Cool Planet Names: 800+Funny, Unique, Famous, Badass Planet Names

Are you recently penning down a science fiction novel? If the you are planning to plot your novel around outer spaces or an alien planet, you will need a cool planet names for give your brainchild.

The more trustworthy a name you are able to find the more your readers will love your work.

But to find a planet name is way harder than just finding a fantasy character name. But do not let this task to get on your nerves or pain your scalp in mental stress.

We have got your back. Here in this article we are going to assimilate 800+ cool planet names exclusively for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in these lists together.

Cool Planet Names Made Up

Most of the planets do not have a name. There is a special code for each one to refer to each planet. But giving them a cool name works a stimulus for you and can inspire you to give them a future and a complete their stories. It also can excite your readers to know more about them.

Booster NamesEcho PlRevenant PlLight PlControl Names
Vanguard PlDivinity PlNamadilPlume PlQuake Pl
Fission PlRocket NamesPlanetaraFalcon NamesVoyage Names
PlanetopolisOrbiter PlAble PlGemini NamesShuttle Pl
NamivaForce PlJavelin PlPlanetbesSupernova Names
NamcogSaturn NamesShuttle NamesGrace NamesAgena Pl
Parallax NamesCube NamesRise NamesPlanetdeckMission Names
Xeno PlCluster PlStargazer PlAblestar PlOrigin Pl
PlanetadriPlanettasticStardust PlNamgenicsSpace Pl
Andromeda PlLight NamesThor NamesProbe NamesForce Pl
Cool Planet Names Made Up
Overlord NamesStar NamesJuliett PlNeptune NamesHubble Names
Fronius PlMinotaur PlNamoryxThorad PlBooster Names
Alliance NamesVoid PlPlanetableAthena PlJuliett Names
Tango NamesFlare NamesFoxtrot PlRomeo PlPlume Names
PlanetifyTitan NamesHubble PlRevenant NamesPiper Pl
Agena PlPlanetomaticOrbit NamesNamocityThor Pl
NamioHubble NamesNova NamesDawn PlCube Pl
Overwatch PlArcas PlRadiant NamesCommand PlOdyssey Pl
Infinity NamesJuno PlPlanetgenicsPlanetbeaStar Names
Compass PlNeptune PlLab PlRedstone NamesCapsule Pl
  • Lance Pl
  • Keen Pl
  • Insight Pl
  • Heaven Pl
  • Insights Pl
  • Joy Pl
  • Grace Pl
  • Horizon Pl
  • Indo Pl
  • Intelli Pl
  • Incorporated Pl
  • Headquarters Pl
  • Greatest Pl
  • Kilo Pl
  • Head Pl
  • Igniter Pl
  • Graph Pl
  • Jam Pl

New Planet Names List

Human beings are curious animals by nature. Anything that is new, whether be it a silly trend on Instagram or be a big new discovery of science, it never fails to attract them. New planet name would incite a sense of interest in the reader’s mind similarly. So we have got a list of cool new planets names for you.

Galactic NamesLunar PlOdyssey NamesApollo PlPhoenix Names
Lab NamesScout PlBurner PlNamoontCannon Pl
Skylark PlNamoramaMast PlEcho NamesZeus Pl
Kepler PlGalactic PlHermes PlBurner NamesNeptune Names
Lab PlOrbit NamesCelestial NamesHyper PlSurveyor Pl
Invader NamesAristotle PlEclipse PlRocket NamesWormhole Pl
Foxtrot NamesAble PlParallax NamesPiper NamesGemini Pl
Taurus PlOrbiter PlCapsule NamesVanguard NamesSierra Pl
Arcane PlJet NamesSpirit PlPhoton NamesArcas Pl
Stargazer NamesSupernova PlAntares PlMission PlAgena Names
New Planet Names List
Ablestar PlDeacon PlSpace NamesTaurus NamesDawn Pl
Charlie PlPhoton PlNeptune PlRise NamesChasm Names
Surveyor PlOrbit PlNebula NamesAurora PlDemeter Pl
Andromeda PlApache NamesKepler PlMoonshot NamesThor Names
Comet NamesEarthbound PlRocket NamesPlume PlAristotle Pl
Rise NamesParallax PlVanguard NamesAntares NamesTitan Pl
Athena PlGalactic PlBlast NamesFronius PlDelta Names
Frontier PlRomeo NamesRomeo PlScout PlSierra Names
Revenant NamesLaunch PlPioneer NamesWormhole NamesSky Pl
Loki NamesHalo PlPegasus PlTango PlJet Names
  • Drift Pl
  • Factor Pl
  • Invisible Pl
  • Grok Pl
  • Lanx Pl
  • Gurus Pl
  • Grand Pl
  • Huge Pl
  • Lance Pl
  • Keen Pl
  • Insight Pl

