5 Outdoor Watches from Casio ProTrek Collection You Should Check Out

On every occasion, it is ideal to match all your accessories, such as your jewelry and watch with your outfit. That is why almost all watch companies around the world are creating different types of collections that will cover all events and outfits. One of the niche collections that most watch manufacturers offer are sports or outdoor watches. Each of them boasts different unique stunning features and functions that can do more than tell time 5 Outdoor Watches from Casio ProTrek Collection.

One of the most popular sports and outdoor watch collections is from Casio. They have a line of watches tailored to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, which is built with the necessary features necessary for outdoor adventures such as GPS, Location Memory, Moment Setter, dual-layer LCD, water resistance, and more. Casio ProTrek is powered by Wear OS, which is also powered by Google. This watch is built with advanced engineering and equipped with Casio’s Triple Sensor technology. Take a look at some of the rad and contemporary varieties of sports and outdoor watches for an enhanced adventure experience.

  1. Casio ProTrek Climber Line PRW-60-2AJF

This outdoor watch has a navy dial and strap and a digital display with a backlight showing the date and day. Its subdial, on the other hand, has a LED digital display. Keeping with the color theme, the outer rim of the dial, where the minute markers are located, is a lighter shade of blue. To illuminate the overall design, the index markers and hands are designed with silver and are luminescent too. One of the newest in the Casio ProTrek collection Climber Line is the perfect choice for minimalist yet active individuals.

  1. Casio ProTrek PRG-330-1JF

A more advanced design for an outdoor watch, this model has a bezel that is made from black Aluminum paired with engraved compass markings. Its bracelet, on the other hand, is made with resin, which makes perfect for outdoor activities involving water. Among the best features of this watch is the digital display that accurately shows the day, date, and time plus the one-touch functions to display temperature readings and barometric pressure. With its overall mechanism, this particular watch is the best fit for people who love to travel in the wilderness.

  1. Casio ProTrek Clymerline PRW-60YGE-1AJR

If you are looking for an outdoor watch that can also be worn on other casual events or occasions, you might want to check the Casio Protrek Clymerline. It’s a two-in-one wristwatch that displays both digital and analog time on its dial. It also has a sundial that displays the day and time paired with luminous index and minute hands. Furthermore, this particular watch is perfect for people who love to do outdoor activities that have something to do with speed, such as biking or car racing. It’s because of its tachymeter scale on its bezel, which is made with stainless steel and resin. Working on quartz movement and solar power, this particular model has a silicone/resin strap that goes with its water resistance feature.

  1. Casio ProTreck Triple Sensor Tough Solar

This watch has a tough-looking exterior with its all-black theme. Featuring a simple black dial with luminescent index and hands, this model has a case and bezel that is made with resins combined with stainless steel, plus the strap is made with resin. These combinations give paramount protection and durability, making the watch more resistant to damage or breakage, even when exposed to extreme conditions. It also has both the digital and analog display and shows the date and time. It works very smoothly with a solar caliber and a triple sensor motion. So, if you are into long exposure to the outdoors, you may consider buying this watch.

  1. Casio ProTrek PRW-6600YB-3JF

One of the most in-demand models from the Casio ProTrek collection, model PRW-6600YB-3JF boasts a dual analog and digital display for the time, a calendar function, and a bezel marked with tachymeter scale. More than that, it also has a feature to monitor barometric pressure, orientation measurement, altimeter, thermometer, world time, and alarm. Furthermore, it also boasts a digital compass that can be found at the base of the design. The most distinctive design of this model is its black dial with luminescent Arabic numeral indexes and hands. Complementing its impressive functionalities is the sturdy construction of its parts where the case and bezel are made with resin, stainless steel, and titanium, while the band is made with titanium alloy. It’s a high-end outdoor watch that works whether it rains or shines.

Check out more Casio ProTrek Models

The models mentioned above are only a few among the entire Casio ProTrek collections. You can check out more and choose the best watch that has the features and functions that will match your needs.

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