3 New Social Media Platforms to Reach More Customers

Today, it\’s simply impossible to imagine brand promotion without social media ads. It provides the company with recognition, increases loyalty, helps to interact with clients, and thus, leads to sales growth. Almost anything can be presented on social media in a positive light, be it a food delivery service, a clothing store, or a music festival.

According to a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, 3 billion people around the world are active on social media. Accordingly, each brand can find its target audience in one of them.

Which social network advertising campaign will bring you more benefits? How to avoid risks and reach more customers? Below, we have collected answers to all these questions. So, hurry up to outsource your college paper to a PhD dissertation writing service, make yourself a cup of coffee, and dive into the world of social media with us. So, without further ado, let\’s begin!


We bet you have heard a lot about Pinterest and downloaded beautiful pictures from here. But have you ever thought about promoting your brand using this platform? Well, Pinterest isn\’t new, but it\’s definitely underrated!

People open Pinterest for inspiration. Most of them aren\’t looking for a specific brand. They flip through photos to find recipes, or fashion, interior design, and gift ideas. But why not make yourself known using visual search?

The first thing you should know about Pinterest is that you can add a description of the product to a photo post. And be sure to attach a link to your website to each pin.

In addition, you can promote your company with reposts (repins). Here, the content spreads rather quickly and becomes viral. Top-ranked accounts get free traffic. And this is super important! Moreover, on a Pinterest business page, you can view statistics and run ads.

Now, let\’s turn to the global statistics on Pinterest. In January 2022, 77 % of Pinterest visitors were women. According to a survey conducted by Omnicore Agency:

  • 89% of users use Pinterest to plan something, be it repairs, holidays, or event organization;
  • 80% of moms come to the site when searching for gifts and children\’s crafts;
  • 55% of users make purchases more often if they see an image of a specific thing on Pinterest. 

So, if your target audience is women with creative thinking and an active lifestyle, be sure to use Pinterest, especially if your field is clothing, DIY, cosmetics, food, renovation, interior design, floristry, travel, weddings, and holidays.

The main advantage of this social network is that here, you can promote your business for free. Creating an account will take you 15-20 minutes, and posting a few pins – just 5-10 minutes. 

That\’s how Pinterest works: you post a picture, it becomes trendy, and catches the attention of hundreds of users. Content on Pinterest is much more likely to go viral than on Instagram, especially now. The reason lies in a different sharing system. 


Do you believe that TikTok is difficult to call a new social network? Well, its trends change at the speed of light, so it has something to surprise you with on an everyday basis. 

If your brand isn\’t on TikTok yet, it\’s time to fix this. By presenting your message according to the platform\’s rules, you will quickly find your audience. Of course, your video is more likely to be featured in recommendations if:

  • You are not too formal;
  • You are natural and don\’t behave arrogantly;
  • You are not afraid to be funny.

TikTok is a social network for a wide audience, so you can successfully advertise everything here. It can be food, beauty products, education services, travel, and things users encounter on a daily basis. And what is the best way to interact with such an audience?

  • Recently, more and more adults have gone on TikTok to generate educational content. Therefore, videos from experts will surely be useful;
  • Before launching a project on TikTok, determine the audience by geographical location. The app is based on your geolocation and recommends videos to people in your area;
  • Remember that posting regularly is the key to success. The more often you post videos, the more users will see your content in the feed;
  • TikTok highly appreciates videos that draw the viewer in. The task isn\’t to keep them engaged for 3 seconds but actually make them watch till the end. Or even better, to review it again;
  • Perhaps the main secret is that your audience craves to find itself in your videos. Be it every day funny or sad situations, typical struggles, or your personal observations – make your videos relatable!


Unlike traditional social networks, where communication doesn\’t deal with time frames, Clubhouse operates in a synchronous communication mode between the audience and speakers. It\’s a bit like a podcast, but here, the audience can respond to the speaker in real time. Also, you can\’t record conversations and listen to them on repeat.

So, who can you listen to at Clubhouse? Here, leading venture capitalists talk about opening a business, psychologists lead relationship discussions, and stand-up artists organize performances – all live!

Try mentioning your services on Clubhouse, especially if you\’re a coach, educator, analyst, or developer. Writers or event management specialists can also promote themselves here. Why not warm up the audience at the Clubhouse and invite them to a meeting you are organizing?

To Wrap It Up

Of course, it will be hard for you to achieve success without clearly understanding who your target audience is. You need to know everything about them, starting from their age, gender, and marital status to their place of residence, interests, problems, and needs. Each of these criteria will provide an opportunity to increase conversion.

For example, if your product helps make a customer\’s life more aesthetic and comfortable, go to Pinterest. Brands that are willing to experiment and get out of their comfort zone can make TikTok videos. And if your audience loves podcasts and eagerly absorbs new information, go to Clubhouse. 

Be where your audience is and find answers to their conscious and unconscious desires. People want to be seen and heard, and you can surely help them with this!


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