: Jigs, Jams, And Jollies


From the Mowgli\’s \”Bandar-log\” (troop of monkeys) in \”The Jungle Book\” to the \”Swarm of Bees\” in \”Winnie the Pooh\”, pop culture has always danced to the tunes of animal group names.

MoviesBooksMusicTV ShowsComics
\”The Jungle Book\”\”Watership Down\”\”The Birds and the Bees\” by Jewel Akens\”Winnie the Pooh\”\”The Far Side\” by Gary Larson
\”Finding Nemo\”\”Animal Farm\”\”Flight of the Bumblebee\” by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov\”Meerkat Manor\”\”Garfield\”
\”The Lion King\”\”Charlotte\’s Web\”\”Blackbird\” by The Beatles\”Pingu\”\”The Far Side\” by Gary Larson
\”Happy Feet\”\”Redwall\”\”I Am the Walrus\” by The Beatles\”The Penguins of Madagascar\”\”Peanuts\”
\”Madagascar\”\”The Wind in the Willows\”\”Blackbird\” by The Beatles\”Octonauts\”\”Donald Duck\”
\”Bambi\”\”The Chronicles of Narnia\”\”The Lark Ascending\” by Ralph Vaughan Williams\”Animal Planet\”\”The Lion King\” (comics)
\”Ratatouille\”\”The Hobbit\”\”Bluebird\” by Paul McCartney\”The Wild Thornberrys\”\”The Incredible Hulk\”
\”Zootopia\”\”The Tale of Peter Rabbit\”\”Free as a Bird\” by The Beatles\”The Crocodile Hunter\”\”Spider-Man\”
\”Kung Fu Panda\”\”The Jungle Book\”\”Surfin\’ Bird\” by The Trashmen\”Beast Wars: Transformers\”\”Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles\”
\”Rio\”\”Winnie the Pooh\”\”The Bird\” by Anderson Paak\”Wild Kratts\”\”X-Men\”
\”Ice Age\”\”The Wind in the Willows\”\”Birds\” by Coldplay\”Peppa Pig\”\”Archie\”

These references not only entertain us but also bring a touch of the fantastical into our everyday lives, reminding us of the joy in language and the beauty of nature\’s nomenclature. 🌟📚🎶📺📷🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why such fancy names?

A: Historically, group names were a mix of observations, tales, and sometimes, plain fun!

Q2: Do all animals have special group names?

A: While many do, some are yet to have their quirky tag. Maybe you can come up with one?

Creative Corner

Turn this learning spree into a crafting joyride! Use colorful cards, doodles, and glitters to make your flashcards of animal group names.

And as we wrap up our joyful journey through the maze of names, remember, that nature always has more surprises up its sleeve. Until next time, keep exploring, keep giggling, and keep wondering! 🌟🐾🌈

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