5 Wedding Dress Trends for the New York Brides

The hustle and bustle in New York City never lets you sleep. However, the fast-paced city ensures to set the stage right for the couple madly and truly in love. Many embrace the city for a romantic walk through Riverside Park. Taking a stagecoach through the Central Park rekindles the affection and warmth. 

The city has some amazing venues for creating the most memorable wedding day. The New York Public Library and Weylin are two of the many classic wedding destinations. Also, wedding dresses in NYC are of utmost importance for planning your fairy-tale marriage. 

No bride to be can afford not to know the below five trends. 

Lace It Up 

A lace dress has always been a hit. The intricate designs reflect the love of the craftsmen for his creation. A bride to be may fall in love with the lace style at first sight. A matching veil accentuates the look further. A classy lace dress is sure to turn around many heads as you walk down the aisle. It is perfect for a chapel wedding. 

New York City houses some of the most beautiful chapels. You can exchange the wedding vows with more affection in the serene atmosphere of the church. With each church wedding, there is a new story created. New Yorkers would like to share about The Chapel Restoration, which has historical and cultural significance.

A Little Puffy

Puffy sleeves are the talk of the town and are capable of adding some drama. They make the entire look more voluminous. Even though most of them are detachable, always check with the designer once. Keep them on as you exchange the rings. Let them free as soon as you step on the dance floor to celebrate the happiest day of your life. 

Big As the Rock 

The big rock on your figure is sure to get a smile on the face. Why not try something similar with wedding dresses in NYC? An oversized dress is a statement in itself. A huge bow looks amazing and garners the attention of many. The train veil trailing along with the showstopper bride can escape the vision of none. A place like the American Museum of National History in the city can be a perfect fit for your oversized theme. 

Some Bling 

Does your world revolve around gold or silver? In that case, you are bound to fall for a metallic dress. With the appropriate amount of shimmer, it puts together a sophisticated look. It appears unique and makes you stand out with due elegance. A white gown with a tinge of metal creates wonders. 

The Ruffle

Experience the flow of the ruffles. They are playful to wear and add some romance to the gown. Have fun with your creativity and brainstorm with your designer for a customised ruffled dress. The number of layers and their positioning gives a drastically different look to the bride. 

Now that we have updated you about the trends, wait no more and start shopping for wedding dresses in NYC. As the clock ticks, the magical day is approaching, and you need to set up that flawlessly gorgeous look quickly. 


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