10 Amazing Benefits of Working for Google

Although several people around the world complain about their jobs, to some, it is a delight. This monolithic technological company is perhaps the most popular in the world because everyone uses Google. But the best part is that the company is also popular for delivering some of the best job and work experiences ever! In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most amazing benefits of working for Google.

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In no zarticular order, here are 10 amazing benefits of working for Google.

1) Work with the Best Professionals & Talent in the Industry

Google has an intensive yet unique application and recruitment process. Through their intelligent processes, they can identify and find the best talent across various domains. This means that those who get through would work with others who have also scored some insane marks during their application process. Thus, as an employee at Google, one is guaranteed to learn and enjoy their job like never before by working with the best in the business.

2) Take a Nap in Google’s Famous “Decompression Capsules”

Google’s Decompression Capsules blew up on the internet before the word “viral” became a global synonym with things blowing up. The decompression capsules are basically personal chambers where one can break, rest their senses, take a nap, and more. 

The capsules have a futuristic look and technology that prevents any light or sound from disturbing the person in them. Google takes the health and well-being of its employees seriously – and this is one of the many ways of demonstrating it.

3) Get A Lot of Free Food

Glassdoor is full of reviews about the vast food options available at most Google offices. According to one employee, one cannot get more than a hundred feet without running into some form of food available for free to eat. Google has a multitude of options from mini cafes, snacks, healthy foods, full meal options, and a lot more. 

Google also regularly samples new foods and drinks from popular brands along with organizing various food pop-ups. One can also eat free dinner here before leaving for home.

4) Gain Access to Pioneering Industry Technology

Google has been among the best and most prominent companies in the world mainly because of its ground-breaking technology and tools. Everyone agrees that no other company can match or surpass the impact that Google regularly creates in most worldwide markets.

But the truth is that Google can stay ahead of the curve because of its ground-breaking and revolutionary technology. Google’s employees are sure to work with the most advanced technologies, applications, programs, and tools.

5) Enjoy Pet-Friendly Offices

Google wishes all its employees to work most efficiently no matter what. To this end, it creates and enables an atmosphere like no other company. Animals and pets have been scientifically proven to boost one’s mood, improve focus, and cultivate overall responsibility and reliability. So why would Google miss this unique opportunity to further improve their offices? According to its laws, all employees are allowed to bring their pets to work. And some of Google’s offices also have pet parks!

6) Visit On-Site Massage Therapists

Yes, that’s right. Most Google offices worldwide have their own massage therapists and specialists onsite. And why not? What can be better and more relaxing during or after a tiresome workday than a relaxing and soothing massage? Google not only encourages its employees to exercise and train in their fitness centers and gyms but also takes care of them afterward.

7) Paternity & Maternity Leaves Plus Benefits

Although maternity leaves are more flexible than paternity leaves in most offices, Google has done a lot to level the playing field. Google not only offers great leave periods for new parents but also pays them for their absence. Their maternity and paternity leave programs also extend to most types of primary guardians and caregivers. Also, Google is famous for offering its new parents various cash bonuses and gifts.

8) Work with a Truly Diverse & Global Group of People

As discussed, Google is one of the biggest and most widespread companies in the world. Accordingly, it would make sense for a mega-corporation like Google to have its offices and people worldwide. Google is widely known as a highly diverse company with employees from several countries around the world. Google also has a strict inclusive policy that doesn’t discriminate against caste, creed, religion, gender, etc., when hiring new employees.

9) Enjoy Onsite Gyms, Fitness Centres, Recreational Rooms, & Medical Services

Physical fitness is an important aspect of life as it provides various benefits that boost one’s efficiency and productivity. Physical exercises are also great for one’s energy levels, motivation, and mental health. 

Accordingly, Google has made provisions for several fitness centers, gyms, and workout programs in its global offices. These fitness areas are open for all employees to use whenever they please. If Google is unable to provide its facilities, it also pays for its employees’ memberships elsewhere.

10) Boost Your Career by Highlighting Your Job at Google on Your CV

By now, it is obvious to all those who read this article that Google is one of the most prestigious and respectable companies in the world. And, all of Google’s employees are automatically rated highly as it’s extremely difficult to get in. Thus, having Google as a job listed on one’s resume also boosts their career options in the future. This means that ex-employees of Google are more likely to secure the best jobs even after moving on from the company.

The Bottom Line

In truth, Google is the brand and company that sets the bar and lays the foundation for better workplaces around the world. Google also has some of the best and most top-class office spaces that inspire even those who don’t work at the company. Many of its offices have revolutionary recreational and game spaces, swimming pools, and more. Because of Google’s sheer generosity towards its employees, one has the most chances to maintain their work-life balance here!


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