6 Most Underrated Student Business Ideas

Living on tight budgets, many students are in a constant search for side hustles and other opportunities to make more money for a living. The biggest catch here is that most jobs are too hard to combine with studies. But not a small business!

Starting your own small venture is now easier than ever. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and, most importantly, choosing this option over a traditional job will let you be your own boss and make good money without giving up on college. So here are very good underrated ideas that you can use for a student business!

Freelance Writing

Of course, we know that most students hate writing. This is due to the huge load of essays and other academic papers they have to deal with from day to day. In fact, many young people even seek professionals with a request to “write papers for me” and get rid of boring writing without harming their overall performance. However, have you ever thought that writing can actually be fun and profitable?

Today, there is a huge demand for digital content across all industries and niches. Companies are willing to pay a lot for high-quality sales copy that drives traffic and revenue. And you can use this demand to build your own enterprise. You can launch your own content agency and offer freelance writing services to students, bloggers, companies, etc. The best part is that this venture will let you have a flexible schedule, work from anywhere, and combine this with your studies.

Gig Work

Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and many others have been around for a while. They have long been considered one of the opportunities for people looking for side hustles. However, not many realize that these platforms can also kick-start a small student business.

You can hop on one of such platforms as a freelancer and start building your network of clients. After some time, you can turn your profile into an agency that provides certain services and hire other students to grow. Although this will take some time, gig work is still there, and, most importantly, it’s easy to combine with college, so it’s deservedly one of the most underrated opportunities out there.

Amazon Selling

The retail business has many perks. First of all, it doesn’t necessarily require specific experience, skills, or large investments at the beginning. Today, there are plenty of platforms that make it easy to start, even for a beginner. And Amazon is surefire the most common yet still underrated platform for this purpose.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs disregard Amazon at the beginning because it’s too competitive or cliche. However, with its Amazon Fulfillment program, this platform is one of the best places to get on the right track. Basically, Amazon will take care of pick up, packing, and delivery of your orders (even beyond your country), and all you have to do is to find the right products and put them on sale. A perfect option for busy students.

Virtual Assistance

When people think about potential business opportunities, they tend to complicate things too much. They start seeking innovative ideas and try to come up with something never seen before. However, in many cases, the best solutions are quite obvious. As a college student, you can easily start a virtual assistance venture and start making money right away with no investment.

Virtual assistants are in demand among entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to delegate simple everyday tasks to someone. Basically, to get started, all you need is a number of soft skills, which you either already have or can acquire very quickly.

Online Recruitment

This is another underrated idea for a small student business. These days, more and more companies delegate the initial stages of the recruitment process to external professionals. Basically, the core task is to place job listings, filter out candidates based on the customer’s requirements, and then connect the right people to the right companies.

Starting a venture like this is easy and rather quick. All you need is to get the first customer. After this, you will be able to work remotely and make good money for a rather simple job. And the best part is that a job like this won’t require too much of your time, which makes it a great option while you are in college.


Similar to freelance writing or Amazon selling, tutoring is one of those cliche business ideas for students. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it as an opportunity. The big perk of tutoring is that it can be done both offline and online, giving you a chance to build your schedule in the most convenient way. Besides, it is rather flexible and can pay well.

In order to start a venture like this, you need to have a skill, ability, or knowledge that you can teach others. It can be pretty much anything, from academic subjects to languages, music, art, and so on. Whatever you are good at can be used for this purpose. Once you decide on the skill you will be teaching, all you need is to start delivering your services. 

The best way to get started is to use online tutoring platforms like TutorOcean, Preply, Cambly, TutorMe, and similar. Such websites will help you get in front of the people who need your services and get the first customers. Later, you will be able to scale and deliver services outside of these platforms.

The Bottom Line

As you can see now, starting a business in college doesn’t necessarily require having a unique idea, specific skills, or impressive startup capital. There are lots of great opportunities that you can capture right now. And even if some of them seem cliche or not in demand, you shouldn’t disregard them right away.

Now you have a list of underrated potential business ideas that can help you start earning revenue without a hassle. Be sure to consider them all!


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