5 Sales-Boosting Benefits of Video Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become essential in US counties like Orange County, California. It has the Golden State’s third-largest population and maintains a strong economy as the home of Disneyland and the headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies. The county also recently rolled out a plan to provide three-quarters of homes and companies with fibre broadband during the next few years.    

Marketing Benefits of Using Videos

Today, video production has become a critical component of digital marketing. Statista reports that the average US adult consumes about 6 hours of video daily. This has become one of the most significant focuses of a creative media agency in orange county due to its various marketing benefits, including the following ones.

Meeting Consumer Demand

Studies show that over two-thirds of customers prefer to learn about products and services through video versus other marketing forms like articles and e-books. This highlights the importance of making videos a key component of your company’s web content for PC/Mac and mobile content.

Does this mean your marketing strategy shouldn’t include other marketing forms like articles, blogs, and infographics? It should, but if your marketing isn’t video-focused, it will be more challenging to reach your target market, boost leads, and so on.

More Impactful Marketing

Research shows that videos up to 2 minutes create the most engagement among viewers. The key is to produce short videos that are fun and memorable. Brightcove reports videos can boost organic traffic through SERPs by over 155%

Boosted Leads and Sales 

Business is a numbers game, highlighting the importance of generating leads, then boosting conversion rates for more sales. For example, adding a product video to your landing page can significantly increase conversions.

Sales increases can be directly related to videos. Studies show about three-quarters of viewers of product explainer videos purchased the item.

Such videos are critical because they show potential customers the features and benefits of such products.

YouTube Marketing

2005-founded YouTube has quickly become the world’s largest video-sharing platform. So your videos need to rank high in Google’s and YouTube’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

For example, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users (MACs). So you can significantly boost your company’s reach by creating unique and exciting videos that will rack up views, Likes, and Shares.  

Studies show that 90% of US consumers prefer Google’s digital video platform over others. In many cases, it’s also practical for your company to launch a YouTube channel.

A creative media agency can help make YouTube-friendly videos. For example, it’s critical to know about changes to YouTube and Google algorithms, affecting SERPs rankings. In addition, your company’s videos should also be mobile-friendly since 70% of YouTubers watch videos on small screens.   

Live-Streamed Virtual Events 

Several social media platforms have launched live-streaming video services, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram (Facebook)
  • LinkedIn
  • Periscope (Twitter)
  • YouTube (Google)

These social services offer an outstanding way your company can live-stream virtual events such as product launches, trade shows/expos, and conferences. Live-streaming allows current and potential customers to attend the events without physically travelling to them.  

The new Trend in Marketing

Markletic reports over 85% of marketers consider sales opportunities one of the main success factors of virtual events. Thus, live-streamed events provide opportunities for solid leads and more conversions.  

Preparing a video should be at the top of your list when picking digital marketing formats. You can create amazing videos through sources like a creative media agency in orange county. Some possible benefits include improved SERP rankings, engaging live-streamed events, and memorable content marketing. Most importantly, video-viewing can boost product buying.