5 Ways to Dress Fabulously for Any Occasion

Whether you recently bought a chic new dress or want to upgrade your existing wardrobe to make a great statement, there are neat tips and tricks you can do to upgrade how you piece together your very own clothing ensemble. The trouble with dressing up for social events is you can either overdo it or lack a few key details such as accessories to complete the look.

Here’s how you can look your finest and make it seem like you hired a personal stylist for your outfit:

  1. Play around with trends— There is absolutely nothing wrong with following trends. But, when your entire outfit is a combination of trends from the same era, it might translate as a one-dimensional style choice. Don’t hesitate to put together at least two different style trends and add your edge to the mix. For instance, you can pair your favourite power blazer with a ribbed, figure-hugging dress. The contrast in the solid construction of the jacket is given a beautiful twist with the softness and textured appearance of the dress.
  1. Rock a new kind of sexy with satin— Satin dresses are also becoming trendy once again. Go for a maxi satin dress for added drama. If you want shorter lengths, try pairing it with white sneakers or dark-toned ankle boots. As for accessories, you can play around with hoop earrings, a nice, long silver necklace, or a cute bag. You can also accentuate the texture of your satin dress with a cropped jacket or a long cardigan.
  1. Mix bold shades with neutral colours— The last thing you want to happen with your outfit is you end up outshining the venue’s ornaments or the colour scheme itself. It’s okay to be bold with your colour choices as long as you keep it balanced. Neutral shades like jet black suits or pants and neon-coloured blazers always do the trick. Better yet, if you are not comfortable with going full-on festive on your ensemble, why not reserve the rainbow theme for your accessories? Try a lip-shaped bag, a clutch with colourful feathers or a metallic gold rose purse.
  1. Be mindful of measurements— Sometimes, a simple dress or suit is more than enough to make heads turn. The selling point is in the way the clothes fit the wearer. If a skirt, blouse, or a pair of pants fit your body like a glove, it instantly makes you look like a million dollars. Everybody knows it can be quite expensive to have a personal tailor create stunning outfits that accurately bear your measurements. Try on different sizes when purchasing clothes and be meticulous with the fit. Make sure that you can move comfortably. Specifically, you should be able to raise your arms, turn your body, and walk in the outfit without struggling or feeling discomfort.
  1. Get crafty— You don’t have to be a masterful seamstress or seamster and produce runway-worthy dresses and suits. You can purchase a new dress with a simple design and embellish it with jewels, embroidery, or alter its length. You can add or remove the shoulder padding or add contrasting outlines of fabric along the pockets to update the appearance of blazers.

Everybody loves to look stunning and wow onlookers when attending big or small social gatherings. After all, being sharply and appropriately dressed means you cared enough to prepare for the event.