5 Ways To Promote The OnlyFans Account

Are you an model or performer who makes money by selling exclusive content to your fans? If yes, it is important for you to know how to market your OnlyFans account. Because only then you will be able to grow your follower base. And more followers always mean more money, of course.

As an artist on OnlyFans (not necessarily an artist) in any niche, you are nothing less than an artist who creates and sell content to people.

And can you grow your OnlyFans account without marketing yourself?

The answer is no; it\’s impossible.

Without consistent promotions, you will have to wait years before you see any significant growth on your OnlyFans account.

So in this blog, let\’s look at what you can do (both free and paid) to promote your OnlyFans account to increase exposure and make more money, in turn.

Different ways to promote your OnlyFans

When it comes to promoting your OnlyFans account, there are a lot of different ways. To simplify, we have divided the entire promotion strategy into 3 different categories. Let’s get started.

OnlyFans promotions using social media

If you are looking for how to promote your OnlyFans using social media, it varies based on your target audience, your budget, and your end goals. The following is the list of social platforms you can try out to promote your OnlyFans.


Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to market your OnlyFans. This is because Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that support explicit content. With over 330 million monthly users, it\’s a great way to increase your exposure to reach people who might be looking for your content.

Here are the different ways by which you can use Twitter to promote your OnlyFans:

  • Simply tweet about your OnlyFans from your personal account. Talk about why you joined OnlyFans and the type of content you will be posting, and your subscription rates. You must link your OnlyFans account in your Twitter bio.
  • Create a dedicated Twitter account and post teaser content from your real account. This way, you can keep your audience interested in your OnlyFans without giving away content for free. 
  • Use Twitter ads which is a paid method and one of the best ways to reach new people and get them to subscribe to your account.
  • Leverage Twitter to find influencers who might be interested in marketing your content. Look for relevant hashtags to find influencers and reach out to them for collaboration.


Another social platform you can leverage to promote your OnlyFans is Instagram. With over a billion active users, Instagram can be used to increase your exposure and attract followers and convert them to subscribers.

Here is how you can use Instagram to promote your OnlyFans account:

  • Add your OnlyFans link in your Instagram bio. Talk about your OnlyFans account and the content you will post on your Instagram posts.
  • Post free teaser content from your real account.
  • You can also use Instagram ads to promote your OnlyFans content.
  • Instagram stories can also be used to give your fans a sneak-peak of behind-the-scenes and what all goes into building your premium content.


Boasting over 2 billion active users, YouTube can be another great platform to reach new followers who might be interested in buying your content.

You can upload your explicit content to show your followers what they can expect from your premium content. Ensure that you add links to your OnlyFans page in the description of your videos so that people can easily navigate to it.

OnlyFans promotions without using social media

While social media is one of the prominent ways by which you can market your OnlyFans, there are other ways too. If you want to sell your OnlyFans content outside social media, here are the different ways you can follow.

Create a website

If you are serious about selling content on OnlyFans, you must build a website to strengthen your promotion activities. Use your official website to share information about you, post updates, and then funnel website visitors to your OnlyFans page to access premium content for a price you set.

You can successfully drive traffic to your site by optimizing it for search engines using paid advertising and writing blogs on topics related to your content. To build a website like OnlyFans, you can use a clone script like Fanso so that you can start a fan club, wesbite to interact with your fans directly.

Paid advertising can help you reach out to a broad audience and drive attention to your OnlyFans account. Use Google AdWords to create ads targeting your audience by displaying them when they search for keywords related to the content you provide. Make sure you don\’t spend too much on paid advertising; instead, use it wisely.

Collaborate with other influencers

We are living in an era where the creator economy is getting stronger with each year passing by. And collaborating with influencers is becoming a popular avenue to reach out to a wider audience. Collaborate with influencers in your niche, as they might have a large subscriber base than you, and you can use their audience to build up your subscriber base.

Leverage a marketing service

Hiring a marketing service to help you with the promotion approaches is helpful; if you want to promote your OnlyFans without revealing your personal information.

Research different marketing services in your area and choose the best one that fulfills your unique requirements.

OnlyFans promotions anonymously

There are many performers on OnylFans who don\’t want to publicize themselves. That\’s why you will find many performers who are anonymous, not meaning they aren\’t real. They are real, but they hide their face and identity in front of the world. Yes, it is possible for you to grow your OnlyFans account anonymously.

Here\’s what you can do to promote your OnlyFans account secretly.

Use a pseudonym

Instead of using your real name, use a pseudonym for marketing your onlyfans account without revealing who you are. Never use fake names similar to your real name; instead, create a new stage name that doesn\’t help reveal your identity.

Create different social media profiles

If you already have personal social media accounts, use different accounts to promote your OnlyFans. This ensures to keep your social profiles private. Make sure you also use a new email address when creating social media profiles to promote your OnlyFans.

Switch off the location on your phone

Location on your phone is another way by which you can be tracked down. If you want to go completely anonymous, make sure you turn off the location data on your phone.

Block an entire country

OnlyFans offers creators the ability to block accounts by entire geographical location or IP address. Go to settings, choose privacy and safety, and then under the safety tab, you will find the option to Block by Country or IP address.


Promoting OnlyFans is an important part of being a successful model on the OnlyFans platform. Without marketing activities, it will be challenging to grow your subscriber base and make money on OnlyFans.

If you want to grow your OnlyFans, you can use social media, paid to advertise, hire marketing services, and much more. The most critical step is to be creative and put in your hard work on the platform.


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