Ultimate Guide To A Nose For News Lost Ark

A Nose For News lost ark represents a chain quest that you can get in the late game. Users can complete the game after hitting Level 50. If you want to start the quest, you must talk to two NPCs— The Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman and Reporter Mathias. 

You can get each of these in the Origins of Stern headquarters in the Argentine region. When you talk to them, you will get the opportunity to learn about the technologist. Ensure that you are investigating the suspicious case to make headlines in the news.

If you want to trigger the lost ark a Nose for News Quest, follow these steps. 

Step 1: 

Your first job is to talk to the Hoyte News Editor-in-Chief Phillan Kaiman in Origins of Stern, which is Arthetine\’s capital. 

Step 2:

Then, you should meet with Reporter Mathias and investigate the Technologist. Hence, you should choose the \”Of course!\” option.

Step 3: 

Move to the Nebelhorn Lab in Nebelhorn, where you can meet Lab Director Yulia. 

Step 4:

Navigate to the three red markers on the map at the North portion of Nebelhorn to investigate the places.

Step 5: 

 You can follow anomalies traces using the lost ark a nose for news magick flow detector. Thus, you are capable of revealing the presence of any suspicious thing. 

Step 6: 

Navigate to the North portion of Nebelhorn. 

Step 7:

You can see the suspicious presence revealing itself as a Suspicious Tech Branch Employee when you do all correctly. 

Step 8: 

Report what you have got by returning to the Lab Director Yulia in Nebelhorn Lab.

Step 9: 

You should use the Communicator in the Lab to call Reporter Mathias.

Step 10: 

Finally, return to Origins of Stern to end the \”A Nose for News\” Quest. Then, talk to Sasha in the Town Hall\’s north side. 

How to Complete A Nose for News in Lost Ark


If you want to complete a nose for news lost ark, check the entire article. Once you accept the quest, go to the Bebelhorn region to investigate more. After reaching Nebelhorn, head toward Lab Director Yulia to speak in the Nebelhorn Lab so that you can start the investigation. 

She tells you about a few abnormal measurements in the Nebelhorn Oasis. Besides, she requests you to take new measurements to confirm, but you should search for three spots on the North side of Nebelhorn. Then, you should take new measurements. 

Then, you need to go to the map\’s north portion to scan bone piles near the Cacti with the magic flow detector. Continue doing this until you see a pop-up appearing—\”Follow the suspicious presence.\” You will be directed to the second pile of bones and repeat the process until \”the suspicious presence\” appears, leading to a nearby waterfall. After reaching, you should scan the waterfall to reveal the suspicious presence.

You need to talk to the person to interrogate him using the Threaten emote. He says about his misdeeds, and it is possible to return with the needed information. Return to Nebelhorn Lab to talk to Yulia again. Then, talk to the Communicator in the Lab so that you can talk to Mathias using this. Return to the Origins of Stern to talk to Shasha in the Town Hall\’s north portion. Thus, you can complete the \”Nose for News\” quest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where to turn in the masterpiece lost ark?
Ans. Users may get these collectible items in Lost Ark. When you collect a Masterpiece, it is possible to take this to Sunflower Island & thereafter, you need to trade this with the NPC, Alfons Venice. 

You need to provide him with Masterpieces to get some handsome rewards. Soul of Sunflowers Island, 4 Philanthropist\’s Caskets, Rune Val, Potions, and so on-  are the names of a few rewards. It is possible to get 52 Masterpieces in total in the game.

Q2. How to complete A Little Lively Music quest in Lost Ark?
Ans. Users need the quest for the Legend of the Pianist achievement. Firstly, to begin the process, you should talk to Antonia in the music school in Arcadia. After that, you will get one music sheet from her for learning. Once you learn the piece, you should go back to her to perform it. At last, you should talk to Giorgio to end the quest. He wants help in looking for a few lost musical pieces.

He sends you an invitation that you need to accept to carry on the adventures. There are three available choices: piano, violin, or cello, and you should select any one of these. You need to read the entire tutorial if needed. Tap on Continue, available at the display\’s bottom right corner.


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