Cool Planet Names Generator

Whenever you are doing something creative, the biggest barrier in your way is time . In this twenty first century, we are really busy in the race of life. To sit for ten minutes to do your art thing seems like a toughest job in hand.

So it is highly reasonable when you want to invest your time to modify your plot or find suitable dialogues for your character than finding a name for your planet.

Pioneer PlCentaur PlVanguard PlBravo NamesLunar Names
Burner NamesHitchhiker PlTango NamesGalactic PlMare Pl
Demeter PlBravo PlSky PlMercury NamesLift Names
Surveyor NamesFlare PlSpirit NamesControl NamesAstro Pl
Demeter NamesBlast PlFronius NamesAtlas PlQuake Names
Legion PlAblestar NamesRedstone NamesJuno PlLab Pl
Galileo NamesAero PlOverwatch PlHalo PlAblestar Names
Shield NamesPhoenix PlAtlas NamesSpirit NamesShuttle Pl
Antares PlAlliance NamesAnswer PlAfter PlSaturn Pl
Calipso NamesVoyage NamesAndromeda NamesAurora PlAver Pl
Cool Planet Names Generator
Force NamesTerraform PlAlity PlAmmo PlAngel Pl
Romeo PlCosmic PlArticles PlActive PlAnything Pl
Cube NamesCommand PlAkin PlArticle PlNeutron Names
Galileo NamesInvader PlVoyager PlAnswers PlSky Pl
Mast PlHeavy NamesPhase NamesAegis PlCosmic Pl
Supernova PlMinotaur PlGalileo NamesLaunch NamesArgent Pl
Dart NamesOverwatch NamesArk PlBenefits PlOscar Pl
Victor NamesApache PlAxis PlBeyond PlAzure Pl
Rocket PlPiper PlAwry PlNeptune NamesAtlas Pl
Saturn PlSpace PlArid PlAnywhere PlFrontier Names
  • Downtown Pl
  • Faux Pl
  • Global Pl
  • Hall Pl
  • Habit Pl
  • Heart Pl
  • Haven Pl
  • Ground Pl
  • Leaders Pl
  • Hometown Pl
  • Inspire Pl
  • Leader Pl
  • Infinity Pl
  • Guardian Pl
  • Geeks Pl

Badass Planet Names

An name that sounds tough and uncompromising will attract more  stealthy gazes than a plain trendy one. Are you looking for such a badass name for your planet? We can help you in this. The list below consists of the best possible badass names for your planet. Have a look and pick up the one suiting best the nature of your novel.

