Among Us: The Way To Get Stacked Kills (The Easy Way)

Stacked kills in AMong Us can support shift the ascribe to away from the Impostor. However, it can be serious to carry out. 

Stacked Kills in Among Us can support shift the target away from the Impostor but can be menacing to put to death. And put to a target on the Impostor too. 

One of the most significant tools Impostors has at their throwing away in Among Us is the capacity to kill crewmates. The only try for an Impostor or team of Impostors to make success the game is to wrecking. It kills until the number of crewmates tournament the number of Impostors. 


A big part of the strategy for Impostors and then is searching for a way to kill crewmates without being seen. If Impostors do not time their kills well so they can easily be trapped by the dead body. Be charged with the crime. 

If fewer people think the allegation that Imposter may be voted off the ship. It ejected into a kind of lava, space, or the stratosphere. 

One way to ignore searching when creating a kill is by functioning a Stack Kill. This occurs at times crewmates are line up or stacked on the summit of them while acting a similar task. Especially if they try to watch this or make effort to fix the act of wrecking. 

At the time when this happens, the Impostor can join the heap. Though they cannot act the task. Also, put to death a kill so crewmates the crime. This is a risky step. However, because it will still brush a pick point on the Imposter’s return since they were in the area. 

If it looks at the profit the outweighs the risks, here’s how to get Stack Kills the easy way in Among Us.