3 Essential Pieces Of Furniture You Would Need For Your Home Office

The way people approach work has rapidly changed over the last decade. While some still prefer traditional office spaces, a larger population has found hybrid-working or completely working from home more efficient. More people are also starting businesses from home.

Work-from-home setups are popular outside the nine-to-five as well. In the golden age of information, people can learn and pursue new things through the internet. You can watch tutorials on a new hobby or get serious over a Massive Open Online Course, all in the comfort of your home. So, who doesn’t need a home office nowadays, right? 

Home office furniture is what you need if you want to have a productive space in your house. There is a wide variety of furniture, depending on the type of work you do. Nonetheless, three pieces of furniture prove essential to any person working from home. Make sure to get these basics:

A Dependable Desk

Almost every work type needs a desk, especially when most of the work is done with a computer. It would be best to have a good desk for writing, drafting, art, and other activities, which are best done on a stable platform. However, spending long periods on your desk leads to a sedentary lifestyle, and subsequently, various health problems. Too much sitting (and lying down too) increases heart disease risks, diabetes, and other chronic health problems. It affects your digestion, your leg muscles weaken, and your hip and back muscles shorten and lead to hip joints problems.

Standing desks and height-adjustable desks allow you to have the same productivity in conventional desks minus the health risks. These desks are either manual or electric, where you can modify the height to suit your standing or sitting position. A variation in physical activity, albeit this simple, contributes to preventable health problems in the future. 

A Comfortable Chair

If you got a desk, you need a chair too – but make sure it’s comfortable! As mentioned above, sitting for long periods leads to health implications. It can cause poor posture, back and neck pain, and spine degeneration. 

Ergonomic experts recommend a proper way to sit, leading to the least negative effects on your body. When sitting, make sure your knees are bent 90 degrees and your feet touch the floor. Your forearms should be parallel to your desk, meaning your elbows are at a 90 to 110 degrees open-angle. 

You can buy an ergonomic chair so you can maintain the recommended sitting position of health experts. These chairs are designed to support the human body in a sitting position. They have features that can improve your posture when you use them properly. Some features include adjustable seat height and tilt, backrest or lumbar support, armrests, headrests, swivel, and wheels. When your work demands long periods of seating, consider getting an ergonomic chair as a way of taking care of your health. 

A Storage Solution

Storage is not the first thing people think of when setting up an office space. Home office furniture sets, however, are incomplete without one. Storage solutions seem unnoticeable at first, but a lack thereof introduces chaos and disorganisation in your home. Proper storage, shelves, or cabinets make your space tidier and more conducive to work in. It helps you be more productive by lessening the time you spend looking for the things you need. 

Some desks have built-in storage or drawers that you can easily reach while in front of your computer. You may opt for stand-alone shelves, too, if you want a definite space for your reading material, references, etc. You can choose open storage or closed drawers, or whatever suits your style. The important thing is everything is in its designated places, and you can focus more on your work.