Quantum PlStar NamesAgue PlCube NamesAtomic Pl
Phase NamesFlare PlKepler PlTerraform NamesAction Pl
Galileo PlEclipse NamesAbsolute PlAsset PlStardust Pl
Juliett NamesOrigin PlNeptune PlAwards PlBard Pl
Aurora NamesPegasus PlAnytime PlArchive PlAce Pl
Flare NamesCapsule PlInfinity NamesAtto PlAll-Star Pl
Hitchhiker NamesNova NamesBeast PlQuake PlAccelerate Pl
Taurus PlRadiant NamesStar PlBlessed PlCube Pl
Omega NamesAstro NamesBest PlAlpha PlAhead Pl
Cluster NamesVanguard PlBargains PlAllure PlInvader Names
Badass Planet Names
Orbiter PlPegasus NamesBlaster PlAware PlBegin Pl
Neutron NamesArcane NamesAvatar PlGrace NamesAgents Pl
Atlas NamesCurb PlCatcher PlDaub PlBusk Pl
About PlCrawler PlConcept PlChannels PlCrossover Pl
Axen PlBliss PlBrokers PlBrite PlCent Pl
Mercury NamesDash PlBoost PlCharts PlCollect Pl
Attic PlCare PlConnect PlCampaign PlClaw Pl
Alliance PlCrafter PlCollective PlBrig PlCities Pl
Ave PlCreate PlBreezy PlCircles PlCamo Pl
Basement PlCertified PlBrowser PlChimp PlBox Pl
  • Glum Pl
  • Gory Pl
  • Gap Pl
  • Kyat Pl
  • Impact Pl
  • Indy Pl
  • Jump Pl
  • Gator Pl
  • Gulf Pl
  • Instant Pl
  • Kite Pl
  • Fusion Pl
  • Justice Pl
  • Key Pl

Planet Name Generator

If you are looking for a planet name as fast as possible, the name generators are the best options for you. But if you are looking for an unique name, there is a thing that may bother you. The names that these generators will develop for you, will be very generic. That spark of your creativity will be missing in them.

However if there is a problem, there must be a solution too. And there are two possible solutions to this problem. One is you should generate a name for yourself and the other one is take help from any of these name developers and redevelop the name it offers you.

Advisor PlCore PlCreators PlCaster PlCavil Pl
Celestial PlCity PlCourses PlClutch PlCollector Pl
Agile PlCheck PlChampion PlCentury PlBoards Pl
Aim PlCharter PlCraft PlBuster PlClever Pl
Meridian NamesCalculator PlCloud PlConscious PlBorn Pl
Hitchhiker NamesCapital PlComplex PlCompanies PlClubs Pl
Balance PlBonus PlBucks PlBlox PlCapitol Pl
Dawn PlBuyer PlDawn PlCzar PlBrowse Pl
Apex PlConnection PlCollection PlDart PlBloom Pl
Archives PlCost PlBoss PlClassic PlBow Pl
Planet Name Generator
Bench PlCentric PlCharm PlCygen PlButterfly Pl
Aura PlCrown PlCenters PlBytes PlCase Pl
Scout NamesBureau PlChart PlCupid PlCache Pl
Overwatch PlBuys PlCatalyst PlCompass PlChecker Pl
Bevy PlControl PlCrimson PlComparison PlCollections Pl
Aqua PlBlink PlBold PlClone PlChoice Pl
Days PlFlower PlFaro PlEden PlKine Pl
Doup PlEarnings PlFresh PlEquinox PlGuava Pl
Details PlDream PlFrig PlExpert PlHunter Pl
Essence PlDirectory PlFavorite PlElevate PlGolden Pl
  • Drift Pl
  • Factor Pl
  • Invisible Pl
  • Grok Pl
  • Lanx Pl
  • Gurus Pl
  • Grand Pl
  • Huge Pl
  • Lance Pl
  • Keen Pl
  • Insight Pl
  • Heaven Pl
  • Insights Pl
  • Joy Pl

Fantasy Planet Names

A fantasy planet name can take the curiosity of your readers to the next level. But it is never easy to craft a charming fantastic planet name. Look at the names below. They may be the inspiration you were looking for before diving into this herculean task.

