Among Us Becomes Horror Film It Deserves To Be In Fan-Made Trailer

A new fan-made horror trailer highlights some of the scarier aspects of the mental deduction game. It gives fans a terrifying image of what Halloween might hold for prayers. 2018 release has seen a great increase infamous recently. 

Becoming one of the most famous titles of the year credit goes to an unexpected rise in stream high-profile names. The popularity has even led to among us becoming a pop phenomenon with a series of spreading across the web.


Among us has been one of the smashing hits of 2020 that came as a huge surprise to the developer. As the game really launched in 2018. The sudden success has led to the studio canceling plans for the upcoming one. In the place of working on a new release, the developer will instead transfer all the planned content. It features over to the real though it could take some time as the code in Among us was not built to give hand to built support. 

Among us has been a highly famous subject for fan creations over the present day. A fresh example is a fanmade trailer for the game that describes its scarier aspects. Posted to Reddit by G4wy. the Halloween tinged video features a diversity of characters inspired by horror movie villains. 

The first glimpse is far from the only fanmade content focused on Among us. Since the popularity of the game has upcoming, creators have put together a series of great snippets of content. The simple art style of Among us has allowed fans to fast put together everything from interesting dresses to make kill animations featuring scenes from famous films. For instance, Star War & Ghostbusters. This recent horror trailer describes the potential for among us to be more horror.