A Complete Beginners Guide to Dominating at Rust

The world of gaming is very diverse. There are so many different genres of games out there. And thousands of games within those genres. But despite the huge variety of game types that developers could make, companies do tend to produce whatever is most popular at the given time. 

When Halo came onto the scene, many companies started to produce their own sci-fi shooters. World Of Warcraft inspired a huge number of MMORPG clones. And the DayZ mod for ARMA 2 kick started the survival shooter genre\’s rise to fame back in 2013. It didn’t take long for companies to start producing their own survival shooters to challenge the popularity of DayZ. Which is why we now have Rust.

 Rust was released in 2018 to much acclaim. It had all the hallmarks that made DayZ so popular. Crafting, scavenging, survival mechanics, and heavy emphasis on PvP. The main difference is that Rust does not feature zombies. Players still have to deal with hostile wildlife, but the game is more focused on presenting other players as a threat.

Rust is incredibly fun. But since it has been out for a while now it can be difficult for newer players to stay competitive. Which is why we’ve created this beginners guide to dominating at Rust.

Getting The Essentials

When you start up in a game of Rust you will have little to nothing in your inventory. There are a few essential things you need to find ASAP if you want to stand any chance of surviving. The first is wood. This is the most common resource and is needed to create a lot of your initial tools and a simple base to keep yourself safe with.

Next you will need a sleeping bag. This is arguably more important than gathering wood. In Rust, sleeping sets a new spawn point. Otherwise, when you die, you start right back at the beach. Having a sleeping bag on you will allow you to set your spawn point wherever you like.

Learn To Fight

Rust is a kill or be killed world. You can avoid combat for a while. But eventually you will come face to face with other players. They will want to get their hands on all your hard earned loot. So to dominate at Rust you need to become familiar, and adept at combat.

Rust has a large variety of melee and ranged weapons to choose from. Ranged weapons are always preferable. There are two ways to acquire weapons. You can craft them or you can find them in loot crates around the map. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always hunt down some other players and steal their weapons.

We recommend launching a private server with some of your friends and getting some combat practice in. Make sure you work on your aim and environmental awareness. Danger lurks around every corner in Rust. So you need to keep your eyes and ears focused. If you struggle with environmental awareness you can always get ESP for Rust with these cheats. Just make sure you don’t use them on a public server or you run the risk of getting banned.

Solidify Your Defenses

Base building is a huge part of Rust. You need somewhere to keep all your loot and supplies. And you need to make sure all of your loot is safe while you go out hunting or exploring. Which is why you need good defenses. 

Rust has a number of traps and fortifications for you to build. Everything from massive walls to intricate traps and turrets. A good idea is to try to turn your base into a maze of sorts. Hide all your resources down a winding path that is riddled with traps. 

One thing you also need to take into account is decay. In Rust all buildings will slowly start to wither and break. You need to constantly repair them. A lot of beginners don’t realize this and their bases fall apart while they are away. Which is an open invite for looters. So you need to keep a good supply of building resources.

This guide is only a brief introduction to the world of Rust. The best advice we can give you is this. Prepare for failure. But never lose hope. Try new things. Go outside of your comfort zone. And before long you will be dominating at Rust.


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