Overview of Mythic dungeons in the season of Shadowlands World of Warcraft

Mythic boost in World of WarCraft

The third season Shadowlands is in full swing. Guilds storm the new Sepulcher of the First Ones, and fans of Mythic dungeons try to close the high keys in timer. The developers have added a new affix tied to the ancient relics of Zereth Mortis, increased the overall difficulty of the dungeons and reworked some mechanics services Boosting for leveling characters, raising the rating in mythic+ and getting equipment have become more relevant than ever.

In the new season, the developers have added several new rewards and achievements, which at the end will become unique and can no longer be obtained. For this, players are willing to spend a lot of time trying to close Mythic boost dungeons in a timer. Others will make it easier and use the boosting of professional players, which will save a lot of time and nerves.

Major Changes in Mythic+ Season 3

With Season 3, the overall item level will increase, which means the developers will have to significantly increase the difficulty of the dungeons. Unlike the previous patch, players will find a new seasonal affix \”Encrypted\”, which is valid in keys from 10 difficulty. The total item level of all dungeons and the Great Vault Weekly Chest has increased by 26.

The Valor item upgrade system will continue in patch 9.2, but all players will have a weekly resource cap at launch. Every Wednesday, this cap will increase by 700 Valor and accumulate. There are several ways to get currency, but the fastest way is to close mythic dungeons.

Seasonal rewards

The developers have added three unique rewards – these are two ranks and one unique movement vehicle that can be obtained by reaching a certain rating:

  • Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Three – Reach a rating of 1800 during the third season and earn the title \”Cryptic\”
  • Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Three – Raise your rank to 2500 points during the third season and earn the unique Wastewarped mount deathwalker;
  • Shadowlands Keystone Hero: Season Three – Reach 3000 rating points and earn the title of \”Cryptic Hero\”.

Having received the last achievement, you will also be able to increase all your conduits to level 278 and open a teleport to the dungeon. The portals will remain with you even after the end of the third season, which will allow you to quickly be near the desired dungeon. The cooldown of the ability is 8 hours, but if you go through the dungeons to the end, the time will automatically reset.

New Dungeons in 9.2

With the release of the third season Tazavesh will be divided into two parts with 5 and 3 bosses. It will be possible to complete them in Heroic and Mythic difficulties, as well as for a while using the keys. If you pass this dungeon, you will get a new Keystone Hero: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market and direct teleport to the dungeon. Also in 9.2 Tazavesh and Mists of Tirn Skitt have undergone minor changes. The rework affected the bosses and several key monsters, which complicated the process of passing the keys.

Boosting Mythic dungeons will quickly increase the rating and allow you to dress in the best equipment. A group of four people will take you to party and quickly carry 15 keys so that at the end of the week you can get 278 items in the Great Vault Weekly Chest.


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