4 Things to Consider Before Buying Vintage Omega Watches

Omega has been a huge part of history and created such a cultural connection to watches, starting from its Speedmaster collection known as the first-ever timepiece on the Moon up to its famous Seamaster collection featured in entire James Bond movies. With its rich history to offer an authentic and luxurious timepiece, there is no question why many watch enthusiasts are always looking forward to its watch collection.

Some owners of Omega have seen how its watches constantly grow its value as the years go on. That is why it\’s no wonder why its brand new models come with a high price. If you don\’t have enough budget but still want to own a luxury timepiece from a respected Omega brand, opting to buy a vintage or pre-owned Omega watch is the best choice. Just ensure to buy from an authorized seller so that you can guarantee you are paying for an authentic and original Omega watch. Here are the FOUR things you should always consider before buying.

Know the vintage Omega Watch you want

Before buying a vintage Omega watch, make sure to do some research first, particularly when it comes to models available to offer. Check which model is popular, its size, and of course, the price. By doing this, you can easily decide what timepiece is best for you according to your preferred style as well. You can find many vintage Omega watches under a Speedmaster, a Seamaster, a Constellation, and De Ville, as these collections were introduced back then. All of these collections have a rich history and legacy to offer, so even buying a vintage or pre-owned one still holds remarkable value.

Once you have decided which model you want to own, you can now start to explore deeper its references and availability. Never forget to check every feature it has, starting from its dial, hands, case, case back, crown, and movement so that you can guarantee that the watch is still functioning very well. Validate all of the details you have found out, and then double-check and spot if there\’s a sign of imperfection to the watch due to alteration from the original model or if there are some damages.

One more thing, don\’t ever hesitate to ask questions to the seller or to the site where you\’re going to buy as it can help you to check whether a certain timepiece is an original or an authentic Omega watch. It is also helpful to read some reviews if you\’re going to buy on an online luxury watch site or ask a previous buyer of that jewelry store.

Focus on the Dial

When it comes to a watch\’s feature, it is the dial that plays such an important role. It is a part where most watch manufacturers have exerted most time and effort because it is most frequently a feature that changes. Unlike its movements that remain unchanged or only need a minor adornment, the dial requires it to be brushed up and updated in some ways. It requires so much time and effort to point out a certain change from one model to another.

For instance, an Omega Seamaster collection that was created back in 1960 featured a different dial and entirely looked different from the models released in 1970. The brand has switched to using quartz movement to some of its newest models and preferred to use the frontier or up-to-date technology in the 1970s. They have introduced a new Seamster model created out of inspiration from Bulova\’s Accutron system, in which they have used a tuning fork vibrated by electromagnets. These vibrations have been used as the main power source for the mechanical parts of the timepiece. In this example, you\’ll notice that there is a radical difference between the dial and movement of the 1960 Seamaster version to the 1970s models.

Jumping to 1980, Omega used an 18kt gold and titanium and featured an automatic movement to its newest Seamaster model. The brand had set entirely different criteria. This is why it is crucial to focus on what model you want to own and its dial.

Identify the Serial Numbers

Any reliable or authentic seller specializing in selling Omega watches should provide the reference number of a particular model. If ever not all numbers, they can at least provide the released date and model type of a certain watch to you. If you\’re going to buy a timepiece online, ensure to take a closer look at the pictures. If you\’re in doubt, then don\’t forget to do some research or ask questions. This way, you can guarantee that you are buying an original Omega watch.

Look for a Reputable Store

Owning a vintage Omega watch still requires you to invest a huge amount of money; that is why always look for a reputable store proven to sell an original and authentic watch from the Omega brand. As much as possible, it is good to do a little background check of that jewelry store or a certain website where you decided to purchase your Omega watch. So that at the end of the day, you can always guarantee you own a luxury watch from a renowned brand, the Omega. And your money will not be wasted paying for fake vintage Omega watches.

In a Nutshell 

Omega, a Swiss luxury watch brand that has set a new standard in the world of horology, is always highly regarded for its top-notch and luxury timepiece. Its long-winded reputation, existing for centuries already, has led to building a great reputation to creating an iconic and one-of-a-kind watch that every watch enthusiast would love to own. Its vintage timepiece is as much as valuable as its newest collection, so investing and buying a pre-owned Omega watch is still a great deal. You will not only save some money, but you also own an Omega timepiece you always look forward to wearing.

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