70+Best Airline Company Names

My friend, Aditya, is now the head of his family airline business. But he was thinking to change his airline business name as the name is too old and not so attractive. So, he was looking for a suitable airline business name that will be catchy, attractive, easy to remember, easy to spell and speak. So, I started searching on the internet and suggested him a few names: Overnight Skies, Budget Airways, Airspace Express, The sustained Escape, and The day Trajectory. Among these names, he liked the name: Overnight Skies and named the business by this name.

The entire trip can be tricky. You can not select any name of your choice in the case of airline business even. The reason is that one has to be considered numerous things at the time of naming an airline business.

The name must get all the turf from the people to your business. Moreover, the name must sound highly professional as it is a high-budget business.

The airline business embraces huge responsibilities. However, the process can be very tedious as well as time-consuming.

Here, we have created a big list of airline name ideas that will give you a hand with your airline business.

Airline Name Generator

Once you have created a list of feasible names then give a thought to the ideas. Keep removing the names that don’t match your business.

Moreover, remove the names having hard to remember, spell or speak aloud. You should keep such names that are proper sounds and communicate your brand values, product, or service to your target clients.

Overnight SkiesAeroflow AmericaAir France Flying
Blue Line ClubGo Flyin’ GroupRepublic Airlines
Budget AirwaysKeloha AirAirline Pride
Luxx AircraftSun City HelicoptersDueling Jets

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Funny Airline Names

Shift AirwaysTKO FlightJetta Away
Luxair USAUnited Star AllianceCheney Airways
Airspace ExpressAir Asia by DiamondsSunwest Airlines
Infinito AerospaceBudget Air FranceClimb aviation

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All Airline Names

Check out some of the points for deciding a name for your airline business.

  • Catchy Names

A catchy name must attract anyone’s attention. An attractive name hits minds in different ways and also, and people can remember it easily. Well, it will gain more number of customers to your company.

If you have already come up with a catchy name then you can take your friends’ opinions.

  • Cool One

You can convert the name into a cool name if you don’t want a highly professional name. Always, keep in mind that an airline business name never wants weird, funny, or cheesy names.

  • Al Names

One can even choose Al for naming your business. Al is a shortened form of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that is identified in the world. Al with the keywords pertinent to the business to make a unique, catchy, easy name for the airline.

IndiGo.AirAsia India.qatar airways
Air India.Vistara.saudia
SpiceJet.Alliance Air.Etihad airways
Go First.TruJet.Air Arabia

What Are Good Names For Airlines?

At the time you are thinking about the airlines make sure to think of the services you will provide. You should ask yourself some questions. Like, what should the business of an airline be?

How should people discern it? Is your business unique from others? Is your business serving some special and unique services?

If anything is from the above category then you can add up that idea to your business name. Such kinds of names can be unique and meaningful in all ways. Also, it will be always successful in the market.

What Are All The Flight Names?

One can go with a tricky idea with a very new name for your airline company. You should think of some of the best keywords that could define your services. Then, misspell it to make it unique.

Sped FlightBlue Sky FlightAllegiant Delta
Aero KingfisherKemal AirlinesSyndrome Skyfaring
AZ SkybirdSigma AirlinesAirline Pride
Elite Air CanadaTranel LtdSky Island Airlines

It is a simple way to make sure that you do not make the name tough. This is a simple way but you do not have to make a difficult name. The name should be simple to speak.

International Airlines In India

Many businesses are named with their locations. However, using the location for airline business is highly important. If we check many airlines are named with their location. It is very significant as it tells people where you are situated.

Emirates AirlinesQatar AirwaysLufthansa Airlines
Air Arabia AirlinesEtihad AirwaysAir France
Thai AirwaysBritish AirwaysSingapore Airlines
Swiss International AirlinesCathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (CPA)Aero Canada

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Fake Airline Names

Peak AirlinesShanghai AirlinesAircraft Service
ConAerospaceKLM BudgetThe Ultimate Jet
Hudson StarFirst Choice AirFleetliner
First Choice JetKibo ExpressAero Zebra

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Airline Names Ideas

You should get feedback on your business name is beneficial. Asking your friends and well-wishers’ opinions on your business name helps to understand how the general public will see your business.

Everyone just likes the name and sees it with the criteria you are looking at in your business name.

AeroflyAero CanadaCJ FlybridgeSun Airways
Vegas JetLiberty ContinentalBlue Horizon CharterAir India Limited
All Nighters TravelTower AviationAward BustersAir Canada Airline
Air France FlyingYogi AirlinesKSA SkyDawnAir

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List Of Airlines In India

Now, you have finalized the desired name. The next step is to check the availability. Make sure that the name should not already be taken by someone.

The name of another company should not be taken by anyone. So it is important to find a unique name and check the availability.

United Flight CenterAble Flight ServiceAir TogoAeroplane budget
Blue Sky FlightAirspace ExpressEnterprise AviationLufthansa Airlines
Kemal AirlinesAero flySkye AirlinesBeehive Airways

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New Airline Names

Using acronyms for your business name is a simple way to come up with fast, short, and memorable names. By using acronyms of the first letters of your name, your business name, your company’s services, or anything else.


You can think of some of the names and use acronyms for that words. This is a good way if someone wants to really make a unique name. Look out for some of the name ideas that are given below.

All-Nu Sky.Airspace Escapes.Peak Pilots.
Fletchers Aircraft.Escort Jets USA.Sky Zone Jet Service.
Admire Wings.Airscape Systems.Valued Air Service.
AirTransat Calgary.FIT Airways.Allegiant Air Group.

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Fancy Airline Names

You can choose a fancy airline idea but try to use the combination for that idea. As we have told earlier that airline companies and business is a highly professional businesses.

Moreover, once you have marketed the name of your business and then you can not change it. If you change the name of your business after some time then it will give a bad impression of your business.

So it is always better to try all the finalized names, get feedback from your friends, check availability for the name in the market, and then utilize the name. Sometimes many trendy names do not always sound for long periods of time.

Vegas Valley AirJetBlue BudgetAeroflow Away
Aero Mexico AirJaxAir ScottsdaleSkyway Group
Aero CanadaLiberty ContinentalAerofly Airways

Best Airline Names

Sun Run AirlinesGlobal GradeMarineguard techRunway Gesture
KLM Flying ClubAirfare DealPeak Airways.Aero Force One
Safe SkiesJet TeamTravel NavigatorAir Innovations
Flight ChoiceAir ClickSpark Airways.Airway Moment


Lastly, any name is a very pivotal part of your Airline business. It can be a success or failure point for the business you are creating.

Therefore, it is very crucial to name the airline business perfectly. It is good to find a name that is classy and at the same time memorable. Names with such traits will be in demand always.

We wish that by following the tips and ideas in our article you could come up with your desired business name.

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