6 Tips To Help You Become Better At Playing Runescape

When playing games, it\’s usually helpful to have some pointers that will help you enjoy and master the game. You must use methods and suggestions uncovered by others to prevent falling behind. We\’ll go over a couple of them briefly here so you can jump back into the Runescape game with a clear head.

Interface Customization

Runescape has a sophisticated user interface. You have a lot of customization possibilities, but having so many options and personalized abilities might be overwhelming for a novice player, so we recommend spending at least 15 to 20 minutes studying the interface options. Most of the interfaces, like the Runescape interface, can be repositioned, resized, and moved around, and for these smaller interfaces, there are areas where you can set a timer so that you don\’t forget your favorite daily or weekly activity in-game. 

If you\’re not familiar with them, they\’re termed D and DS distractions and diversions, and you can complete them every day, week, or month, with the good ones usually providing an experience benefit.

Financial Tip

If you\’re a newbie player who can barely make money in this game or someone who makes money extremely slowly, we strongly advise you to purchase a membership with real money. Instead, unless it\’s not an option, buy membership with bonds. While this is a convenient way to save money in real life, it may also be a bothersome or stressful experience if you\’re trying to recoup the money you spent on the bond within the first 14 days of membership. For those who are unfamiliar with bonds, they are an item that you can purchase with real money and then sell for RuneScape coins. 

What we meant by buying bonds was that if you\’re in a position to buy bonds with Runescape GP and you\’re able to do it substantively, it could be a good idea to do so, but as a new player, we strongly advise against it. If you\’re 10 to 20 million off one of your favorite weapons or a gear upgrade and you truly want it and can\’t wait any longer, you could find an affordable way to buy Runescape currency online. Try to be careful when dealing with these transactions; if you are a minor, you should ask your parents or someone that understands what could be problematic to give you a hand. 


The lodestone system in Runescape is a tip that will be very valuable to newer players. Lodestones can be discovered in each town in Runescape, and all you have to do to activate them is walk towards them and click on them. After you\’ve completed this, you can use this lodestone an endless number of times to teleport to this location, which is significantly faster than walking. 

You can also get a lot of other useful teleportation items by buying them on the grand exchange or chaining them together through a quest. The lodestone system is undoubtedly one of the nicest aspects of Runescape, and we strongly advise you to unlock the majority of lodestones as soon as possible after creating your account.

Do Quests

Quests are necessary for your Runescape account, and if you\’re interested in the story, they may be a lot of fun. Even if you despise them, you must complete them since they are necessary for your Runescape account and can benefit you in a variety of ways. For example, they can unlock new areas, bosses, and monsters. They can gain access to unique prayers, curses, and a variety of other beneficial goods. 

Quests are wonderful since they provide you so much experience and talents early on that you\’re better off performing them than training the skills because you\’ll have to do them anyhow if you want stuff like elf City or curses.

You Need to Be Committed

You might think of Runescape as a casual MMO that\’s easy to get into, but that\’s incorrect; Runescape is a game that requires a lot of commitment. We\’re not saying you have to play for 12 hours a day, but many aspects of the game, like higher-tier ppm bossing and combat, will take a long time to master. 

You should always play this game at your own pace, but you must understand that while Runescape is undoubtedly one of the most massive games out there, if you\’re just interested in the lore of the game, you can easily jump into it right away without having to grind too much.


Set Small Goals

Make tiny objectives for yourself. Don\’t start into this game thinking you have to achieve particular objectives right immediately, which will take you hundreds of hours. Set a few simple goals for yourself and progress from there. In the middle of finishing the game, however, instead of setting the goals, you should establish some minor goals for yourself because Runescape is one of those games where you get to choose your own path. 

Do not blindly follow someone else\’s lead. The reason we included this point is that if you make yourself goals that are far too ambitious or far-fetched, you will burn out far faster than if you set yourself small goals.

It takes some time to get into any game, and Runescape has a lot to offer that will appeal to most gamers. Hopefully, our suggestions will assist you in having a fun time playing this game.