6 ways to get inspired to write today

Writing requires a lot of consistency but sometimes it can be difficult to stay in a routine. If you are someone who has been feeling demotivated about writing, then you should know it is something that everyone goes through.

Being creative can be difficult because there are only so many new things you can think of, and it is only inevitable that you hit a wall at some point.

The last thing you want to do is compare yourself to other writers. Chances are they are also struggling with the same thing you are going through.

However, I have some good news for you. There are ways you can inspire yourself to write again, and these things are super simple to apply in your daily life.

If you are someone who is looking for inspiration to begin writing, here are 15 ways you can get inspired to write today:

1.  Start Journaling

This may be very cliched advice, but hear me out. You don’t need to pour out your heart and feelings into your diary or journal.

By keeping a journal, you can start small and build your way up. There are many journals prompts out there that you can use to converse with yourself through your writing.

These prompts will give you some incentive to pick up a pen and begin to write. It doesn’t matter if the journal prompts are not related to the things, you usually write about.

The idea with journal prompts is that they push you to write and, in the process, you might find yourself feeling inspired.

2.  Network with other writers

Networking is super important in this day and age and it can also be incredibly helpful if you are feeling uninspired about writing. Connect with some journalists and writers on Twitter, and ask them how they deal with writer blocks. There is a very good chance will get a Tweet back.

3.  Don’t try to become a great writer

You will be setting yourself for failure if you are trying to achieve what some of your favourite writers have done. Just focus on doing what you can do even if it is simple.

4.  Answer questions on Reddit

Reddit is a great place to find inspiration. There are hundreds of great writing related subreddits that you might find interesting. In fact, they don\’t even have to be writing related, you can simply find a subreddit for any topic you are interested in and provide your 2 cents on it.

  • Have small goals

In order to be an essay creator or a writing enthusiast, you can be successful with small goals. Start with writing one paragraph everyday, and you will realize that it takes the pressure of finishing something in the very same day.

  • Change up your scenery

Go to a local cafe, or take your journal to a park. Sometimes changing up your location can be incredibly helpful because you can find inspiration from the things and people around you.