7 Tips for Making Your Home More Presentable

Being holed up in our homes because of the pandemic is not a joke. Amid the uncertainty of what will become outside comes the anxiety of how long we are going to stay in this state. We are left staying in our homes and as a result, some of us have just noticed a thing or two about the spaces we have all enjoyed. Staying in our homes and craving space and the world outside might leave our mental health at stake. So right now, we should do everything we can to ease this. One thing that can help is to declutter our homes. We can redesign it into something that is more relaxing and homey. So in this article, we give you a few tips for making your home less suffocating:

1.      Invest in your garden

We may be advised to stay at home, but that does not mean we cannot go to our yard, within our properties. If you do not have a garden or a deck, this might be the right time to invest in one, so you can have a safe space where you can have fresh air or space where you can enjoy coffee in the morning. Today, there are beautiful pergola kits that you can install. These are wonderfully looking open roofs that are great for setting up seatings for your garden. You can also install a pergola with a canopy for added drama. There are lots of pergola ideas that can suit your preferences.

Where to buy pergola kits?

Surely, you can find pergola kits at big gardening stores. You can also find inspiration online and seek a contractor to do it for you. You can also check out online shops that offer ready-made pergola kits, like storables.com.

2.      Sprinkle a few flowers

There is no reason you cannot keep flowers or flowering plants in your home or in your garden. Flowering plants help in making your home look more vibrant. Add color to your home with flowers to break up the greenness in your garden. It is also great for adding variety, focal points, and contrast. If you cannot plant flowers, there are also herbs and vegetables that produce beautiful flowers like chives, dill, thyme, and more.

3.      Let the sunshine in

Natural lighting will help you big time if you feel that your home is getting a bit suffocating and dull. The key here is to have large windows which naturally lights up your entire space. Having natural lighting in your home makes your space look bigger and even more open. Inviting natural lighting can make your indoors look fresher and more aesthetically appealing.

4.      Get rid of weeds

Controlling your garden by getting rid of weeds can make your house look homier and more spacious. Before they go to seed, you must remove your weeds so they would not compete with your plants and herbs for nutrients. To stop weeds from setting seeds, setting up a beautiful and practical mulch will help. Besides, not removing the weeds in your garden will make your house look abandoned and dull.

5.      Choose a bright color for your ceiling

To make your interior pop and look vibrant, paint your ceiling with a bright color. Painting your ceiling with a bright color will make people look upward. This will create the illusion of having a higher ceiling. Well, if you are thinking twice about this, there are lots of bright colors that will not make your house look absurd, like green or peach, perhaps?

6.      Have a theme for your plants

For greater impact and aesthetic appeal, group your plants with the same flower color or foliage as they call it. You may think that this is a difficult thing to do that involves the work of a professional, but it is really easy. You just have to stand back and scan your garden to look at the colors. This way, you would know what you should move and how to group them. You can put a punnet with several flowers of the same color in a bigger pot for mass planting. This will have a nicer effect than just adding a single plant.

7.      Install mirrors

One of the best tricks designers use to make small spaces look bigger is adding mirrors. This way, you will feel less claustrophobic.

Have fun decorating

Now that you know some tips for making your home more presentable, you can now have fun and imbibe your personal preferences to how you can revamp your home into something that lets you breathe and feel more relaxed. If you are looking for furniture pieces that you can add for this purpose, you can check out storables.com. We hope this article helps you out!