4 reasons why the superhero genre is so popular

Superheroes continue to inspire generations of kids and adults who find comfort in watching their heroes dash across the screen and defeat the villain at the last moment. The truth is that superheroes are not just found in Marvel or DC films or Comic-Con conventions but are a part of virtually every story that has ever been told.

Superheroes may be a more exaggerated version of the protagonist, but there is a good reason why we value their stories so much.

They give us hope

 A superhero is by definition someone who has superhuman powers and does heroic deeds by exhibiting “brave and self-sacrificing” behaviour. These strong characters are brave and protect weaker individuals.

 They have weaknesses just like us

 Most superheroes are a reflection of who we are, they have weaknesses, make mistake, suffer and cry, just like we do. They experience very human emotions, which allows us to connect with them and feel inspired by their kind acts. A good example is The Incredibles (2004). This movie about a family turned superheroes shows how regular people have the ability to step up, accomplish great things and create positivity in the world.

 Franchises are everywhere

 Marvel, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter… There are tons of franchises that tend to grow and evolve with us. On top of that, many of us grow up surrounded by posters, action figures and clothes of our favourite superheroes and franchises that inspire us on a daily basis.

 They make us forget reality

 We all need a little bit of escapism, and superhero movies offer just that. They enable us to see the world in a more positive way and to simply forget about our reality for a few hours.

Superhero films and characters have advanced so far that today many popular shows tell their stories in a way that resembles a crime drama for adults, rather than a movie made for children or superhero fans of all ages.

Some of the best superhero characters recently portrayed in movies and tv shows for adults include Daredevil and Luke Cage. Black Panther became a hugely successful film for a very good reason and inspired many to return to cinemas to watch the film a second or third time. This is the reason why superhero films are so popular.