Affinity Foundation Remembers That Pets Are Not A Toy

A small puppy or kitten are beautiful creatures and they fall in love with a large That Pets Are Not A Toynumber of people all over the world.

It is impossible to deny it, with the arrival of the end of the year parties, the moment comes to think about those present for our friends or family and there are still many people who think about giving a pet.

But what today seems like a unique gift can become an inconvenience for both the pet and the person who receives it.

Because it is important to mention that: \” ANIMALS ARE NOT A TOY \”, nor an item that is bought and sold or thrown away when one gets bored.

NO!!. A dog or cat, just like people, has a big heart and feelings. (Although it is difficult for many to understand this message).

Starting from this thought, the new Christmas campaign of the Affinity Foundation #NoSonUnJuguete, affirms that a living being should never be a gift as if it were an article and that it has the plan to raise general awareness at this time about the negative consequences that you can bring the pet gift.

There are beautiful animals

According to a study carried out by the Affinity Foundation, it is estimated that 40 percent of the pets that arrive at homes in Spain are in the form of “gifts”.

Because of these scandalous numbers, the Foundation has in mind to raise awareness and reflect before making the decision to share your life with a pet and not end up abandoning them.

To visualize this message, the Affinity Foundation has achieved an excellent story where it shows in a friendly and close tone the positive and negative it means to share life with a dog or cat. The weight that\’s not all:

 time would lead to reflection for those people who may be thinking of a puppy as a Christmas gift. Living with a dog or a cat is such an important decision that no one else can make it for oneself ”.

It is also known that \”visual shock\” plays an elementary role at the time of the choice of the animal, and it is that 34 percent of residents in Spain say that they were carried away by emotional or visual aspects instantly in the choice of the animal. pet .

In the case of the smallest, although 98 percent of children understand that dogs or cats are not toys, half of them admit that they asked for a pet

There are beautiful animals

What is the cause for children to ask for a gift pet? According to the II Scientific Analysis of the Affinity Foundation, which studies the links between people and pets, for 1 in 2 children the animal represents, after its parents, a primary emotional link is sad or fearful situations.

In turn, 60 percent of the youngest relate to dogs and cats as friends of activities, which is why 80 percent of children put video games aside to play.

If after reading the entire post, you have thought about the subject seriously and are convinced of having a pet at home, it is good advice that they go to animal shelters or shelters.

There are beautiful animals that are waiting for a place in your home. From puppies or tiny breed dogs, which have been abandoned.

And you? Do you have a pet at home?

I hope the new Affinity Foundation campaign is of general interest.

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