Flash PlFor Less PlExotic PlFriendly PlHub Pl
Discovery PlEnjoy PlFoster PlEnd PlGlow Pl
Ecru PlEdge PlFlow PlEfficiency PlIconic Pl
Folder PlFroe PlFaqs PlForever PlIntra Pl
Excellent PlExpress PlFinal PlDoozy PlHeroes Pl
Feedback PlFixer PlFlax PlFrame PlGrowth Pl
Dreaming PlDrive PlFirst PlDynamic PlHandbook Pl
Direct PlDish PlDelight PlForce PlHunters Pl
Elite PlEmpire PlDirector PlFocus PlIntro Pl
Forums PlFeeds PlFor Life PlDelta PlLatest Pl
Fantasy Planet Names
Energise PlEquality PlFoundry PlFrisson PlHappy Pl
Emotion PlDesigns PlDigest PlEssential PlGroups Pl
Efficient PlFard PlDiscounts PlFeature PlKing Pl
Eco PlForm PlExact PlEnergy PlHerb Pl
Den PlDefence PlExplosion PlDollar PlGrow Pl
Fast PlDept PlFans PlFinds PlLaunch Pl
Experts PlEarth PlFlex PlDrip PlGlut Pl
Dr PlDivision PlDemand PlDisplay PlGrabber Pl
Downtown PlExciting PlDrift PlEffective PlJawa Pl
Faux PlFinders PlFactor PlFortune PlLast Pl
  • Frame Pl
  • Dynamic Pl
  • Force Pl
  • Focus Pl
  • Delta Pl
  • Frisson Pl
  • Essential Pl
  • Feature Pl
  • Energy Pl
  • Dollar Pl
  • Finds Pl
  • Drip Pl

Human Planet Names

Human Planet is a documentary series consisted of right parts. . BBC with the help of Discovery and BBC Worldwide produced this show. The content of this documentary was to portray the relationship of human species with outer natural world.

It also tried to picture the stages of adaption human beings went through to survive. Below here the names of all the episodes of this documentary is out down in orderly manner.

Global PlKings PlInvisible PlMyriad PlParadox Pl
Hall PlHarvest PlGrok PlPeta PlMogul Pl
Habit PlGenius PlLanx PlPassion PlPirates Pl
Heart PlGate PlGurus PlPatch PlMixer Pl
Haven PlKith PlGrand PlMobil PlMystical Pl
Ground PlGlum PlHuge PlNatural PlPicker Pl
Leaders PlGory PlLance PlMyna PlNeat Pl
Hometown PlGap PlKeen PlLoin PlMember Pl
Inspire PlKyat PlInsight PlNumber PlMountain Pl
Leader PlImpact PlHeaven PlLush PlMagical Pl
Human Planet Names
Infinity PlIndy PlInsights PlMatters PlOwn Pl
Guardian PlJump PlJoy PlPals PlMilli Pl
Geeks PlGator PlGrace PlOgre PlMates Pl
Kingdom PlGulf PlHorizon PlPico PlOkra Pl
Humble PlInstant PlIndo PlMetro PlPassport Pl
Incredible PlKite PlIntelli PlMacro PlOrigin Pl
Insider PlFusion PlIncorporated PlPanel PlMachines Pl
Leading PlJustice PlHeadquarters PlNeo PlLocator Pl
Insane PlKey PlGreatest PlMingle PlMount Pl
Guys PlGuides PlKilo PlNavy PlMillions Pl
  • Fanta omdes Cube
  • Plomatic Razor
  • Drift Bestbia
  • Fantasy lance
  • Fantasy
  • Fantasyiva Poe
  • Attenborough in Paradise
  • The Living Planet
  • Nature’s Great Events
  • Life on Earth
  • Life in Cold Blood
  • Attenborough in Paradise
  • Life That Glows


1. What are good names for planets?

Vunguiyama, Rubio, Ignoria, Unreon, Leitov, Biter, Bechizuno, Lexenerth are some good names for planets. Our lists in this article can offer you more fascinating planets name that you may fall in love with.

2. What are some fantasy planet names?

Xagnuthea, Ocrarut, Kellarth, Thanvone, Aivis, Seiyama, Vexiyama, Truserus, Thao XAJ, Somia 5QQ are some fantasy planet name that you may like.

3. What are cool alien planet names?

Hyperion, Marsyas, Lunabos, Momus, Ajax, Catoblepus, Struchete are some cool  alien planet names.

4. What planet does have a beautiful name?

There are many space science fictions that the readers showers love on. Some famous sci-fi planets names are Vogsphere and caprica.


Now the ball is in your court. Hope our collection of cool planet names have helped and inspired you to craft badass planet names list of your own. Thank-you for visiting us!

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