3 Things you need to know about getting free car parking on your road trips

There are many big cities in the world that intrigues travellers because there is so much for them to explore such as ancient architecture and buildings, museums, beautiful landscapes and so much more. If you are visiting the cities by road, using your car can be a good idea to explore all the scattered beauty of nature outside your city limits at your own pace and convenience.

If you decide on a road trip driving yourself, then make sure you are aware of parking rules and regulations of that city you are visiting. The regulations and conditions vary city to city. If we talk about the regulations of parking in Bratislava specifically, then be mindful of the different parking situations there.

On street parking

If you are in Bratislava by car, know that there are different chargeable parkings on streets especially in the city center between 8-16 hours on weekdays, but no charged parkings on weekends. Parking Bratislavais something you need not to be anxious about , as everything is well organised and systematic, if you follow them correctly. Just understand the system for parking in the city.

  • You can buy a parking ticket in an automatic machine on the streets.
  • You can get mobile parking through SMS. There is a procedure you need to understand. If you need to park your car for 3 hours, then you have to send 2 text messages to the system. 

There is also reserved parking available, with inbuilt iron-columns around the parking area. There is free parking available at different places in the city, residential parking spots are not allowed for parking and are marked crossed.

Garages and parking lots

There are plenty of underground and road parking lots in the city. You can park your car on the side of the street, it is allowed but you need to keep a distance around 1.5 m free from the side path.

Try to follow the rules strictly, violating the parking rules can cause you trouble, you may find your car towed away by the authorities. Tourists are suggested to park their cars in the parking lots. Then there are garages for parking, but they charge fees everyday.


If the rules are broken or the traffic is disturbed by wrong parking, your car can be towed away if the driver is not there in the car. The penalty for wrong parking or breaking the rules set by the authorities is around 99 euros

Some basic rules of parking to remember:

  • Cars should be parked in the direction of the flow of the traffic.
  • In parallel parking, the cars should be parked no more than 18 inches from the curb.
  • When parked on the slope, the car front wheels should be angled towards the curb.
  • There are tow-away zones, be certain that you don’t park your car in the restricted zones. The restricted areas or tow-away zones are marked in red on the posts or on parking meters.