Age of Decadence Console Commands

Console Commands are something a GAMER always desires off to experience the best Gameplay. It\’s quite hectic to collect different Age of Decadence commands and gaming tricks from distinct websites. 

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The Age of Decadence is the most popular role-playing video game supported in all Microsoft Windows and developer Iron Tower Studio confirms this game to led by the pseudonymous \”Vince D. Weller\”. 

If you are new to the gaming era then we bet that after going through our read you will be standing out with some phenomenal edges of this game.

For this age of decadence, console commands can clear your ways. Also, this can be opened in the game with just a simple method of input that\’s the grave key. 

Once you get familiar with these commands you can even break the game keeping your mind with the technicality.

But before moving ahead to these Console Commands Let us ASK YOU FIRST- Do you like Massive Power In A Gameplay? If YES then have a look at some amazing- 

Age Of Decadence Power Armor


This Power Armor is listed among the best and finest pre-war Armors of the game. You will surely like its appearance fashioned from tempered blue steel. 

More to this the Armor comes with real raw power and harnessed not even in the same plane but from the other planes.

How does It work? 

The Armor pulls out its inbuilt abilities and creates a protective shield that helps you with restricting the powerful incoming blows. 

How To Acquire This? 

Well, this is something challenging because you can only acquire this armor in the Ganezzar. Not Finished! After you accept the offered quest in the Merchants Plaza.

Modes In The Power Armor- 

You will be surprised to know that this Power Armor with a total of three different modes named Anubis, Apis, and Horus. And to work effectively these all Armor needs at least one pre-installed power module. 

Now, you must be looking for- How To Change The Modules? It\’s quite simple. To change the modules of the Power Armor with just a few simple steps. 

  • Step 1. First right click on the gauntlet option that you notice at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Step 2. After clicking on the gauntlet, you will notice your armor is activated. The next thing you have to do is to select the mode. 

Note-  As per your requirement,  you can adjust the strength requirement of the Armor\’s mode Apis, Horus, and Anubis. This was all about the Power Armor available in Age Of Decadence Endings. Now, have a look on- 

What is the different Age of Decadence Endings?


Age Of Decadence is limited to just one end but has many different endings. To make you clear about these endings we have listed them out below- 

  • First of all, it\’s the No one reigns endings which says you are not supposed to open the sarcophagus and leave in case you flee in the ziggurat. 

What\’s the Achievement? The achievement you will receive in this ending is the sleeping dogs.

  • The next ending you can achieve by blowing up the entire region or via combat in case you are successful in killing Agatoth. The main achievement in this ending is a godless world.
  • In the Adidas reigns, the final endings say that Agathoth can be aroused. After this Adidas can be convinced later to serve as his servant. 
  • Moreover, in the popular NPC reign, it\’s been said that all the achievements unlocked so far are Novus Ordo Seclorum.
  • Similarly, just like the Adidas reign in the serenas reign, the Anathoth is awakened. And after this, you can convince serenas to act as his servant. Further in the Meru reign, Meru can be convinced to act as the servant.

All Over? No. There are many other endings also available if you swim across the web. For more edging update you can check out THIS VIDEO.

Now, let us make your gameplay more easy and interesting using- 

Age Of Decadence Cheats-

You must be knowing how CHEATS help us in experiencing the best. They allow us to access everything which you can only achieve after long term gaming.

How To Apply These CHEATS? To apply these console commands in Age Of Decadence just press the “~” button. 

Now you know how to apply these cheats, so have a look at some popular cheat codes that can use are- 

  • dlgAddItem- To Add Up the quantity of a particular item. 
  • dlgAddRank- To Alter the rank range. It may vary from 0 to 58 only.
  • dlgAddSkillPoints (x)- It\’s used to add all general skill points as per the need. 
  • dlgChangeCharacyerHP (x)-  This cheat can add negative or positive value that will eventually increase or decrease the HP.
  • dlgChangeMaxHP (x)- It\’s used to change the assigned positive or negative value. 
  • dlgChangeRep (rep,x)- This is a reputation cheat that is used to change the body count, or the honor, etc.
  • dlgChangeSkill (skill name,x)- You can use this cheat to change your skill value. 

This isn\’t limited here, there are plenty of   Age Of Decadence CHEATS available on various game community forums. 

Want to Know More About This Game? Great! As we promised we have Everything about Age of Decadence. 

So, Here\’s the Complete- 

Age of Decadence Guide


If you start exploring the world of Age of Decadence you will find no other can beat it in terms of RPG. Which is all about the post-apocalyptic, the Romans in sci-fi.  

We expect a quick guide will give you a clear rundown to all the basics of this game. 

Yes, it\’s pretty clear that we won\’t be giving the complete character builds but ensure you to give some best tips related to stats, skills, general gameplay and combat.  So, keep scrolling and make this  time productive with learning everything that you know about the game.

The very first thing that as a beginner you should do is to be fearless while making a new character in Age of Decadence. It\’s a relatively short game if you compare it from other alternative games per-playthrough. 

But on the other hands have massive things to do throughout the gameplay to make it a game full of choices.

A Pro Tip- Don\’t rely on your made character\’s excessively hard time, try your best to upgrade it for a better version with the knowledge you gained while building it. 

Keep in mind that Age of Decadence can\’t be said to be a game where you can hold your hand. And it\’s advised to follow the very famous Dwarf Fortress adage of \”Losing is fun\” during your starting phase.

Still, find this is not sufficient? No Problem! Check This Video Out.  

Now, let us ask you- When To Start A Cheat Engine? Don\’t Know? No Worries. We can help you here with explaining everything about- 

Cheat Engine Age of Decadence

To start the cheat engine, you can simply move ahead with character creation and after this very important set all the starts to 4. 

Now comes the next step where you have to search and look for the exact value. Then moving ahead with the step, go back to Aod and this time search for the increased value. 

Note- You must repeat the steps continuously to narrow it down gradually. 

That\’s It! Do you know- 

What Are Age Of Decadence Power Tubes?  


If Not, then we can help you out here. Power Tubes are small shaped glass tubes and are encased in a very strong metal framework. From the outer appearance, it looks very warm (bright red) and constantly tiring in a liquid fire that simply warns \”I CAN BURN YOU.\”

Note- All Power Modules are amazing with their specific ability and also used in many different games. These games include the power armor, Ghost hand, and The bolter crossbow.

Final Words-

Presently, the Age of decadence is now heeding among the most popular role-playing games. We are sure that this read must have helped you out with almost everything that you should as a gamer. 

Come back soon we keep on updating our read with new cheat codes and Commands from different game communities. 

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