5 Easy Tips for Shopping Furniture on A Budget At Thrift Stores

Have you just moved to a new place where it’s not fully furnished? Well, then you have to go shopping for furniture to make your new crib more homey and cozy. But new furniture can get costly. In these times, be practical. So what do you do? How about turning to furniture thrift stores instead? They’re a great option for you to get good furniture at a much lower cost. Although, you have to make sure that the furniture you get from thrift stores is in good condition. You may get pieces that are very cheap and fit your budget, but they might not last you for years to come.
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But worry not because, in this article, we’ll share with you some tips on how to get the best furniture from thrift stores. Keep reading so you can make your new place fully furnished and cozy!

  1. Check the furniture piece carefully

Whether it’s a bed frame, a chair, or a table, make sure that the piece is sturdy and everything is still intact. You don’t want to fall off your newly-bought thrift chair suddenly because it’s not sturdy enough. And you want a good night’s rest rather than hearing squeaky noises from your bed frame. So, be very careful and aware of what you buy. Don’t just grab what you see. Inspect it first!

  1. Be careful with mattresses

The thing with mattresses is that they’re a breeding ground for germs and other bad bacteria. While it’s okay to buy other furniture from thrift stores, it’s best to avoid buying mattresses that have already been used. But unless it’s a futon or mattress, then go for it! Futon or air mattresses are better and safer compared to other types of mattresses since they’re easier to clean and won’t really keep germs or bad bacteria.

  1. Use your senses

In buying furniture, it’s good to make use of your senses. When you smell something bad on the furniture, it’s best to not go for it. Some smells can still be removed, but cigarette stench is near impossible! Also, use your sense of feeling when choosing furniture, are the edges of the furniture smooth? Make sure that no nails or springs are sticking out because those are risky!

  1. Dimensions are important

If your place isn’t very spacious, it’s very important to know the dimensions of the furniture you’ll get. But even if you have a big place, it’s still good to take note of measurements before buying anything. You don’t want your bedside table to occupy more space than your drawers. And you don’t want your living room area looking crowded. Think first of what you need to buy and then envision them in the area so you get an idea of how they’ll look like. Then, take a measurement of the designated area so you can buy your furniture with peace of mind.

  1. Reupholster your furniture

Sometimes, you may not like the design of the cushions you’ve bought. Or maybe the sofa or couch’s color doesn’t match the overall theme of your living room. No worries, you can always reupholster them. This is a much cheaper way to make furniture looking brand new since it will only be the fabric you’re changing. You can do the same for some old furniture you still want to use. This is more practical and you’ll surely save a ton of money as compared to buying new furniture, especially if your old or thrifted ones can still be used!

Start furniture thrift shopping today!

So, there you have it, five tips on buying furniture from thrift stores. Shopping at thrift stores has many perks. Aside from the fact that you’ll save more money, you’re also doing great for the environment. Imagine how much furniture is thrown out every year, which contributes to a lot of waste. When you reduce buying new things, you’ll also reduce waste. Upcycling old things or making the most use out of them is the best choice! You’re also making things worth their price when you use them to their fullest.

Since most thrift stores are for a cause, you’re also supporting a community. Since they’re funding something for a charity, you’re doing your part in helping out. It’s a win-win situation! You’re saving money while getting things for your place, and you’re also supporting causes. Although you may have to inspect and be more careful when shopping for thrifted furniture since they’re not brand new, you’ll find a lot of great deals and gems! So, give it a go and start furniture thrift-shopping. Surely, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from and you’ll find ones that are one-of-a-kind! We hope this article helps you out. Take note of what we’ve mentioned and you will make your new place snazzy, cozy, and homey!