5 ways to Increase Productivity of paper writing – PRO guide

If you’re struggling with academic papers, you might consider to pay someone to write your essay, however, it is perfect to have people such as paper writers (also known as academic writers) do the challenging task of composing researched, original and informative papers for students. Although papers writers get paid for their writing services money isn’t enough to keep their spirits high. Being a paper writer, you must know how to use technology to increase your productivity.

Here we have nice options for paper writers that will surely help them to increase their productivity:

Update Your Spotify Playlist:

Writings demand focus and concentration. To get rid of distractions in the surrounding, many writers put their headphones at work and rely on their Spotify playlist. Well, listening to your favourite songs while writing a research paper may not be a good idea. It will never let you achieve the concentration level that is required to write something fluently .

The easiest and quickest solution to this problem is updating your Spotify playlist. Add sounds of rain, restaurant background sounds, gothic music or whatever you like. You will see an amazing change in your productivity level.


Being a paper writer, you must know the concerns of professors about grammar and the structure of papers. You sure don’t want to disappoint your clients with common grammatical errors. So you are recommended to use Grammarly. It is a writing assistant that not only checks the writing pieces for their grammar and structure but also let you know if any plagiarism detects.

Grammarly is available in free and paid both options. You can explore the features of both versions and decide which suits your needs most.


Paper writers love to annotate the text. But as we have switched to digital journals and books it has become harder to annotate and make notes.

MarginNote is a brilliant reading and writing tool. It doesn’t help paper writers only; it can assist anyone who has to read abundant papers for their job or pleasure. MarginNote organizes the text, let the reader highlight the text and make annotations. In addition to that, you can make mind maps at MarginNote for brainstorming. You can also make review flashcards.

This writing tool is compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


Zotero is a free writing software. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is highly recommended to paper writers who are eager to share their research with anyone. In addition to that, it allows you to manage the bulk of bibliographic data. Zotero also helps if you want to generate in-text citations, annotations, and bibliographies. Another notable feature of Zotero is its compatibility with web browsers and writing processors such as Word and LibreOffice.


Citavi helps when it comes to outlining writing projects. It gives you the freedom to begin with a broad topic or thesis statement and then make it more specific and refined. With the aid of Citavi, you can include quotations, proverbs, ideas and annotations in your paper. You can work on your outline until it becomes refined and perfect. In short, Citavi is best for initiating any paper.


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