A Way of Progress that DHgate use

Congrats on the successful closure of the Women in Business Action Council Side Event: Accelerating Inclusion of Women MSMEs in the Global Economy! The exciting speeches and inspiring dialogs were shared to achieve the equal participation of women in the global economy, and policy actions around the themes of #womenempowerment, women’s digital and leadership capabilities, and the promotion of safe and equitable workplaces have been widely agreed among the attendees from G20 member countries. Together, we hope to play our role to accelerate the future of the global economy by supporting women-led small and medium enterprises with continuous commitment.

DHgate Unveils Brand New MyyShop to Make Social Power Boost Business!   #DHgate announces the repositioning of MyyShop as a one-stop social commerce SaaS platform to spearhead the booming trends of Generation Z and changing scenario of decentralized online shopping, enabling everyone in global trade by tremendously lowering the barrier of cross-border e-commerce business operation with a comprehensive range of digital solutions.   A new logo, a global brand slogan — \” Social Power Boosts Business \”, and a brand new website were created to convey its \”youthful, distinctive, credible, and appealing\” image and its pathfinder and the pioneer spirit.   \”To date, everyone is both a consumer and a seller, everyone can \”connect\” directly to the producer. Whether they are merchants, social influencers, content creators, micro traders, or individual business owners, myyShop aims to help people turn social power into good business in every step in the cross-border e-commerce business.\” said Diane Wang, Founder, Chairperson, and CEO of DHgate.

2022 #BRICS Women\’s Leadership Forum has been concluded in Beijing on May 31. This year, 15 candidates were granted the Mulan Award and the Special Contribution Award to another 5 candidates in recognition for their efforts in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic.   During the forum, Diane Wang, Member of China Chapter of BRICS WBA, Founder, Chairperson & CEO of DHgate Group, attended the panel discussion themed on Differences Make Her Remarkable.   “Working in the digital trade business, we observed the relationship between the production and consumption in the global trade as well as the retail chain is being reshaped in the rising social commerce era. In the social commerce era, digital skills are opening more possibilities for women in e-commerce and other business fields.” said Diane Wang during a panel discussion on the importance for women to grasp digital skills and tools in society.   The 2022 BRICS Women Innovation #Contest was first proposed at the BRICS Summit in November 2020 by the Chinese State Leader and received comprehensive support from all BRICS leaders. DHgate has been supportive in facilitating both the first and now the second contest and driving numerous other relevant initiatives to help women recognize their potential and power within their careers.